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  1. I think it would take me 5 years to spend $1,500 in lessons...problem being that I get overloaded with too much instruction - keys if I take too many lessons too close in time. I find that I do best with maybe 4 lessons per year. In reality, I take maybe 1 lesson every year - some years 2 lessons - some years no lessons
  2. Darn Tough...have not found anything better. Incredibly durable. I wear them exclusively for daily, dress, gym, golf. Have a few pairs that are 1.5 years old - no piling, wear spots, stretching...they are like brand new. One of my Kentwools fell apart after 8 months, the other is visibly worn after 1.5 years. While expensive...Darn Tough has a lifetime guarantee.
  3. 3 wood shaft from a Cobra Speedzone 3 wood (compatible with many other Cobra 3 wood heads), right hand. Never hit it. HZRDUS Smoke, 6.0 60gram Plays to standard Cobra 3 wood length $60 shipped to CONUS only
  4. Cobra F8+, F9 or SpeedZone or Rad - many really great models came out in a shot period of time, so you'll have a good selection of used at discount prices. I went from F8+ to F9 and felt it was a good 'upgrade' for me...son still kills his F8+...Speedzone and Rad should be as good or maybe better. Never been a Ping fan but got fitted for fairway woods, Ping 425 beat out everything else, handily. Added their 3 and 5 woods - love them, very forgiving. I would consider a Ping driver as others have mentioned. I love Titleist equipment but other brands seem to beat them o
  5. I like the ladder drill. But much depends on how you are made. Are you a 'technical' putter, meaning you like to dial in the length of backswing and thru swing based on how many paces the putt is? Or are you a 'feel' putter who is more of a see it - roll it kind of person? I am a feel putter, so I like to have less mechanical thoughts about putts. Engrain a routine, do the same routine every time. My practice is alot of hitting one ball around the greens to varying distances - rarely just hitting 30 - 10 footers from the same position. After lots of practice with va
  6. Been working to shorten my backswing for a good year now (well I have known about it and consciously want to shorten it - but have not put in the work yet). I always tend to go too far when I really want to whack the ball or if I get lazy. Seems like I just naturally want to go too far. Having a hard time engraining a backswing that does not become too loose at the top. I likely mentally believe that I will not get the power I want unless I get really 'wind up'. I occasionally look at my backswing on video after putting in some work, thinking that it should be shorter now...n
  7. Titleist Hybrid has great quality, color choices, 14 way divider, cart strap, putter well, and can also be used as a stand bag.
  8. Most Players Distance categories should fit the bill Srixon Mizuno TaylorMade Cobra Maybe even look at a mixed set (more bladelike in say 7-P, and more forgiving in 5-6)
  9. Loss of confidence/poor results/and or to fill a gap. Been jumping around 3 woods for awhile, never in love with anything. Have used various Exotics, Titleist 913/917 (really liked these), Cobra F9, RAD Tried Ping (425) for the first time and wow - these work so well for me. Did a fitting with these vs current fairway woods and these were heads and tails above the others. Very forgiving, long, nothing bad to say about them. Also added their 5 wood. I think these will stay for a long time.
  10. I had a good experience about 2 years ago to dial in my driver. Tried different shafts and weightings. Good empirical evidence. Went recently to get fitted for fairway woods. Had to wear a mask the whole time - was difficult, but OK. Good reports and data from their Trackman system. Fitter was good however.....(I am lefty, so there were less overall combos to try) Their stock system was absolutely horrible! One would think that vendors give them fitting systems, they could not find head and shafts to save their lives - they must sell or misplace the fitting equipment. T
  11. I'd say either. Honestly, I doubt you will be done with 'swing changes' - ever. It's not likely that you will significantly change your swing that much where you may be totally misfit now. Just my 2 cents. Maybe there are unique people who start at 90mph swing speed - take a few lessons - then are at 110mph swing speed with a very different load into the ball. More likely takes place over years.
  12. Drive time between areas is a killer. Highly highly recommend the UGA course - it is awesome and greens are very challenging - awesome practice facility. Great college town nearby too, tons of great restaurants. I really like St. Marlo too. You'll use every club in your bag, pretty course when things are blooming. Echelon is very challenging Off the beaten track = 2 courses in Covington GA (kinda out of the way location) - Ashton Hills and The Oaks, they are near each other...two of my favorite courses we have just found this past year.
  13. Wow - Those Bettinardi wedges are drop dead gorgeous. I'd buy a set in a heartbeat if they were available in lefty. Looks like awesome reviews too
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