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  1. Yeah, I mean so far the instruction has been fine with Dennis so I don't want to make it sound like he is bad or something. I just thought it was strange that you sign up for a subscription to something because you want to get feedback from a specific person and then after a lesson or 2, it changes to someone else. Maybe that was in the fine print somewhere, but the main reason why i subscribed was because I wanted Eric's feedback every month.
  2. I am a member and find it to be really helpful. However, (and I am not knocking this, but only wondering why this is), after my second lesson, all of my lessons were viewed and responded by someone named Dennis. I am not sure if that is how it works, but I haven't heard from Eric since my first 2. Again, I want to be clear this is not necessarily a bad thing or a knock on Dennis. I just don't know why that is.
  3. Does anyone know what spikes are available to replace with these shoes? I need to replace the spikes but i'm not sure what my options are. I am looking for something with more grip. Thanks!
  4. I think I got a little more up and less flat in the backswing here. Not sure about the hand path through....
  5. Here are the things that i am working on / trying to do: 1) get a little more vertical and more wrist hinge in my backswing and complete my turn 2) shallow the club instead of steep on the way down 3) clubface squared or slightly closed in the downswing instead of wide open going into impact and flipping Is that what you mean? I am "trying" to do all of these things but it isn't necessarily showing in my swing (at least I don't think so!).
  6. Anyone have any good tips or fixes on getting rid of an open clubface on the downswing? I have this and it causes me to stall and flip and I can't seem to figure out a way to get that out of my swing. I am a 12 handicap and have pretty decent fundamentals but I am stuck with this flaw that I would like to get rid of. Any advice on things that have worked for you all? Thanks!
  7. I bought the hanger aid because i could never keep an actual hanger on the shaft. It would slip around when taking my grip. I find that with the aid, in order to get flat at the top, I need a super weak left hand grip. Did I do something wrong?
  8. Anyone use this training aid? I just picked one up but feel like i either set it up wrong or I am not using it right. Anyone have any tips to get it set up correctly and tips on using it? Thanks!
  9. Are you supposed to actually do that on your downswing or just feel that? I have always lost my right wrist bend and have had a slightly cupped left wrist at the top. I just can't imagine on a full swing revving a motorcycle handle. I feel like that would be impossible and make things worse!
  10. is there a video to explain what that means?
  11. I hope people can help me out. I’m a 12 handicap that struggles with an open clubface throughout my swing causing me to flip and stall through impact. When it is really bad I get the shank. My drivers are either pushes right or hooks left. Any tips on what I need to work on? I cat see to figure it out.
  12. I am thinking about doing a Bandon trip for my 40th. I turn 40 in December so would want to take the trip some time in 2021. I am sure there are tons of posts about this but I had a few questions that I hope could be answered without having to search through a bunch of posts. 1) How do people typically book Bandon? Do you pay for a Golf Travel Consultant or do you typically book the trip on your own? I ask because ideally i'd want to book an all inclusive package if there is such a thing. 2) What is the best season in terms of weather? 3) Do any courses allow carts? (My dad is 73 so if he were to come with walking would not be an option for him) Thanks!
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