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  1. I sent an email this morning. Their response: Expected in 500 dzn.. this week. Thank you for your business
  2. [quote name='PJP1113' timestamp='1425067804' post='11042111'] Called and spoke to someone at Golfer's Edge. Shipment was suppose to be here last week and they still have not received their shipment. [u]The guy on the phone blamed it on the port strikes.. However, aren't all Bridgestone balls made in the USA[/u]? [/quote] According to the Bridgestone web site the e6 is made in the U.S. If the balls are late due to the port strike they must be coming from Asia. Maybe they are selling knockoffs. I ordered 4 dozen. This is looking like a mistake.
  3. The Wilson C25 is a good ball. RBG has them for around $1 per ball. http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/wilson-golf-staff-c-25-crossover-golf-balls-1-dozen.html
  4. L L Bean has pants with a 29" inseam. I need 33 x 29 and this is the only place I've found where this size is available.
  5. I have the spikeless M Project in white. Very comfortable. Very difficult to keep clean. The only thing that seems to work is to pour laundry detergent on the most dirty areas and run the shoes through the washing machine followed by air drying. Even this doesn't get them clean but it they look better afterwards.
  6. I bought 24 of the AAA balls from Golfballs Unlimited. They are all playable and the price was reasonable. I'll buy from them again.
  7. From http://www.callawayuxplore.com As part of our ongoing initiatives, Callaway Golf is fully committed to our core business of clubs and balls. With this refocused position in mind, we want to let you know that the www.callawayuxplore.com website will be shut down after 12/31/2014. Online synching for course downloads, updates, and course search will no longer be available after this date. We recommend downloading your 50 ProMode courses to your upro, upro mx or upro mx+ device before the 12/31/2014 deadline. The upro, upro go, upro mx and upro mx+ will still work after 12/31/2014 for Basic Mode, GoMode and ProMode, but they won't be able to download new courses or course updates. Callaway Golf will continue to honor the limited warranties for all upro devices. More FAQ for your device: • Shot Tracking is permanently inoperable. • No new course updates will be processed. • The upro, upro go, upro mx and upro mx+ are not compatible with Windows 8.
  8. Bought the M Project [color=#282828]spikeless. Great shoes. More comfortable than my True Tours.[/color]
  9. [size=4]+1 for the [/size][color=#111111][left]MacGregor Tourney. [/left][/color]
  10. Mark Mender. http://www.markmender.com
  11. [quote name='storm319' timestamp='1344945825' post='5468162'] [quote name='Golfer_LD' timestamp='1334319974' post='4713618'] [quote name='CougarRed' timestamp='1334298266' post='4713058'] I spun a full PW 15 feet today with a ball that costs less than a dollar. Snake Eyes SDF Soft Distance. 1 dozen for $10, or 3 dozen for $25 at GolfSmith. USGA Ball List says it's a High Spin ball off a full short iron, and a Low Spin ball off the Driver. The shot in question was into a slight quartering breeze. Ball hit and immediately spun back. No hop. [/quote] This one intrigues me, I was actually looking at the Snake Eyes Tour for $30 a dozen but looking at the USGA Ball List they have that as a L-M. Might have to get a box of each to test it out...I plan on ordering some MacGregor spikeless shoes from GolfSmith soon anyways. [/quote] Disregard this. Both of these Snake Eyes balls are 2-piece surlyn balls. The USGA does not actually test spin. The ratings are based on information provided by the manufacturer which is why they have several multilayer urethane balls listed as being L-M while having some 2-piece surlyn balls as being M-H. As for the OP, if the Trispeed is lacking spin, than a different surlyn ball is unlikely to give you the spin increase you are looking for. You will need to look at balls with urethane covers for a dramatic increase in spin. [/quote] Urethane for $20 / dozen. http://www.mggolf.com/balls.asp?ru=0#C4
  12. MG C4 http://www.mggolf.com/balls.asp?ru=0 Urethane for $20 / dozen.
  13. This ball has received good reviews. Urethane for $20 / dozen. http://www.mgGolf.com/balls.asp?ru=0#C4
  14. The May, 2012, issue of Golf Digest has a chart that shows launch angle and spin from a robot tested half wedge shot. According to the chart, the NXT Tour S has more spin than the NXT Tour. The Tour S is grouped with the Srixon Q Star and the Bridgestone E5. The NXT Tour is grouped with the Gamer V2 and Callaway HX Diablo Tour.
  15. http://www.mgGolf.com/gloves.asp?ru=0
  16. Several months ago someone posted that he prefers the MacGregor Tourney to the Gamer V2. I read someplace that Srixon makes Golfsmith's MacGregor balls. At the price, you might as well buy a box and see if it fits your game. Both the Snake Eyes Tour and the MacGregor Tourney are three piece balls. Both get good reviews on the Golfsmith web site. I bought some of the MacGregor Tourney but haven't used them yet.
  17. Wilson FG Tour Urethane is $21.96 at budgetgolf. http://www.budgetgolf.com/WILSON_STAFF_FG_TOUR_GOLF_BALLS_ep.html?parent=36905
  18. Wilson FG Tour Urethane for $21.96 http://www.budgetgolf.com/WILSON_STAFF_FG_TOUR_GOLF_BALLS_ep.html?parent=36905
  19. Urethane for $21.99 / dozen. http://www.mgGolf.com/balls.asp?ru=0#C4 At this price it makes sense to get a dozen and see if it works for your game.
  20. There are so many good deals on new golf balls it makes no sense to buy used balls of questionable quality off Ebay.
  21. You can play a 3 piece ball for around the same price as two piece. The Gamer V2 is available on Ebay for less than $1.00 / ball including shipping. Yesterday the local Golfsmith had the 3 piece Macgregor Tourney on sale for $6.97 for a box of 16. The 3 piece MG 380E is supposed to be similar to the NXT Tour. $11.99 / dozen at http://www.mggolf.com/bank/. For me, at these prices it doesn't make sense to play lesser performing balls.
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