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  1. Yes sir. Endo is known in golf circles as by far the most advanced forging house in existence. Only close one would be mizuno. Miura no way. I'm talking about multi material forgings and complex underlays/head shapes.
  2. Endo Thailand tends to forge the more complex multi material heads from what I understand the Endo Japan the basic one piece forgings. This would make me think the ZX5 may be Endo Thailand but it makes no difference. They use the exact same materials and processes just obviously a different assembly process with multi material construction.
  3. Have to agree with Cactus. The ZX5 are just so good. The size difference isn't overly noticable and the feel is close enough. ZX5 is so forgiving, long and feel is way above what any other similar iron provides in this category. Really a home run for Srixon.
  4. Love the Needle Golf guys. Picked up one of their wood headcovers while playing Yeamans Hall. Need more I'm hooked!
  5. No Trades, Just cash sales please. 1. Brand new grip in plastic never touched a ball Scotty Cameron H20 11.5 Holiday putter. All stock specs. $1400.00 $1300.00 2. PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card with exactly $807.29 of value on it. I'm selling for 10% discount at $725.00. $700.00
  6. Set of ZX5 irons available in BST classifieds...
  7. Endo forged Srixon 2021 ZX5 5-PW. These are insanely forgiving with incredible distance and feel. These were factory built with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. Standard length, loft and lie with Tour Velvet grips. Condition is outstanding! 9.5/10. Not interested in any trades. I have more golf gear than I need!! $1150.00
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