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  1. Not really, no. Don't need much just trying to clean out some space.
  2. Putter and shoes will ship USPS priority mail, free to USA. Bag will ship UPS, also free to US. PayPal only please and no trades. Blue Titleist Single Strap Carry Stand Bag - $120 Brand new. I won this in a member/guest last year but never used it. The stands are still in plastic. FootJoy DNA 10M - White/Charcoal - SOLD Tee prize in a member/guest last summer and I prefer the BOA model so never wore these. Scotty Cameron Newport Button Back - Still in Plastic - SOLD Bought this a few years ago but really don't need it sitting around. Grip is still i
  3. All prices include priority mail shipping in CONUS Yes! Dawn Putter Head - Refinished by BOS in White Polymer with Added Perpendicular Site Line - $75 I already have one Dawn refinished by BOS in white in my putting rotation, this was to be a backup but I never used it. Might as well move on. They did great work, but had trouble filling in a little of the text on the bottom as you can see in the pictures. SCOR Golf 53* and 59* Wedges - SOLD 53* is 35.75" with C-Taper S+ shaft. 59* is 35.5" with Genius 12 Firm. Both in decent condition, pics tell the story. 2 Boxes of
  4. All prices include priority mail shipping to CONUS. Only trade interest would be part of a deal for a 915 D3 driver. Otherwise, I'm not interested. Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro 14.5 Fairway Wood w/ Speeder 757 Stiff - $260 43", pure pro white grip. Includes original headcover which is in excellent shape (I barely used it). \ Brand New Adidas Puremotion Shoes 10.5 M - SOLD Brand new, never worn. Travis Mathew Belt Buckles - White/Orange & Silver/Brown. I'll also Include two S/M (30-35" waist) straps, white & black - SOLD The buckles are in awesome shape. T
  5. Apex Pro 4-A (bent to 50). Scor 54 & 59
  6. I had the issue - C-Taper S+ in a set of 712MB's I got in February of 2012. Noticed this January that all of my irons were bent at the hosel by 2 to 4 degrees. Titleist recommended I replace all the shafts, I just got new clubs instead and switched to Recoil Protos. Edit: We have a big mat at our driving range, the kind that accepts tees, not nearly as firm as a traditional driving range mat, and I hit off of it 3 or 4 days a week for 5 months a year.
  7. I'm going with the Fubuki ZT 60x in my BB Alpha. I've been exclusively MRC in my drivers for 5 years now (Whiteboard in an FT Tour, 'ahina in a 910, D+ in a 913) and the feel/launch of the ZT has been nothing short of amazing.
  8. I had C-Tapers in my 712MB's for 2 years and there is a noticeable bend at the hosel - but I hit a lot of golf balls off mats. I just took that as a sign I (a) need new clubs and (b) hit too many balls. Ended up getting fit into something else entirely as my swing has evolved.
  9. I played Iomic Sticky 2.3's for a couple of years before I switched to Pure Pro's and I'll never go back. The Sticky's were great initially but they wore down really fast, got way too soft when it was hot out in NY, were only OK in the rain - and downright terrible when it was cold out. Seeing as though you are in Minn, I figure you might play some golf in the offseason - and they always felt like slick rocks to me. The Pure Pro's have been great for me in any situation. They are tacky but never too soft in the summer, have nearly the same feel in the winter (huge plus for me, this was ni
  10. I got my set of Apex Pro's about a month and a half ago. After a week, the black polymer insert on my 9 iron fell out and I couldn't find it anywhere. Callaway wanted me to send the 9 iron back to have a new insert put in, but my fitter/builder pressed them (I didn't want to go 2 weeks without my 9 iron) and they just sent me the polymer insert so I could install it myself. Your results may vary... The instructions I got back from Callaway were to install the polymer insert without glue but I didn't listen. I picked up some gorilla glue epoxy and glued it in, haven't had an issue since.
  11. Driver still available, decided to hang onto the Ping. Last price drop, below $200 I'll just keep it - so contact me today and I can ship tomorrow!
  12. All prices include Priority Mail Shipping to CONUS. I can only ship on Thursday and Saturday this week. NO TRADES AT THIS TIME UST Mamiya Elements Chrome 6F5T Shaft w/ Callaway Big Bertha/Optiforce SureFit Adapter - SOLD Plays for 45” in a Big Bertha Alpha. Shaft was not tipped. Does not have a grip on it. Titleist 913 D3 8.5* Diamana D+ 72x - SOLD 45” length, Orange Pure Pro grip. Used for one season. Includes headcover and wrench kit in pouch. $200 is absolute lowest I will go on this, below that I will keep it since I played some great rounds with it and can put it in my perso
  13. I did a comprehensive iron fitting with Bill at novogolf about a month ago. It was freakin' awesome. I was playing Titleist 712 MB's with C-Taper S+ shafts for 2 years, playing very well with them, but I felt like I was hitting them too low and not spinning enough. Also wanted a little more forgiveness as I don't have the opportunity to practice as much so was looking for something to help me out a bit. Hit my 712's a handful of times on Trackman, first words out of his mouth "man those irons don't fit you at all", though they did 2 years ago, as my swing has changed quite a bit. I told
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