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  1. Elements Chrome 6F3, regular flex. 43 1/4 inches, Callaway tip, New grip. 70.00 shipped OBO. Fubuki Tour x5ct stiff flex, 43 3/4 inches, no grip no tip. 70.00 shipped OBO. May do some trading on driver heads.
  2. Folks seem to have a short memory! I recall a guy who burst onto the scene with awesome power, blowing by everyone else and winning majors by being the only player shooting under par! Remember him? Bomb and gouge, knocked the ball all over the place, seldom could find the fairway, everyone was up in arms that these young studs were making courses obsolete. I'm sure Jack didn't care when he was blowing past everyone with his power. I'm sure Tiger didn't care when he was blowing past everybody. What was the cure to this evil? Change the grooves on irons, sure that will do it, make it so they can
  3. Hate to say this, but your problem is more mental than physical, and from the way you describe things it's getting worse! I know this sounds too easy, but no doubt you are over thinking things way too much! Stop and ask yourself " why do I play golf?". Only you can answer that question. Your overzealous approach leads to nowhere but disaster. First, you should forget about your score and focus on hitting good shot, whether drives, chips, iron shots or putts. Don't even worry about keeping score, until you can hit decently good shots, and I don't mean PGA tour shots, then score doesn't matter,
  4. Hogan BH5 3-P, Apex 4 shafts with stock grips. 3 iron is missing ferrule. 100.00 shipped OBO. Callaway Fusion 5 wood with Recoil es450 R flex shaft. 100.00 shipped OBO
  5. Great shape, shows light wear. Recoil ES 450 f4 shaft, stock Callaway grip. 125.00 shipped OBO.
  6. Pics tell the story, Project X 6.0 shafts. 100.00 shipped.
  7. Bag and weights in great shape, unused. Both weights are draw/fade. Found them in a spare bag I wasn't using, driver long gone, unused. 35.00 shipped OBO. Head over in great shape, two very tiny black spots in first photo, that's it. Used very little, Velcro and fur great. 50.00 shipped OBO.
  8. Nice woods in good shape, Dynamic gold lite regular flex shafts. Two headcovers. 125.00 shipped OBO
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