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  1. I think only you can best answer this! I started with a traditional pistol grip - was fine but for me I was inconsistent Swapped to a Superstroke Slim Mid 2.0 for a long time. Fatter grip helped to be less handsy. Was good but felt I missed many short putts (pulls/pushes) - maybe the grip was on a hair crooked (flat front side) ? Now have a round grip slightly fat grip...it is different but I get along with it well. I believe the philosophy that you should not use the grip to aim...the flat front of the superstroke was forcing me to do that. With the round grip - it is a bi
  2. I have been fit a number of times over the years. Small fitters and big box stores. Seems one thing that no one ever gets right is having enough stock supplies (fitting kits of heads, shafts) on hand. I can see a small fitter maybe only preferring to align with a few of the major vendors - unrealistic for a small guy to carry the full breadth of say 10 mfgs lineups. Big box stores (PGA Superstore) ...what's the deal? I went for a fairway wood fitting, tried Cobra, Titleist, Ping...no Mizuno yet, a bit early I guess. No TSi3 heads. Only had about 25%
  3. In this day and age, you are not permitted to bully clown heads. They have feelings too. #ClownHeadsMatter You are now cancelled.
  4. Trust me - Discount Dans. I have used them many times - 'always' the lowest prices, no shipping, no tax. good luck.
  5. Me and 2 kids (26/24). Wife is going to join us on the trip, but not golf. June 22-26 6 rounds, most on courses we have never played. day1 Barefoot Love Barefoot Norman (played 1x before) day2 Grande Dunes Grande Dunes, Member Club day3 Legends Moorland Legends Heathland very excite!
  6. My nemesis as well.... Go slow motion, then a little faster...pay attention to clubface at impact point. - is your clubface closed during takeaway (I was doing this)...if so, use a mirror and/or 1/4 practice swing to ensure you are opening the clubface on the takeaway. - are you over turning and loading up during backswing, coming extremely from the inside at impact? do 1/2 swings, nice and easy. build. - pay attention to your right elbow (if right handed golfer)...is it getting stuck behind you, causing you to manipulate at impact? Look at instructional videos for the r
  7. With driver I believe a Positive angle of attack is preferred to increase distance. What is the preference with a fairway wood: a. from a tee (assume it should be positive for same reasons as driver?) b. from the deck (assume slightly negative?) thanks
  8. Lefty here as well - just got on launch monitor with Cobra Rad, Titleist TSi and Ping 425 max. General lack of stuff to test due to being lefty and golf is so hot, hard for stores to stock everything Highlights = *consider I am still working on which shaft profile is best for me... Cobra was good but not standout for me. Titleist TSi2 was very forgiving and felt the best all around to me, tried all low/low shafts so results were 2nd best. I like Titleist stuff, had a driver, 3 and 5 wood in the past. Felt and sounded great. They did not have TSi3 heads in st
  9. Going back to finish up as we ran out of time. They were scrambling to try to find shafts to use/compare - taking clubs off the rack. I hit the Cobra Rad (have an F9 driver and had an F9 fairway wood before). I got along with this one the worst. Titleist TSi2 (no TSi 3s in stock) - I loved the look, sound, feel but did not produce the best results, yet...was close - but I was using all low/low shafts - I think this may be a winner with the right shaft for me. I like Titleist stuff, have bagged some drivers and FW woods in the past. I got more height with Titleis
  10. Putter - 100% and get fit for it, use evidence. then buy a new driver
  11. Sorry - did not get notifications of replies - just saw this now...sent you a private email. Yes, both still available
  12. By the way...if you ever get divorced...look me up! you are doing a very nice thing! Remind him of how lucky he is.
  13. IMO, you are in for alot of travel time in a traffic laden area...but it is what it is. I'd suggest 'closer to home' is worth more over the long run. A hidden gem area = Covington. It would be East of you, maybe 40 minutes or so. Ashton Hills and The Oaks are both excellent interesting courses, pretty cheap too. They never seem to be overcrowded and the atmosphere is a bit more chill than some stuffy places. Could be worth looking into as an alternative, but they are Public and you may be looking for a bot more exclusivity.
  14. Planning to take a trip to a RTJ area this year around May-July, prolly 3 nights - main focus is golf, prolly a total of 6 rounds. Do not want to burn time driving an hour between courses. We have never been to any of these courses - most are a relatively short drive from ATL 3 people, so want to use AirBnB or VRBO (resorts kill you with single occupancy) Would like some kind of civilization for groceries, etc - no need for nightlife with Covid. Really wanted to do Grand National but looking at Maintenance schedules, Links course is closed May1-Sept 17
  15. My short list is: Titleist TSi 2 or 3 Cobra Rad Ping G425 Would want to try Mizuno but they only make a 3 wood and not in stock yet All should be forgiving. I had a Cobra F9 3 wood, but with the wrong shaft for me in it. I did like the head though - hot and forgiving enough. I would suggest also considering a 5 wood, most of these you can adjust loft +/- 1.5 degrees. Shorter shaft and more loft may help.
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