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  1. Few items for sale today that are not in the main rotation. Added items. Ping G400 19 hybrid includes HC - Stiff flex 70 grams - $115 $100 shipped.CONUS Does have small mark towards the toe cause but wet dirty range balls. Tried to capture in pictures. 4 pairs of Under Armour and one pair of Adipure by Adidas pants (38 X32 ) Standard fit - $25 pair shipped or $115 shipped for all 5. CONUS Full disclosure. Khaki pair has a small spot of back of lower left leg. Captured in picture. Blue pair never worn and still has tags. AdiPure by Adidas (Dark Grey) Under Armour Khaki Light Grey Blue Black Titleist AP2 714 - 4 - PW Modus 105 S - Sell backed out so still available. - $425 shipped CONUS only Titleist 915 D2 Head 10.5 $old Titleist 818 H1 19 degree with Tour AD DI. Full disclosure: Does have small mark towards the toe cause but wet dirty range balls. Tried to capture in pictures. $old Tour AD-IZ 95x hybrid shaft. ***Pulled from a u500 4 hybrid by my local shop. Just not for me. **** $120.00 $100 Shipped CONUS
  2. What weight and stiffness? Haven't had a chance to try but I read they play on the stiffer side.
  3. Out of curiosity, do you factor in LPGA shafts as well? Been thinking about trying the Steelfibers that Korda uses. What shafts are you currently using?
  4. Few items for sale Ping G410 irons 4 – UW black dot (8 clubs) AWT 2.0 Stiff shafts *** Top of grip holes were cut out of all but one. Bought here a while back but cannot remember reason seller gave. It did not bother me, so I did not worry about it. **** Price Drop to move these $675.00 $575/Shipped or OBRO CONUS *** Would also consider trade for SIM irons in same condition**** Ping G410 Driver 10.5 w/Aldila NVS shaft 65-S ***Driver does have marks on the top from alignment stick. Tried to capture in the pictures. **** $old Ping G400 3 wood 14.5 w/stock ping 65 stiff shaft. ***Top line does pop-up marks and a few light marks from hitting alignment stick while in bag. Tried to capture in the pictures. **** $old Tour AD-IZ 95x hybrid shaft. ***Pulled from a u500 4 hybrid by my local shop. Just not for me. **** $120.00/Shipped CONUS ***Would also consider trade for Modus GOST hybrid shaft***
  5. Modus offers wedge shafts. I play the 115s but I think the offer a 105 as well.
  6. I just done the same thing with a TS2 7 wood. Already had a shaft to put in it so really just needed the head. It was a lot cheaper.
  7. I was looking for feedback from anyone using this shaft in a hybrid or driving iron. There doesn't seem to be much out there. Currently, play modus 105x in my irons and AD IZ in my driving iron so wondering how the compare. Thinking about picking up another driving iron and interested in this shaft since the profile was based on the 105x from what I read.
  8. Added 915 7 wood - The club has light bag chatter and the top line caught a few sandy range balls over the years but nothing that would affect play. I use hybrids so it's doesn't fit my gaps and has just been sitting in the corner. I tried to capture in pictures. $70 shipped. Don't have 915 headcover but will ship with 917 headcover. US Only. A few clothing items items. All sales ship to US only. 1) Shirts L (Nike) $15 each or $70 for all. 2) Pants - $OLD
  9. I wonder if it would balance out if they just did them for Majors on those tours since they don't generate those clicks.
  10. A few items. All sales ship to US only. 1) Callaway Alpha 818 10.5 - Project X 5.5 R - $100 2) Ping Sigma G Shea H Putter - $old 3) Pants – $25 each or take both for $45 · Oakley Pants – 38 X 34 · Under Armor (Black) – 38 X 34 · Under Armor (Blue) – 38 X 32 - $old 4) Shirts XL (Under Armor) - $old takes them all. Full disclosure. Yellow shirt has a small stain. Can’t see in the pictures and probably won’t be noticed when you wear. 5) Arccos Sensors (Subscription model) - $old
  11. Thanks for the response. Did you have to calibrate the device? I read somewhere that someone was having calibration issues that caused errors so just wondering if it's the something similar.
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