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  1. They are! Was the reason why I went with another set (mixed with tc201’s) and my brother in law just got him a new set,
  2. All PMs answered. Trades that I am interested in were TSI3 or TSI4 heads in 9 degrees - maybe will try a Triple diamond.
  3. For sale are my MC-501’s that I bought in May 2019 after I sold my company. I purchased directly from Miura’s website where I can show the receipts and sent to my fitter (Precise Golf in Melbourne FL) to have them spec’d exactly how I wanted…Scotch impulse buy cost me extra as I had my fitter adjust the weighting, grips, loft and lie. I just purchased a new set combo of MC-501’s mixed with TC-201’s. I also moved from a Modus 125x shaft to the Oban 125x shafts. Was planning to use my older set as a backup but I still have 2 sets of Miura CB-501’s (one is a KJ Choi edition) sitting in my garage. So I don’t want these to go to waste. They are 1* Upright and .25 over Standard. 6 iron is 37.75 vs 37.50 (standard) and the swing weights are progressively heavier: D1.5 in 4iron to D4 in PW. 6 iron is D2+. 7 iron has the most use and wear - small nick on bottom from a root that I hit a few months ago. I have pictures of the clubs below and gladly will send more or take more if you want them. These clubs are something else! They are super smooth and launch great. I always get compliments on them and was the reason on buying a new set. I also wanted a more heavier setup and went to a D6 weight. Asking $750 (reduced $200) shipped in the CONUS pin 9/11
  4. I ended up with a red weight from Titleiest and added an additional white weight that I bought online. H1 and T1 currently with red in the H1 position as it feels more solid there. I just bought new irons from Club Champion so they allowed me to work driver some. We tried a 8* head but they seemed to not jet off the face quite like the 10 set at 9.25. I agree with the first comment as well. The TX Orange was my first love and easy street but being greedy and wanting more out of my swing I opted for more shafts… I am going to buy a 9* head now and try it out first. I can turn it down more if needed and sell it if I hate it. If I get my ball speeds up in to the 170’s then that’s all I can want and maybe the swing can be fixed to help with the left misses.
  5. Thank you in advance for your help and consideration. Driver: TSi3 10.0 set to D1 (9.25) Tensei AV Orange 65tx playing 45inch .25 or less tipping and swing weight D9. Good shots spin around 2,500-2,800 and bad ones are 3,500-4,000. 5 Handicap - 110-115 swing speed with very fast transition. Currently gaming TSi3 and was fitted for a Tensei AV white 70x cut down .75 (plays 44.50). I hated it and put in my AV Orange 65tx which worked wonders for me but noticed some balls were very spinny. I was carrying it 290 most all the time but some would end up 265-70 and no roll. When the snaps started creeping into my swing I decided to try some new shafts. Wants were more distance and less snaps to the left - better dispersion. Bought a 1k 50tx thanks to TXG golf and had Club Champion help me set it up. I told him I wanted it tipped 1.5 inches and it to play 45.5. I play currently 45 in my Orange. He instead tipped it 1.25 inches but cut it down to play 45 inches. When I went to get it (went on trackman) I could not get it to work well and it felt too stiff. Tried it on the range the ball would get up in the air and within 20 swings I put back my AV Orange and presto - ball was traveling for me. It was also playing D7 with the 1k vs D9 with Orange. Came across a Ventus Red 6x tipped 1.5 inches playing 45.5 as so called purple. So I bought it and pured it and feel that although it’s nice and feels good it’s a little loose and bendy. I also don’t feel like it’s going as far as my AV Orange. So I am now looking for a Ventus Black 6x or 7x or Fujikura Proto 2.0 or Diamana BB7x for something to try. Any suggestions please before I waste another $300-400 on another shaft I don’t need. I also started thinking about the Callaway Epic Speed TD LS as maybe something to try.
  6. Would you like to trade the Ventus for a 50tx 1k? Mine also has same tip.
  7. Still available - make me some offers or trades I am interested in are Ventus Red 3wood shafts
  8. Hey all. Selling an experiment that turned into some serious shaft whoring!! Still playing around with my Tensei Av Orange 65tx and Ventus 6x “Purple” I just bought yesterday. For sale tonight are 2 shafts as one deal. Price $275.00 plus shipping to you. I am throwing in the custom fitted Tensei Av White 75x that plays 44.5 with tip installed. It’s not tipped but butt trimmed and was done by Titleiest. I was fitted for this shaft but immediately put in my Av Orange Tx as I prefer the feel. Shaft and grip are basically new. Tip was removed and moved into a new experiment (thanks TXG) Tensei 1k 50 Tx. Tip was trimmed 1.2 inches and it plays 45.125 with a Titleiest tip. Maybe used 50 swings but felt too stiff and boardy for me and prefer the Av Orange. Shaft comes with Lamkin velvet grip also in new condition. The 1k was purchased from Precise Golf in Melbourne FL directly from manufacturer (took 60 days as back ordered) and assembled by Club Champion in Orlando.
  9. Would you take $600 and a Tensie 50tx shaft - New tipped 1inch playing 45inch with Titleiest tip?
  10. Good morning! Name: Warren Morris 1. Bayhill Club and Lodge 2. Orlando, FL 3. 5.7 4. Ping 410 LST 9.0 Right handed; AV Raw Orange 65TX, 44.75 length set at ++(10.0) 5. Yes - however upgraded shaft recently 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  11. I just ordered a full set and wedges directly from Miura. I have had two sets of Muira Cb-501 and one set was KJ Choi edition. Was going to buy the MB001 and looked for the better part of 2 years imaging me with them but couldn’t pull the trigger. I finally saw the MC’s and couldn’t wait anymore. I even got a new Miura bag as mine was worn. I ordered them with Modus 120x as I had been fitted for the x100’s in my first set of Miuras. My newer set of CB KJ Choi edition has some KBS graphite xflex shafts but I was too lazy to switch them out. I will post some pics later on and super excited to get them. Can’t find too many videos in English about them.
  12. wizo

    Miura MB-001

    They range depending on condition,shafts included, and how many irons. I would say $750-1000 considering the description you gave
  13. Still drooling...some one realize what a combo these are and grab them. I am still figuring how I can hide these gems without any notice from the family. Wish I had some more Scotch tonight and push the easy button.
  14. The iron shafts... You know if they are tapered or paralleled? Would you do a deal just 4-p?
  15. It's nice seeing the irons I would buy if I was not concerned about wife or fall out with my marriage. I talked my wife into first set of Miura clubs stating that this would be my last set ever...I should have used that line after I bought these ones. Sweet sticks! What's next after these ones?
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