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  1. Are these the original shafts from Titleist? The pictures make it look as if the ferrules may be different lengths, could just be camera angle Thanks.
  2. I had heard from a friend who works at Ping that it is planned for a summer 2020 release, he said there were 2 irons coming so I assume the other will be a G410 replacement.
  3. Bridgestone has a new CEO who is not into golf and has cut endorsement funds. When Brandt's contract came up they offered a ball and bag deal at a very reduced rate. The Workday deal was a hat and bag deal and Brandt tested several irons including Ping. Srixon offered a full deal and as he liked the Srixon ball they made a deal with the kicker being reworking the Workday contract. Until the Srixon deal he had planned on carrying the Workday bag and hat and playing whatever he liked and use the Taylormade ball. I have not heard if the deal has been actually signed as yet.
  4. Nice move, 785 I assume or the new Z forged? can't wait The key for him was the ball, he wanted something that performed similar to the Bridgestone. He also liked the Taylormade TP5 .
  5. Just curious how do you know this? I play golf with his dad every day and have since he joined our club several years ago.
  6. Brandt was scheduled to sign a deal with Srixon for the bag , club (irons) and ball this week. He had to work out a deal with Workday to get out of the bag deal with them as Srixon wanted a full bag, ball, club deal.
  7. Tanks for the offer but i'll pass. No problem but you had mentioned CF 16 as partial payment. Thanks for your reply.
  8. I have a set of Cf 16 Callaway in excellent condition with Matrix F15 grey graphite 95 gram R flex shafts and Lamkin grey crossline ace midsize grips that have never been played since installation. Irons are 4-pw in std. lie & loft. If you have any interest let me know. Bob
  9. Sneds has a Workday deal for the bag and hat, he is using the Taylormade driver and the new Taylormade ball. He is playing a set of Ping irons but may have switched to Taylormade as he also had a set of those he was testing. He tried the Ping driver but decided to stay with Taylormade at least for the near term in Hawaii. Everything else is the same. He has been contacted by a Japanese company on irons, Honma, I think but was not too interested as yet.
  10. Sneds is playing the Taylormade driver and the new Taylormade ball. He is playing now with a set of Ping irons but may end up with Taylormade there as well. The bag and hat deal are with Workday
  11. Brandt Snedeker has moved on from Bridgestone and is playing the new Taylormade ball and the driver. As of 2 days ago he was using a set of Ping irons.
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