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  1. Agreed. I have one too. It's an awesome travel bag and anybody looking for one should jump all over this as this is a great deal for this bag!
  2. Two things to move 1) Vokey SM7 54* 10s. Stock wedge flex. Still in good condition with lots of groove life left. Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 grip. Sold 2) Bushnell 1500 TE. Good condition and still works great. Sold
  3. I had the original P790's and now have the newer version. The important thing is to get fit for the correct shaft to make sure your spin numbers aren't too low. I got fit with Modus 105 stiff and they launch nice and high with a steeper descent angle and have no problems stopping them on the greens.
  4. Three things for sale: 1) 2017 Taylor Made P790 5-AW..Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400.. standard L/L/L.. EXCELLENT condition. Custom from Taylor Made. Took great care of these. Always washed after rounds and range sessions and kept in the house when not in use. Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 grips in great shape. AW has original grip as I hardly used the AW (used a 50* vokey mostly). SOLD 2)Vokey SM7 54*10s sand wedge--good condition with plenty of groove life left. $50 shipped 3) Bushnell 1500TE pinseeker. Still in great shape and works great. $50 shipped.
  5. I'll take them. I just got fit for these at True Spec this week and this shaft worked great for me. I have the loft/lie specs I can email you. Let me know your paypal.
  6. Playing TM P790 (2017) currently but planning to get fit for new irons soon. Looking at T100, MP20 MMC, Z785, or Apex Pro.
  7. I'm looking at all the irons that have been mentioned but I would add the Mizuno MP 20 MMC to the list. I had a chance to hit them in the simulator at PGA Tour Superstore and was very impressed. Definitely one of the ones at the top of my list. I've hit the T100 also which were very good and more forgiving than I thought they would be. Want to hit the Z785 yet before I make a decision.
  8. 3 things to go 1) Stroke Lab R ball 35"-- like new condition $95 shipped (add $5 for west of Mississippi) 2) Sun Mountain C130s hybrid stand bag-- used but still in good condition.. no rips or tears.. great bag for cart, push cart, and going to the range..lots of storage! SOLD 3) TM xft 56* wedge-- sole shows some wear but face still has some life and will include a brand new face with old grooves if you want some extra spin $SOLD
  9. I play Snell MTB-X and MTB Black and both have excellent durability for me.
  10. I'm currently playing DG TI S400 in my irons. I'm almost 50 and obviously these shafts are among the heavier shafts out there. I'm looking for something a little lighter weight so I don't have to work so hard but plays somewhat similar. What are some options? Thanks for any input!
  11. This is a Sun Mountain C 130 stand bag. It's used but still in good condition. Pics should tell the story. No rips/tears and pockets are all in good shape. $125 shipped to conus OBRO.
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