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  1. Not quite sure. It's 2-3 years old but was never used. I think it was just the 14 way back then.
  2. Looking to raise some cash for a trip to Bethpage and Montauk Downs. All prices shipped to US 48, Canada message me for a price. Yes! Tracy II. Picked this up from a member but hasn’t seen the course yet. Club is in very nice shape and I added a new grip. Plays to 34.5”. Just looking to get my money back. Asking $65 shipped.
  3. Aldila Rogue Silver 70 stiff in my 3 wood is the best combo I have ever tested. I would love to try a 65g stiff NV 2KXV in my Bio Cell.
  4. No trades. Prices shipped to US 48, Canada message for a price. Taylor Made Spider blade slant neck. This was the 38" model which I replaced the counterbalance grip as it wasn't a great feel for me but liked the head shape. Head weight is 355g and has a new grip and headcover included.Again didn't beat out my gamer. Asking $65 shipped.
  5. Have you refinished any Yes putters before? Looking to get a Tracy II redone.
  6. All prices shipped US 48 and no trades. I can remove any tips if necessary. Diamana S+ 70 Stiff, TaylorMade tip 41.75" - $65 shipped KK Silver TiNi 70 Stiff, Adams tip 41.75" - $40 shipped
  7. All prices shipped to US 48, Canada add $10. No trades at this time. Matrix Red Tie 6 Stiff · Cobra MyFly8 tip installed, no grip, raw length 43.75” · $45 shipped
  8. I hav bee trying to find some OEM adapters and have had no luck.
  9. Is it possible to have my Wilson FG Tour M3 hybrids flattened? They seem to have the long hosel similar to the G20 which I believe was bendable. Almost an iron like hosel.
  10. Anyone interested in playing or have an opening? I'm on vacation with family and father in law hurt his knee and can't play so I had to cancel our tee time (wouldn't let me keep a single). Prefer early morninf as Outlet mall is planned for later. Let me know. Thanks!
  11. Anyone know if you can purchase heavier or lighter weights? It appears as they could be interchangeable.
  12. No trades at this time. Shipping to US 48, Canada message me for shipping quote. Nike Covert Tour 2.0 Head - Bought used off of a member as a back up. Never even hit a ball with this one. Excellent shape with no knicks or marks on the crown. Headcover included. Asking $55.
  13. That's the only one I have found but didn't want to spend that much. I may just have to bite the bullet and spend the cash or get a 14 way.
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