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  1. Weird how they give Stealth results but don't want to share anyone else's without a membership
  2. In ratio yes but in factual dynamics no ......3/4" from center is just that
  3. Slower than you but same storyline....got a 10.5 lofted down to 9.5 and shafted with tensei 65R AV blue just love everything about it .....sound/feel , looks and consistency......won't go anywhere but trying out Stealth now
  4. Clearly has OG LTD with "spaceport " while driving the green on the 11th hole of the North course @ Torrey pines this morning...... 330 to the front uphill and cool
  5. @SMUGamer @getitdaily Robot testing; 9 points on face https://golf.com/gear/drivers/insidegolf-exclusive-robot-testing-taylormade-stealth-driver/
  6. Yeah.....these are an April 1st release
  7. I think I'm saying R1 ; you're right about R11/11s but I'm sure R1
  8. @SMUGamer @getitdaily https://www.instagram.com/p/CZFjHQnPeoz/?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. Adapter hasn't changed in 10yrs.....so yes all shafts since R1/sldr will fit
  10. @SMUGamer Per Callaway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1mJegNjdhg
  11. But we saw this we EPIC/JAILBREAK, no? Reinforcement of the structure for faster ballspeeds....... But again , in the hands of the masses gains won't be apparent over anything under 10-15yrs ago.......consistency is where this should shine. U R welcome on that thread......TAYLORMADE has made so many great heads ; options for all......find right shaft and away you go!
  12. heads only preferred but not required!
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