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  1. PP pending on last tour flat (red) adapter and SZ head.
  2. PP pending on Mavrik TD. That was a quick one. I know they are hard to come by.
  3. Thanks for looking. The only trade I am looking for is a Tsi3 16.5 head (preferably), or TS3 16.5 head. I do my best to capture any imperfection I can find so you know you are getting what you see. Prices include USPS priority shipping to the continental US. Prices are FIRM. 1. Cally Mavrik Triple Diamond in 9 degrees. The specs are shown in the picture as well: 9.1 loft, 57.5 lie, 195.6g. It has 2, 8g weights. The only imperfection is the from a sandy ball I hit out by the toe on the face. I did my best to capture it in the picture, and the most obvious angle. Trust me, it looks m
  4. Solana Beach, CA10-11Mavrik SZ with 6.5TX Hulk 75gDispersionThe white TX or X flex in 75g categoryDefinitely
  5. Sorry I didn’t see that when I saved it. Was fairly certain I had it down correctly when I saved it. $365. Thanks for pointing that out.
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