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  1. Cold must be a relative term. I'll be heading to my place in Bonita Springs in early January. You may have some chilly nights and days that don't get out of the 50s but you will probably have more days in the 70s and some that will get into the low 80s.
  2. I read the post on the Golfworks site. It seemed to me that Jim was referring to the DBMs when he said they have enough on order to get them through 2021, not the PTM Blacks.
  3. Great review. I'm leaning towards the Xcaliber shafts in my next set and this is the kind of info that helps.
  4. Based on what I'm seeing on the Maltby site, the PTM chrome heads are being discontinued. Figures, I was starting to lean towards making them my next iron set. I was thinking chrome over black for lie adjustability. So it goes.
  5. i have the 95 gram Program F15 shafts in my current irons. While they are consistent and perform well, I'll agree they aren't the best feeling. If I had to choose new shafts now it would be between Xcaliber and Recoil.
  6. Thanks. It's starting to look like my next set of irons will be a late winter, early spring project. I've had 95 g Matrix shafts in my last 2 sets. I was thinking of the Pro X with the last set but I built them when Robin was was out of commission. Xcaliber shafts will definitely be on the short list when the time comes.
  7. Thanks. Couldn't remember how to direct it too him. Also thought others would be interesting in any response.
  8. Popeye, I was looking over the Xcaliber site and I see the new Avalon and Rapid Taper iron shafts are listed. How would compare them to the Pro X iron shafts. Thanks.
  9. Going back a ways, Matrix was originally Apache. They changed to MFS and there was an offshoot MCS. The orange graphite iron shafts K.J. Choi played were MFS. Somewhere along the line the Matrix name took over. I ways under the impression that they were always manufactured in Korea but they had some kind of design/distribution on the west coast.
  10. Are the KuroKage TiNi 105S shafts still available? The aren't on the MCA site and a google search didn't come up with much.
  11. These were the standard Matrix trimming instructions I used with mine.
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