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  1. [quote name='xxio' timestamp='1366663702' post='6895193'] I think he is asking about the 3w and 5w [/quote] Yes I am.
  2. Nobody knows the answer? Help a brother out, want to could the trigger!
  3. Hope someone on here can answer this. I owned Ping G2 fairways when they first came out and loved them, never hit a FW better. I have been looking for a while to find some but given their age it has proved difficult, especially since I am a lefty. There is a sweet set 3W and 5W on eBay, in excellent shape. Problem is they are "ladies" now is there anything different in the actual clubhead or just the shaft flex and length? I have no issue re shafting them as they are cheap being so old...just want to make sure the clubhead is the exact same as the mens. Thanks, Andrew
  4. [quote name='cherks' timestamp='1363320928' post='6615243'] PM replied too... Will take $350 shipped in N.A. For this beautiful stick. [/quote] SOLD
  5. PM replied too... Will take $350 shipped in N.A. For this beautiful stick.
  6. [quote name='LeftyBam' timestamp='1358033407' post='6217083'] Is this still up for sale [/quote] You bet it is, sorry for the very late reply.
  7. For sale is a Scotty Cameron Mil Spec putter 33/350 std. L/L/L. Refinished t the Cameron Custom Shop by previous owner, original serial number etched in shaft as the refinish removes it from the head. Grip, shaft and band are perfect. Head cover is excellent used condition, tool included. Head almost flawless only some very very minor surface rust that happened between Oct and Now since the clubs were put away for winter. Rust does not even show in pics and will come off no issue. No nicks, dings or gouges...I literally used this 5-7 rounds in optimal weather. Asking $400 shipped to USA $
  8. [quote name='Arizonalefty59' timestamp='1344106436' post='5406716'] I'm surprised this is still here it's a hell of a deal GLWS! [/quote][quote name='leftypga' timestamp='1343965827' post='5400022'] I hate to let this one go, but a couple of days after I ordered this one, I got a deal with Callaway. It's only been used on the range twice and 1 round of golf. It's a Titleist 910 D2, 8.5 degree with the stock Ahina 72 x-stiff shaft. Plays 45" at a D4 swing weight with the stock 7 gram weight. Has a Titleist 360 velvet grip, also in like new condition. This thing is in immaculate conditi
  9. BIG price drop 6-3-2010 (only one)Well my LH Piretti Center Shaft and CW11 are on route so I need to make some room. For sale is a LH Byron Morgan 006 Long Neck 34"/3* Loft/69* Lie. It has the triple polish, double torched finish, fine face milling, sound slot, a welded sight dot, smoked KBS putter shaft, red Byron stichback grip and a white Sally by the beach headcover. This putter cost me $630 and has been used about 18-27 holes a week since the start of this golf season (April 10). Other then some light brush marks on the sole and grip wear it is like new. I will attach the pictures Byron
  10. I just bought a LH Machspeed today and I live in Canada...so I am sure they are out wherever you are.
  11. I have for sale a R9 460 10.5 shafted with a rare Aldila RIP Tour Proto Shaft (2.5, 70g, X-Flex) R9 head is in easy 8.5/10 no dummy marks, dings, dents etc. shaft and grip are like new. Also included are the R9 headcover and wrench. Asking $325 OBO Also for sale 8i,9i and PW from my 09 x-forged set. I have replaced these with X-Proto's. Be great clubs to make a combo set with. They have barley seen any play 9.5/10 Shafts are PX 6.0, standard L/L/L. Asking $170 OBO Prices include shipping to Canada, USA add $15 Thanks all Trade intrest would be for a high end driver S
  12. Your PM box is full, I have a trade offer for you below: I have a R9 460 10.5 with wrench and headcover. It has a tour Aldila RIP 70g 2.5 X Flex Shaft. Brand New Winn Grip. Wondering if you would trade for the I15 (with shaft). Head is easy 8.5/10 no dummy marks or anything, shaft, grip, headcover are mint. Let me know. Thanks, Andrew
  13. I would stamp Piretti on the neck, and engrave two Lions (one on each side of the flange on the back, facing each other), Add an engrave scipter "P" on the heel of the face to finish it off.
  14. Here are pics of the Copper I gave my friend...sweet stick.
  15. Bought a Solid Copper Cottonwood PN for a buddy off Mike (would buy one for myself but I am waiting for him to make me a lefty Terillium...PLEASE). All I can say is great service, and fantastic quality. Try a Piretti at $240 you can't go wrong for a customized putter. I think Piretti will take off soon and rival all putter makers with Mike's service and excellent product!
  16. Thanks Steve...just sent in an order for a LH 007, please get back to me and let me know if this is even an option for lefties.
  17. Steve do you have any pictures of the gleam city finish?
  18. Terrilium Copper Cottonwood FN or PN with the flat bumpers would be my holy grail.
  19. Price Drops Irons (these things are minty) $510.00 obo S9-1 D $230.00 obo Speed Pro D $70.00 obo Wedges $115.00 obo As before all prices are shipped and paypalled. Interested in Srixon 701 tours, Bridgestone J36 combos or cavity backs. Lets get this stuff gone.
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