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  1. Great setup! Any chance of getting pics at address of the 6 n 7 irons please?
  2. Great thread.......is anyone playing lighter but longer than std even for graphite? I know normally graphite is 1/2" over steel ....so has anyone gone another half or full inch over? Also who has tried the KBS TGI shaft?
  3. It's like jedi mind tricks ......or as forest gump put it.....Mizuno for lefties is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get!
  4. I was all set to invest in the new and improved 921F but mizuno pulled a fast one and decided NOT to offer a full set in left handed.
  5. Great to hear bud......are these in line with 0311T as far as feel/sound and size? You guys are really pushing another lefty into a set! Did you get the 4i too?
  6. Wow! This looks like my cup of tea......may I ask, how far are you hitting this club and is it higher than your previous 4i?
  7. 4i of the 770......higher noted flight in stock shaft offering?
  8. Quite a few of you guys fail to have a read a key point......he's LEFT HANDED and can't hit the suggested irons from you......
  9. Aren't the lofts pretty much equal on all 3 sets? Looked it up .....original 770s are same loft and j15cb is actually one degree stronger
  10.  SwooshLT

    2020 US Open

    Wolff really did the same thing at the Detroit event.....also in a loss to B.A.D. ....looked flustered/ uncomfortable that day too.....
  11.  SwooshLT

    2020 US Open

    Dechambeau has this in the bag.......his comeback yesterday, the way he's grinding......totally in control.....unlike Wolff who looks flustered already
  12.  SwooshLT

    2020 US Open

    Nothing but short irons unless stymied by trees like 16..... short and crooked never flies.....long and crooked still has a fighting chance
  13.  SwooshLT

    2020 US Open

    Preach! I'll assume the money gives them certain levels of cache ....... your level of invincibility increases and humbleness disappears......or something like that!
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