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  1. I play a Titleist 716TMB 2-iron as a driving iron and love it. Took the 3 iron out for it a couple seasons ago and haven't looked back.
  2. I personally do X100s in my irons through PW and then S400 in my 50, 54 and 60 wedges and I really like the combo. I tried doing X100 in the 50 wedge once and it always felt to boardy for what I was looking for.
  3. Just went to the site and only see 2 different pants and each one has 3-4 sizes available...
  4. Just caught up on the previous thread... I have feeling this one is going down the same path now.
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty surprised they keep doing these as limited editions. I really wanted the Master's and now these, I wonder what the issue seems to be at Adidas.
  6. The shaft in my Anser broke over the winter so I decided to go with a new driver. I have the Titleist 915D3 now and hit it the same distance. If you're looking for another Anser 8.5* head PM me.
  7. Shot my best 9 hole league round since I graduated college 5 years ago! 38!
  8. So even though it was misrepresented and the customer service was poor you'd be willing to write a good review if they gave you something? That sounds ethical.
  9. It's funny you mention that. I was at 18 tee at the end of Tuesday's practice round talking to a guy setting it up, but I never saw it on my CBS broadcast.
  10. When you say classic black and white saddle is that an all black and an all white saddle?? I'm really hoping for an all white, saddle Icon release!
  11. Cincinnati here! Got play play yesterday on temp greens and got to play on the actual greens today!
  12. Thanks for confirming guys. It's nice to see this change.
  13. I'm reading the Dec 2015 Golf Digest and on pg. 52 they talk about the 2016 rules changes. Item 7 says "distance-measuring devices that offer prohibited functions such as gauges that factor elevation change or wind speed may be used as long as you don't use the prohibited functions (Appendix IV, Part 5)..." I could only find the 2012-2015 rules on the USGA website so I thought I'd turn here. If this is indeed true $160 Bushnell Pro 1M w/ Slope I got off of Amazon was an even better deal! EDIT: Sorry mods, I just noticed that I should probably post this in the 2016-2019 rules topic. Please close this if you thing this should be posted there. Thanks!
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