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  1. How were the distance gaps for you when playing this set? I've always wanted to try a set.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of getting a group together to go there.
  3. We played Prestwick CC yesterday. It's a fun course with a lot of interesting holes. The condition is not the greatest though they are working on it. It was work to get the tee in the ground. The fairways needed some watering bad. But you could always find some grass nearby. The bunkers were bad. They were hard as heck and had some pebbles/rocks in them. We didn't not play out of them at all. The greens weren't awful. But most of them had some dead spots. I'd love to play the course again in prime condition.
  4. Has anyone played Prestwick in Avon lately? What kind of shape is it in? We purchased a Group Golfer deal earlier this year and everyone wanted to wait due to Covid. Hoping to get it used this week. TIA!!
  5. Cambridge just north of Evansville is a very fun links style course. There is just a tiny bit of water, and zero trees. That had 1 tree a few years ago but removed it. The 2nd hole, a par 5, is a fun risk reward hole. Conditioning is up and down, they get a lot of rounds played there. But the layout is enjoyable.
  6. You are getting what you are paying for, if that. I like the layout of the course, plenty of scoring opportunities, but the condition is very spotty. At least that is how it was about a month ago when I played it. Fairways were okay though some with dandelions growing through them, but the rough had 15 different types of grass growing in it and not cut consistently so I lost a few balls in the rough that I probably should have been able to find. I live 5 minutes from it so played it quite a bit last year and the condition was similar, but the one round I played this year definitely didn't make
  7. Can anyone comment on Heartland Crossing Golf Links in Camby? I've been watching this offer tick down on the clock. A little over 12 hours left. $16 or so. https://www.groupgolfer.com/deals.php?id=1010861&utm_source=alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=heartland-crossing-links-in-1010861&utm_content=baseline
  8. Now THAT is the sign of a true WRX'er!! :superman2:
  9. I believe the difference is the slope down by where it says Ping & Anser on the back edge. If it's more vertical I believe it's the much more valuable Dale head version. It appears to be one to me. But there are people here that really know their stuff. Maybe they'll chime in.
  10. I just wanted to mention I just got my $20 magazine rebate check from one of my orders. It was a little bit of a pain, but at lesat it went through. I can't remember if the order was late December, or late January though.
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