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  1. Looking for any configuration but preferably 34". Let me know what you got!
  2. Looking for any configuration but preferably 34". Let me know what you got!
  3. Anyone have update on release? Itching for some ZX5 Irons. I'll be very dissapointed if not available this Fall. May have to go Mizuno if that's the case, would be big miss by Srixon.
  4. Used for 2 rounds. Mint condition. See spec sheet in pics for more info. $500.00
  5. Just saw press release by Needle Golf that they started a Tour Department and will be releasing tour player designs in limited batches. Pretty cool to get exact same belt designed exclusively for a tour player that they will wear on tour. Should be interesting to see what they come out with, unique concept. Tour Department
  6. All still available. Not selling to low ball offers. I’d rather keep than dump.
  7. 34” Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport Squareback 2. Gravity Grip with stock specs otherwise and in excellent like new condition. $325.00 $300.00
  8. Scotty Cameron Tour Circle T Newport 2 Tri Sole in 34” and 350 Gram head weight. All original and in absolute mind condition. Original finish was triple black that has patina’d but still looks amazing, black custom shop grip. $2000 $1600!
  9. Needle Golf. Bespoke hand stitched needlepoint gear that has a cult following on instagram.
  10. Smathers and Needle Golf belts are hand stitched. JT Spencer, Peter Miller etc are machine made and not needlepoint. Huge difference, a hand made product will always cost more. Needle Golf uses a larger leather strap and buckle than Smathers. Smathers leather and buckle almost feels like a ladies belt so small but stitching is comparable between the two.
  11. Best needlepoint belt around being made by Needle Golf. They are a golf specific needlepoint brand and have some really unique stuff. I’m waiting for their Spring collection to launch and grab some gear. They do limited runs and tend to sell out quickly. Website is - www.needlegolf.com
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