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  1. Ping G425 has been the best I have ever hit...I can do with just the 5 wood.
  2. 46 degree Srixon 765 Pitching wedge then, Titleist SM7 wedges at 50/54/58. When I got them I did want to go with Cleveland, but they did not offer the right gapping or bounce I prefer for lefties - so I went with Titleist.
  3. Spend $150-$200 on an iron fitting - work with your fitter regarding which club combos (head/shaft) might be best for you. Buy your set online. Done.
  4. I think I read where the main reason they started using a round grip was to support their fitting process. Changing the hosel, shaft bend configurations means a flat front putter grip could not be used for all types of changes to other components during the fitting. Round grip = viola! Then they (made up) or noticed other benefits with aiming.
  5. Absolutely love it. Was not sure at first...like not at all - I came from a SuperStroke 2.0 Mid which I used for about 5 years. I think they put the mid or larger sized one on my putter (got it last year) Gave it a chance and the results spoke for themselves. I really believe that my eyes and hands being able to adjust naturally help - vs always anchoring to a flat front grip. I have many more sub 30 putt rounds since I got this putter. Last time I calculated old vs new putter, I was saving just over 2 strokes per round. Most recently - had a 26 and 28 putt round. Worth a try
  6. I had the same thing happen to me with my 4-5-6 irons, they all went about the same distance - almost all the time. Was a set of irons I fit myself for. Thought I would benefit from 'high launch' shafts. When I got fitted...fitter was like - uhh, just because it claims to be High Launch does not mean your swing with them will be high launch! I got fit for new irons/shafts and viola! proper gapping by using shafts that were a better fit for my swing. A traditional set of shafts and proper gapping and higher launch.
  7. sharp! Best of luck with them
  8. Was about a 6 week wait from time of purchase. Sadly...these are not for me, but for my son. If they made them in Lefty - I'd be all over them. Beautiful clubs
  9. Ping G425 max 5 wood with stock R or S shaft added loft and shorter length should help his get as good distance as a 3 wood.
  10. Wish they offered them for lefties! bummer
  11. As many do - I have spent many years looking for a great fairway wood (from tee and deck). Been thru Titleist 913 series, numerous Exotics models, 2 Cobra models. Many times I loved them at first, but they always disappointed - surely much of the issue is my swing. Added Ping G425 max 3 and 5 woods with stock shafts about 4 months ago. After many range sessions and rounds I can accurately say that these are the best fairways woods I have owned. I think the main difference for me is how flat they sit at address, it just works well for me. I make better contact, more often with these clubs - from tee and deck. In the end I really think that I could have gotten away with just the 5 wood - it is a powerhouse, many time distance is as good as the 3 wood, easier to control. This is the first time I have used Ping clubs - good stuff.
  12. Weighted formula with emphasis given to: 1. Putting and feel 2. Chipping and spin 3. Pitching 4. Short irons 5. Long iron+fairway woods+driver Most balls are long enough - I want most emphasis on putting and working my way backwards from the green.
  13. Just had one. Kids and I were at Myrtle Beach playing Legends Mooreland course. They have a well known hole called Hell's Half Acre. Driveable par 4 but if you are at all offline, trouble looms. I was actually thinking prior to playing there that I was going to try to drive the green vs playing smart and laying up. We were doing a fun format where it is 2 vs 1 for 6 holes at a stretch. The previous day, my kids beat the crap out of me in this format. I wanted redemption. I had a good stretch going as we came to the teebox. Lots of waiting as it was backed up. Was about a 225 yard shot, slightly uphill, pin up front but visually very intimidating. I took a relatively new 5 wood (Ping 425 Max) that I have been loving. I took a practice swing at address and bottomed out the clubhead before the ball - in my head I was like 'nice...don't do that for your swing'. Take my swing and it felt superb! A medium trajectory, perfect strike - it started out on a perfect line and never deviated. Was right at the heart of the small mouth opening to the green. I knew it was great, just needed to be the right distance. One of those shots you feel in your loins. Got up there and found my ball on the green, about 15 feet from the pin. Burned the edge for Eagle - took the easy birdie. Kids had OK shots and ended up with bogey - wicked hole. View looking back at tee box.
  14. Was playing with my kids and say around hole #11 Son #1 finds a ball while looking for his in the woods - a Bridgestone with a blue stripe - he pockets it, then starts using it. Was using a Snell Black previously. Hole #14 son #1 takes a really aggressive line (more aggressive than he wanted) on a blind tee shot, dogleg left - pounds it. In retrospect probably got very close to the group in front of him by mistake. Everyone else tees of and we ride out there. We see the group in front of us meandering around the general area my son's drive should have been - looks like a guy picked up a ball. Son drives up to see if they picked up his ball. He asks if they picked up a ball - guy asks my son what he was hitting, he says a Snell (by mistake - forgot which ball he hit). Guy says he picked up a Bridgestone with a Blue Stripe - son says "oh-yea, that's what I was hitting" (haha). To further complicate matters, one guy in their group hits Bridgestone balls with a blue stripe! He surely lost it on a previous hole but now he has it back! They settle the issue and tell son where the ball was (middle of fairway) and give the Bridgestone with a blue stripe back to him. Interesting dilemma since the ball did belong to the guy from the group in front of us. Finders Keepers.
  15. Depends what you want to work on. I have never been a big fan of indoor mats/aids. Probably most beneficial to practice / engrain ball position, square contact and a solid stroke / releasing the putterhead...but in the end - no substitute for getting a a real green and practicing feel, distance control, reading greens, etc. I got a puttout trainer and honestly do not really care for it, but I know tons of people think it is the greatest thing. I'm a big fan of working on aiming, distance control, and green reading/feel. good luck
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