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  1. Andy from the Average golfer and the newer guys from experior golf? Both enjoyed the MAX ......wish names didn't cross over so easily......
  2. No......I meant to clearly state that you said NOT to overlook this head.....that's all.....I'm going to hit all 3 but now I'm far more open minded about the max because of what's in it......and what it is not.....NOT a high launching/ high spinning /heavy draw bias head.
  3. All true and the reviews are saying Speed head is actually more draw bias with a bigger carbon plate in the toe plus the Max has moving weight..... Great comparison though with Sim Max and tsi2......I could easily enjoy tsi2 for a long time but if I'd gained distance but still keep confidence high , I'm in !
  4. The tsi2 is versatile in flight n trajectory.......very stable and solid .....I'm only concerned with ballspeed as I'm a slower swing guy .......my hope is the forgiveness of the tsi2 with higher ballspeed..... Tsi2 is neutral FOR ME
  5. Funny thing is between the Average golfer review, txg review and @bcflyguy1 I'm leaning towards Epic Max with adjustable wgt towards toe......maybe......I'm hitting tsi2 in play all day right now but would love just a shade of spin reduction while keeping high forgiveness.......gonna be fun trial period!
  6. Did you find the Speed to be more stable than last years mavrik if you hit it? The address position......does the Speed seem like a slightly bigger version of the TSi3?
  7. I'm currently using a tsi2 as a long term demo......did you see a difference in distance compared to Speed or just the better dispersion? Also , and this is nitpicking, how does the Speed sit at address compared to both Titleist heads? Got any pics ?
  8. It kinda looks like ts3 then? Can I get your thoughts so far on Epic Speed please?
  9. Do you think the tour Speed is set differently in either internal weighting or face angle?
  10. Thanks , does speed remind you of either tsi3 or last year's mavrik standard head aesthetically?
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