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  1. Here’s one for $115: https://www.mggolf.com/gps-rangefinders/#MG800 I don’t own a rangefinder, but I use the mggolf gloves and I love them! Unbeatable for the price—and probably unbeatable for double the price!
  2. Personally, I don't have a problem with keeping my phone in my pocket when playing. What I don't like is using my phone while playing. I've tried a dozen golf apps, and I didn't like any of them because they all require you to pull your phone out on every hole. (Exception: The original Golfshot app, which was just cool because having GPS yardages 10+ years ago was brand new. But all it gave you was distances--not any kind of shot tracking.) I've tried a Bushnell GPS watch and a Garmin S20, and I like them both because they are useful and yet not obtrusive.
  3. So, in other words, Arccos has cost you a bundle!
  4. How does Shotscope handle duffs/chunks, mulligans, OOB, and water shots?
  5. Bottom Line Up Front: Arccos is less useful, more cumbersome to use, and more expensive that I had hoped for. Disclaimer: I've only played two rounds with it (and had three emails with tech support). I recently purchased the Arccos bundle (i.e. sensor pack and Arccos Link), and this is why I'm returning it: 1. When I signed up for my "free" year of service (that came with the bundle), I had to agree to be charged $119 to renew at the end of the free year. Obviously, I can cancel before that---but this means that they are hiking the base subscription price b
  6. Okay, I figured it out. No drilling, no screws to hold the latches on the new mount. The reason Clicgear doesn’t publish any instructions online—pdf or video—is because it would cause them to lose sales. Real pain in the neck. The bottom section was even worse because of the contortions required to get it back together. Actually had to disconnect the other end of the rod it connects to to get the rod to go in correctly to be screwed in—then reconnected the other end of the rod. i think that I like the the end result, and it really probably only took half an hour (including figuring out how
  7. My tour bag kit has arrived! Okay, so the upper bracket gets taken off by removing the long screws. Then the new bracket (end with the holes) goes where the old upper bracket used to go. Question: There’s no holes in the other end of the new upper bracket. How does the old upper bracket attach to it? It looks like you would need to drill your own holes in the new upper bracket for it to stay on well.
  8. I'm looking at getting either the G4Free 72" umbrella here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082YRKQDG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1QD2XL8TSIH8D&psc=1 or the 68" version here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N0Q7Y4Z/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1QD2XL8TSIH8D&psc=1 The 72" version is 46" long when closed, so it's as long as your driver--and the 68" version is 43" long. I've got a clicgear 3.0 with the adjustable umbrella mount, and the 40" long umbrella that I currently have is too small. I think that I will be going with the 68" version, as the 72" version will get in the way of
  9. My Clicgear tour bag attachment is showing up in a few days, and I’ve seen on Golfwrx that people say it’s a pain to install and has horrible instructions. I’ve searched online and can’t find anything for help. if you’ve installed one, what were the problems? Thanks!
  10. My tour bag kit is showing up in a few days. (Clicgear is slow to ship—we are spoiled by Amazon.) I can’t find anything online for installation help. What kind of problems did you run into?
  11. It turns out that the vendor with the Bag Boy Quad XL is a vendor I’ve never heard of, and after some deeper looking found out that the cart is the only golf item they were selling. What’s that saying? If it sounds too good to be true... With that plus with Clicgear offering free shipping with a $49 order, I decided to try the $28 Tour Bag adapter and buy some other accessories for my Clicgear—like the turning wheel and the 1” segment (for raising the umbrella)—then the cooler tube from Amazon (where it’s $15 cheaper!). Hopefully, together those will mitigate my primary complaints. So I’ll
  12. I have a Clicgear 3.0 that I am not enamored with. In that past 5 years, I've used it about a dozen times and I normally play about once a month (usually riding), but I've joined a league now that will be playing every week and require walking--so I really want to get my push cart figured out. My complaints with the Clicgear are: It doesn't hold my Ping Pioneer bag very well. It works a lot better with my old Ogio stand bag. With the Pioneer, the clubs get squished into the cart handle.The umbrella holder doesn't work well--and I have the extra adjustable one. It's just awkward.It's compli
  13. Yes, I am. Golfwrx review was actually posted first—Amazon review is a cut and paste with a few things omitted.
  14. For Scenario #3, how about this: Get within close earshot and call 911. "Hello, 911? I am at XXX golf course and there is a man at the driving range physically beating a teenager. He has already kicked him twice and knocked him down, and he is now forcing the boy's face into the ground. I think the boy might be bleeding. Please send the police and ambulance here as quickly as possible." If he tries to get out of there quickly, say, "Buddy, you might want to stick around because I will record your license plate and give it to the police. Smile for the camera!" (as you take a picture w
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