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  1. Preferably Nippon pro gh series, but will listen to everything. Also have a set of Elevates in stiff if there’s a swap interest.
  2. 1. Cobra Forged Tec 2020 5-P with stiff Elevate 95 and new GPTV + 4 grips. 38” five iron and std LLL. VGC with normal playing marks from less than 15 rounds. Ferrules need a little attention but definitely still look good. $450 shipped or make me an offer. 2. Sim Max 10.5* head only. In VGC and comes with HC. $275 shipped SOLD 3. Ventus Blue 6S with Velocore no tipping, 44.5 inches. New grip. $190 SOLD 4. Toulon Design Memphis 34”. Comes with new Lamkin grip and original grip. Good shape but has one little pin size ding on top. $110 shipped SOLD 5. Evenflow Riptide 60 gram in 6.0
  3. Great shape with normal playing marks. No huge dings or dents. Come standard everything, reg shaft and brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet standards +4 grips. $525 shipped OBO Maybe interested in trades for 790s...
  4. Have had mine for a few months bought new and made the mistake of trying the Cobra Forged Tec. Dont know if I should keep them around now or hang on to em. Never been one to have a backup.
  5. Just replied on another 0211 thread. Was going to offload mine but they sure seem to be enjoyed on this board.
  6. Interesting. Was going to put mine up on BST. May give another shot now
  7. VGC PXG 0211 5-GW reg flex Elevate 95 std length, loft & lie. Normal playing wear from 10 rounds and brand new GPTV +4 standard grips. $550 OBO Stiff (6.0) flex Evenflow Riptide pulled from a tour Cobra 3 wood. Plays 43" new GPTV +4 std grp no tip included but have a spare Ping one. $65 shipped.
  8. Last drop to 195 on the three shipped. Shes trade in bait after that
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