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  1. Honestly you can train without the radar, as long as you go all out on each swings. Radar is a plus and help keeping tracks of your improvement.
  2. Here is a pic of the heel, as you can see pretty snug. dont remember who had issue with their heels coming off, but doubt it would in those...
  3. I’m sad to say that unfortunately I can’t do a full review, as I don’t walk when I play. which I don’t get to play as much anyway for a lack of time. so yes, as far as I can tell, they’re very comfortable and super stable. My SS is above 110 mph and my feet just stay anchored to the ground with no issues whatsoever. the reaction system does t leave any marks on the green from what I’ve noticed. Had the vapors, and yes, those were horrible for greens. As how they compare to the modes you mentioned, I can’t tell since I’ve never tried these on... Regrdinf your 3,4 &5 questions, I’ll have to get back to you at a later time or if someone else can chime in. like I said, I don’t get to play much, and I certainly won’t play when it rains. LOL Plus, our golf course Just shutdown for 2-3 weeks from city order... I hope I was still able to shred some lights on your inquiries... On a side note, somebody mentioned something about heel. I can say there is like a memory foam type on the inside and looks pretty snug. So I’d bet the heel would not come off that easily. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow so you guys can see what I’m talking about.
  4. Yes you are correct. they filled the swoosh in on your for better exposure on tv I’d guess.
  5. Well hard to say honestly... ive always been wearing size 10.5 in Nike and now somehow since last year I now wear 11
  6. No sorry I have not. been wearing the vapors but started to hurt my feet a few months ago.
  7. Stability wise l, they might be too stable if they’re is such a thing. Lol And same thing with traction. like I said earlier about comfort, they feel awesome, maybe besides the toe box. I always wear medium width but I can feel these being a bit tight, hopefully they will loosen up a bit with more wear. something I really love is the memory gel on the Achilles, awesome feature on these!!
  8. Jpdx is correct!! the shoes are mine, and I just got lucky...all I can say?
  9. I’ve played a couple times with them and they’re very comfy and stable. Maybe a bit tight at the forefoot so I’ll see if they loosen up with wear...
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