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  1. Easily the cleanest design from Ping ever. Knocked it out of the park IMO. Can't wait to hit them.
  2. So the VPC Irons I bought on the crazy deal up here... I am two rounds in with them, first one was in a scramble tournament where I hit them OK. The second round however, career low 74. :shok: I cannot BELIEVE how easy the long irons are to hit.
  3. Nice one! Mine arrived yesterday as scheduled. Excited to get them out to the course.
  4. what price you get em for? $454 CAD, which works out to about $350 USD. (!!!) Can you post a link? Are they able to ship to the U.S.? It doesn't look like they ship to the us. I only saw shipping options to Canada. Correct, no US shipping unfortunately. Also, online stock is limited to LH.
  5. what price you get em for? $454 CAD, which works out to about $350 USD. (!!!)
  6. My VPC irons shipped last night, will be arriving on Monday. :beach:
  7. Agreed, I don't think you'll see the prices for new clubs drop much more. Nike isn't as bad as some OEMs (looking at you TMAG :taunt:) when it comes to overbuilding stock.
  8. The website is basically saying that they have no stock in the warehouse, the only way you can get RH stiff is by finding them in your local store. As for which store has a set...?
  9. Note that the $480 price being quoted is in Canadian dollars... so $370USD for a brand new set of VPC 4-AW. I do NOT need new irons, but bought some anyway...
  10. Oban Kyoshi Gold - Driver Shaft - 04 flex (stiff)- 44.25" in from end of grip to end of tip (will play over standard length) - Right hand Cobra MyFly8 adapter, appears to be OEM install - 9-12* adjustments - Cobra Lamkin grip, great condition - Near mint condition, one tiny blemish in finish (size of a pin head) towards middle of shaft. $100 SOLD, shipping included in Canada. US buyers, contact me for shipping rates. I'm willing to work something out.
  11. Picked up a set of G's this year and am VERY impressed. These clubs are just so easy to hit and misses so much more playable. They really did a lot with this generation to hide the size, I don't have any issue looking down at them.
  12. I recently received a FlyZ+ in VG condition. It arrived with a small chip on the trailing edge and a few VERY light scratches on the crown that were easily removed with automotive polish. Aside from that, it was mint. Very happy with the purchase.
  13. I came directly from the BC+. For me, the FZ+ is a much better club. Significantly more forgiving on off centre hits (especially towards the heel, my miss) and lower spinning when you pure it.
  14. I'm complete opposite. If I could get up and down right now, I would be shooting under par every round. If I have a good day with the putter, my wedge game sucks and vice versa. I can never have the up and the down games going at the same time. Word, I shot 83 with 5 three putts yesterday. Horrendous performance around the greens, but that will come around with practise.
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