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  1. I was speaking to one of Ping’s Champions Tour staff players who stated the irons are great except the spin on the short irons, 8-W, was too low for him and this is a theme with other tour players. He is blueprint and Iblade fan for reference. He stated short irons are just too hot for him.
  2. Like new Accra TZ6 65 M4 Driver Shaft 44.5 inches long, will play 45.5 inches in driver Titleist Adapter $200 Shipped in CONUS Thanks for looking
  3. For Sale PXG Driver and 2 FW. Prices includes shipping to CONUS, comes with headcover. No Trades. Driver PXG Driver Gen 2 Graphite Design Tour AD VR 6 X Flex 45 Inch 9 Degree Loft D4 Swingweight No. 1 Grip SOLD Perfect Condition 3 Wood PXG Gen 2 FW Diamana BF 70 Flex Stiff 15 Degree Loft 43 Inch No. 1 Grip SOLD Brand New Never Hit 3 Wood PXG Gen 2 FW Diamana BF 70 Stiff Flex 15 Degree Loft 43 Inch No. 1 Grip SOLD
  4. Thanks for looking, All prices include shipping to the CONUS. Stock headcovers included. Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Beta 3/4 Wood 16.5 loft HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 Shaft (not hand-crafted) 43 inch long $120 PING G400 MAX 10.5 Degree HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 Shaft (not hand-crafted) 45 inch D4 swingweight SOLD Tour Edge Exotics 3 Wood 15 Degree Veylix Rome 788 Shaft 43 inch SOLD PING G400 MAX 9 Degree 45 Inch Veylix Rome 688 Shaft D4 Swingweight SOLD Tour Edge Exotics 3 Wood 15 Degree HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 (non-hand crafted) 43 inch $150 PXG 0811X Driver 9 Degree Mitsubishi Tensei Orange Pro Stiff 60 Gram 45 Inch SOLD PING G400 MAX 9 Degree Fujikura Speeder 661 Evo 4 X Flex 45 Inch SOLD
  5. Fujikura Speeder Platinum 6X Shaft Brand New, Uncut, Untipped, $400 Shipped Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution iv 6x Shaft Brand New, Uncut, No tip, I have 2 for sale $200 Price is shipped to CONUS and Canada
  6. For Sale PXG 0811X Driver 9 Degree, Tensei Pro Orange CK Series 60 Gram Stiff Flex 45 Inch D4 Swingweight Golf Pride MCC +4 Align Grip Headcover Included Price $415 Shipping Included to the Continental US and Canada. Make an offer, no trades.
  7. How does the 661 X EVO IV compare to the Speeder Platinum 6X? Thanks Guys, I was able to acquire both and just want to find out what the differences are prior to shafting them up.
  8. Thanks Guys. I have really enjoyed the irons, been playing them for over a year. Had the original driver and it spun too much for me. The only way to get the spin down was to use extremely firm tipped shafts. This worked well however when set up this way the any driver becomes very demanding and with swing less than perfect you pay the price. I did try the hybrids and found my old Callaway's superior. Am hoping the 2nd gen are better, as I love the look. The reason I ask about the wedges, I really like my first gen but they are becoming worn. My concern with the milled is the lack of bounce.
  9. Looking for anyone who has tried the new drivers, fairway woods and hybrids . Those who have experience with the first gen and the new products. How were the numbers? What did you find? Anyone try the milled wedges? What I am not seeking is PXG bashers. If you have opinions against the brand and have not hit the clubs personally or able to intelligently contribute, please don't.
  10. The one set isn't button backs, that was the name for the 70-71 model. The ones you have were made 72 -74 and are called Smileys. Great irons for the day!! The weight port on the back allowed for swingweight changes. Hale Irwin won a US Open with a set of those.
  11. Two main reasons guys 1. Money - covered by many 2. Support - guys want to have a good van with talented guys operating the trailer. The reps need to be good at what they do and have a personality. Tour players have little patience to work with anyone let alone goof balls and arrogant know it alls. The van guys need the right personality, tough to find. Tour players take time to warm up to new reps and have the trust. Often the newer reps who develop relationships with the players get hired by the big boys. Makes it tough for the great companies with smaller tour budgets. Players will often reference how the guys in the van help them. A company can have great products but without the right sales force (van reps) they just can't make the sale.
  12. I heard today from the Ping rep $899 and deliveries until mid September
  13. I have a crazy idea, - go see a good fitter who can use trackman to dial in a head and shaft combo. Much cheaper and takes less time than just buying random clubs and hoping they work.
  14. 4puttz

    PXG Irons

    I have hit search and yet can't seem to find anything on these from anyone who has opened their wallet and taken the plunge. Anyone?
  15. The 29's were 2* stronger in the short irons. They had a slightly larger head in the short irons and had a dual plating process which is another reason they cost more.
  16. Has anyone taken the plunge and tried one of these. The specs look great.
  17. The shop is not for retail purposes. It is for a home shop for me work on my clubs. I have a Mitchel L&L machine and the basics. Want to get a freq analyzer etc
  18. If you were building a new home and you had a 8'x15' shop where you could put in the ultimate shop and cost was no object what would you put in?
  19. Love the look and the ability to line it up. But I got rid of mine, as said speed control was not possible for me.
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