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  1. his golfwrx username is golfluvzme
  2. talylormade r9 tp aldila r.i.p 70 stiff flex shaft, fitted with black/white ndmc grip, barely used, hence for sale £110 posted, any questions please ask
  3. +1 [quote name='Harob11' timestamp='1284329578' post='2692840'] I find it finicky. Long if you hit it square and in the sweet spot. But that's hard to do (at least for me). Definitely not the easiest driver to hit. [/quote]
  4. uk sale: raw callaway forged 54 , raw vokey 52, nomad golf wrx treatment ported and gto grind, good condition £45 each posted WRX Treatment: (1) Porting: By milling two holes in the back of the club muscle, it raises the center of gravity of the club. This provides more of a sweet spot in the center of the club, just where it should be. It lowers the ball flight trajectory and will give you more control. (2) Square Grooves: Machine square grooves typically add about 1500 rpm's of backspin to the ball. This allows you to be mo
  5. the newborn must be keeping you up late! glws
  6. [quote name='MG 1977' timestamp='1283027195' post='2665894'] Ok, The bidding is upto £97 with two days to go. I've been offered a swap for a AC III by one fella or a choice from a Inspired by Brad Faxon, Sergio Garcia or a Button Back by another chap. What do you guys rekon??? [/quote] i would go for the sergio or the buttonback myself , they will hold their value well,
  7. i'm with gareth on this, looks good!
  8. 7 : taylormade driver / srixon 3wood ,callaway 7 wood, macgregor irons, titleist vokey wedges,vega wedge, t.p mills putter
  9. just put a set of satin x1 in macgregor 1025 cm irons, fantastic smooth shafts, top drawer!!
  10. +1 , as above, diamond golf are very easy to deal with.
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