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  1. Not sure about MORAD part but @Fort Worth Pro Isn’t far
  2. I have both. Hardly ever wear the XT anymore feel so heavy and clunky compared to Chaos. I have white pair and the summer of golf pair
  3. whos that Dan? Im almost sure he uses the 60V
  4. Has anyone compared the 2? @iteachgolf I was using the SM7 V Grind 60 which needs replaced but they no longer offer that. I dont take much of a divot which suggests the M Grind but I see some talk of the D Grind?
  5. Last I saw that special was at 500 on ebay.. Anyone see final selling price?
  6. I got all the covers on release, they will be here Sunday. But still dont show different status on Scotty Site. Got FedEx notification You should take a look at some of the pics on FB. Guys have Scotty bags,towels, all wood covers. Very cool setups. I use black ballistic on all my woods and I like them way better than stock PING or TM covers.
  7. Club has hit maybe 10 balls, very good condition. Golf Pride MCC+4 grip in 9/10 condition. No head cover $170 shipped - Trades considered, G400/410 hybrids/3 woods, 1.5 Putters, SC Covers.
  8. I’m really not sure. Our pro sets it up. We have a group of 30 going
  9. Headed down in a couple weeks, these are the courses we are playing any insight? Saw @RichieHunt liked Providence January 18th Providence January 19th St Cloud January 20th Champions Gate CC January 21st Winter Haven CC
  10. Got complete set of covers and coin. I like them but might trade for a CT putter
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