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  1. In my experience the FG Tour is nothing like the ProV1x and is much more comparable to the ProV1 (the new FT Tour X is supposedly like the ProV1x). For me the FG Tour spins way too much off the driver. I think I have a dozen lying around if someone wants to buy them from me for less than $44 a dozen.
  2. Is the OP asking because he was paired up with a guy like that or if plans on being that guy.
  3. [quote name='yoshiod9' timestamp='1335992859' post='4834526'] [quote name='KYMAR' timestamp='1335985991' post='4833640'] EEEE? WTF are you guys bears? I was gonna say adidas but thats been covered. Good luck in your search! [/quote] Half Japanese and half white-- us Japanese folk have some duck feet. VERY wide. [/quote] Mizuno shoes from Tourspec.
  4. [quote name='byronk' timestamp='1335979002' post='4832710'] The Di's are probley gonna be more forgiving with more offset and the lofts I think are a bit stronger, so they should be longer also. [/quote] I believe the lofts on the Ci and Di series are the same. The Di series is a thicker club with a bit more offset and is more forgiving. I am a 3 handicap and love my Ci9s. I've hit every other GI iron out there and there isn't one that I would play instead of my Ci9s.
  5. [quote name='Colej' timestamp='1335892457' post='4824738'] [To make sure length of club is good? To see if the lie angle needs adjusted? Is the grip size correct? Do the loft increments between the heads give consistent yardage gaps? [/quote] If that is the case, then tell the fitter going in that he isn't interested in testing out different shafts, he wants X100s and that the sole purpose of the fitting is to test for lie, loft, etc. I'm still puzzled at why the person being fitted would have left feeling humiliated, unless his ego couldn't handle that the fitter recommended a shaft wit
  6. If your brother knows what shaft he likes and wants, what was the point of the fitting? Honestly not sure why your brother would feel humiliated or depressed though. Is it not the job of the 22-year old to give his recommendation based on the data provided by Trackman?
  7. I'm a 3 and I use the W/S Ci6 3-iron, although the rest of my irons are the Ci9s.
  8. I've played with plenty of low single digit and scratch players who are extremely slow players. Just because one is good whether they be male, female, young or old doesn't mean that they play fast.
  9. [quote name='jaskanski' timestamp='1330290801' post='4381507'] iomics would be your best bet. http://www.iomicusa.com/grip.html [/quote] IMO Dance With Dragons are better. Great feeling grip and very durable (I used a set for over 2 seasons before replacing my irons and they had plenty of life left in them). Once I need to regrip my new irons I will be installing DWDs on them.
  10. [quote name='golf4ever27' timestamp='1332193752' post='4538343'] I called a few years ago after qualifying for the PA Open which was at Oakmont that year. I know Bob Fords brother really well as he is our area Taylormade rep and I was a head pro at the time. He was very kind, but declined my request saying that I can only get on with a member. It can't hurt to try, but don't get your hopes up. [/quote] IIRC didn't Oakmont not allow any practice rounds for PA Open participants?
  11. If anyone is interested in some W/S FG Tours drop me a PM. I have 2 dozen and they are just too spinny with the driver for me. Would be happy to trade 2 dozen of these for 1 dozen of last season's Pentas or Pro V1x's.
  12. [quote name='OSKARJONES' timestamp='1330969146' post='4440959'] Wolf Creek. It is a cart only course and plays fast enough that you should finish. It is a very nice course...the fairways are so nice you might feel guilty taking a divot. [/quote] Plays fast enough? Not the experience I had. With the long drives from tee to fairways it's a long round, even if you aren't waiting. Count on 5+ hours to complete the round. However, you'll enjoy every second of it. Just an amazing experience. Bring your camera, that's for certain.
  13. I wear size 34 pants and all of my Puma belts are medium.
  14. IMO the course will live up to its hype. The other dinner we had was at the Brazilian steakhouse and that was also good.
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