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  1. I bought the hanger aid because i could never keep an actual hanger on the shaft. It would slip around when taking my grip. I find that with the aid, in order to get flat at the top, I need a super weak left hand grip. Did I do something wrong?
  2. Anyone use this training aid? I just picked one up but feel like i either set it up wrong or I am not using it right. Anyone have any tips to get it set up correctly and tips on using it? Thanks!
  3. Are you supposed to actually do that on your downswing or just feel that? I have always lost my right wrist bend and have had a slightly cupped left wrist at the top. I just can't imagine on a full swing revving a motorcycle handle. I feel like that would be impossible and make things worse!
  4. is there a video to explain what that means?
  5. I hope people can help me out. I’m a 12 handicap that struggles with an open clubface throughout my swing causing me to flip and stall through impact. When it is really bad I get the shank. My drivers are either pushes right or hooks left. Any tips on what I need to work on? I cat see to figure it out.
  6. I am thinking about doing a Bandon trip for my 40th. I turn 40 in December so would want to take the trip some time in 2021. I am sure there are tons of posts about this but I had a few questions that I hope could be answered without having to search through a bunch of posts. 1) How do people typically book Bandon? Do you pay for a Golf Travel Consultant or do you typically book the trip on your own? I ask because ideally i'd want to book an all inclusive package if there is such a thing. 2) What is the best season in terms of weather? 3) Do any courses allow carts? (My dad is 73 so if he
  7. Great stuff! Thank you for the thorough response! I will look into this all tonight. I appreciate it.
  8. Maybe I was misunderstanding. I was confused about what he says about having the elbows pointed to your midsection rather than to the target at address (around 6:45 in the video). I have never seen someone having their elbows start like that at address
  9. Can anyone explain what this is used for and how to use it (that is not an infomercial?
  10. I recently came across Eric Cogorno and I like some of the things he teaches from what I have seen. I am working on my backswing and am having trouble with an open face coming down. I saw this video and am confused (particularly around the 6:40 mark). In looking at a lot of pro swings, to my eye, none of them have their elbows like this. Most of what I have seen looks like it is pointed to the target; opposite of what he is teaching. Can anyone help elaborate or is this not good? My swing from last year is below as well for reference. My miss is an open face shank, I tend to be too cu
  11. I am looking to get a backyard hitting net and wanted some recommendations. I have a relatively small yard, but still plenty of room for a net. I would be looking at something that can easily be set up and that is not permanent. I live in a suburban area that has neighbors so I'd want to make sure the net catches the ball without worrying about missing the net and hitting a house. What would you all suggest? The ability to hit all clubs would be nice but not 100% necessary. Thanks!
  12. I am working on this drill to keep my left wrist flat at the top and to help keep bend in my right wrist. However, I am having trouble keeping the hanger on the club and it always seems to force me into a very weak grip for some reason. Anyone have any tips on how to do this drill with keeping your grip consistent and keeping the hanger on the club? Thanks!
  13. Question... I had a lesson yesterday and it was apparent that my right foot came off the ground on the downswing and that my balance was off pushing me towards the ball. I was told that at address, the weight should be on the balls of my feet / centered and at the top of the swing my weight should be at the heel of my right foot. From there, my weight should move from right heel to left foot. He was saying that in my swing I start from the top down (bad) and that I should swing from the ground up keeping by left shoulder behind as long as possible. Are these accurate tips? I ask because lo
  14. [quote name='MonteScheinblum' timestamp='1403014078' post='9513883'] Your arms don't have enough room. Too much bend at knees and not enough at waist/hips. [/quote] Also, when you say knee bend, can you explain? When I look at pros, to me it looks like they have knee bend. I'm trying to understand what you mean. Also, can you explain when you say my arms don't have enough room?
  15. [quote name='MonteScheinblum' timestamp='1403014078' post='9513883'] Your arms don't have enough room. Too much bend at knees and not enough at waist/hips. [/quote] Thanks... when you say my arms down't have enough room, can you explain? Also, is there an example of good posture vs. my posture that you are referring to? I feel like a number of pros have knee bend so I want to visualize what you are referring to. Thanks! BZ
  16. I have a problem with swaying in my swing as well as not getting a large enough shoulder turn (specifically with irons). I have a tendancy to lose my tush line and get closer to the ball at impact causing a shank. Does anyone have any tips or drills to correct this? This is mostly on 7 irons and above. For whatever reason, my driver swing is ok though. BZ
  17. Here are some swings that I have. They are a year or 2 old but my swing has stayed the same for the most part [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eaxZSye3v8"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eaxZSye3v8[/url] [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0UZgqVsouM"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0UZgqVsouM[/url] [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcok-OppsvI"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcok-OppsvI[/url] I am going to see a pro but figured I'd post here as well. These are with irons. I wasn't able to find any driver swings. BZ
  18. Hello... I recently have had trouble with "hooks". I currently am playing to a 10.2 handicap and the last few rounds I have been struggling with my balls starting at the target and finishing well left of the target. I get the same distance as I would on a straight shot, so I say "hook" because in my head a hook is something that hooks left and doesn't get much distance. Depending on the hole, I can be OB or in the rough so they are finishing pretty far left. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this and what I can do to stop? I know it is hard without seeing my swing but I
  19. [quote name='phase3golf' timestamp='1334153666' post='4699876'] Cobra S3 pro in all CB's...can't beat them!!! [/quote] I should be a bit more detailed and this could help. Handicap - 15 7 iron - 170 age 31 I'm looking to improve with a bit more forgiveness on off hits. My dreaded miss is a shank
  20. bzimmer21

    New Irons

    Hey guys... I'm looking for a set of new irons. I currently play the Titleist 735.Cm. I want to get something a bit more forgiving, but something with a classic look of a forged blade. I don't like looking down to see a huge clubface, but would like to see if I can find an middle ground of look and forgiveness. Can anyone give me any suggestions? Would the AP1 be a good fit? I am open to any mfg. BZ
  21. pick 5I am in a Masters pool at work. The rules are we can pick any 5 players and the best (lowest) total combined scores at the end of the tournament wins. Total earnings so far between the 5 guys can't exceed 7 million dollars. I am having trouble choosing my 5 guys. What do you all think between these teams? I'm stuck between these 3 choices. What do you think? MicklesonTigerDonaldWestwoodScott --- TigerMcIlroyPhilScottKaymer ---- TigerMcIlroyDonaldWestwoodLouis Oosthuizen
  22. TitleistI was wondering what the guru's on here reccommend for a driver shaft. On my irons I play X100's since I have a fast swing speed. I am looking at getting a new driver and wanted to know peoples thoughts. Currently I play a Proforce V2. I am looking to maximize distance and reduce sidespin. I have a mid ball flight that I am pretty happy with. Any suggestions? Also, what process would you suggest in terms of getting a shaft on a new club? Should most stores have that ability? Thanks! BZ
  23. I like that too. This is pretty tough. I might go with yours or have narrowed mine down to this: Tiger WoodsPhil MicklesonAdam ScottMartin KaymerLuke Donald7,282,523Tiger WoodsPhil MicklesonAdam ScottFred Couples Padraig Harrington7,471,954
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