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  1. Hollow X after Spec designates tour issue only. The same as any Atmos shaft that is a TX is from the Tour stock. A way for Fujikura to keep track of what stock shafts came from. This is what I was told by the tour rep.
  2. I don’t know. Tour issue off the van. They use different little marks to designate where shafts come from.
  3. No. Full length of the shaft itself with a grip and with the tip. Would be 46” I think installed.
  4. Not currently looking for any trades. No low balls. No splitting heads and shafts. Will ship same day or next day via USPS Priority. Hopefully the condition of everything is reflected in the pictures. The driver faces and bottoms mostly have tee marks and some slightly sandy marks on the face and bottom. Any other marks I tried to get a picture of. If you want more pictures just ask. None of these have headcovers, but the first couple sold I can put a headcover on them. Didn’t pack any of them when I moved. 1. Titleist TS4 8.5 with a Tour Issue Fujikura Atmos Black Tou
  5. All putters are used and come with headcovers and are 35”. They all came from a Tour department unless noted. I will ship same day or next day via UPS ground with tracking numbers provided. No trades. Sik Sho. SoldOdyssey O Works #7. SoldOdyssey O Works R Ball. SoldOdyssey O Works R Ball. SoldTaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy. SoldOdyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide. SoldOdyssey O Works Black 3T. Sold. Odyssey Metal X Dart Mid Armlock. Sold
  6. Supposedly part of this is because the PGA Tour is planning to take complete control of production and there will be no need to have any other production on site. They will be producing everything, send out a “world feed” and the new rights deal will reflect those costs and be significantly more than the current rights deals.
  7. > @chetterchez said: > Where's the lead tape? Am I blind? On the front of the sole. Right beneath the face.
  8. No trades. Will ship via UPS with verified tracking within 24 hours of payment. 35” Ping PLD Bruzer with the Stability Shaft and a Flat Cat Tak Svelte. Used less than 36 holes. A couple very light marks/tiny scratches on the face from sand. Top line is in perfect shape and so is the sole. Lead tape will be removed before being shipped. $550
  9. I use a weird version of a claw/pencil grip and use the Flat Cat. I think it’s the most stable for the way that I grip it. Not a fan of the Superstroke Claw grip at all. The fact that it tapers really takes away the same feel that the Flatso or Flat Cat provide.
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