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  1. Have you gotten on course with these beauts?
  2. Mizzy on right? Looks tiny bit higher in the toe region but similar blade length.....thank you!
  3. For the new release line of clubs I'm sure the same player who wants the middle club, the 223 and 921 forged will play eerily similar.....despite your claims of one degree loft or material composition being minutely different......but hey, I haven't seen the 223 in person so what do I actually know? R&D guy from mizuno thinks they have similar enough DNA
  4. I thought they did offer full set of T-MBs? Maybe few years back a Tour Pro won with them.... I thought.....could be wrong
  5. @HarborMike if you read MY response, it was to the question on whether the 225 was the 921forged equivalent.......so based on that question, MY response was the 223 is the equivalent to the 921forged no one ever said it is replacing
  6. Without being too much of a pain.....could you provide an address position side by side with 223 6i and P7MC 6i? Thanks in advance
  7. THIS STATEMENT/QUESTION was meant only for @HarborMike he stated that the 223 isn't like the JPX921 Forged in any ways
  8. Why is everyone agreeing that the 223 is JPX921 Forged in a smaller package? Are we reading same information.......just curious
  9. I'm using sim2 ti 5wd .....easier launch.....gotta try that head......giving a 2017 M1 a looksie
  10. Old lefty here also......what loft and head are you in? I've got a Speeder 661R that's very solid but always looking for better
  11. So is the 225 more the equivalent? That was the question asked by the gentleman above.......size wise , the 223 is really close to 921 forged.....are there material differences? Sure
  12. Pretty sure the 223 irons are the equivalent to JPX921 forged
  13. 1) Loxahatchee, FL 2) 8hdcp 3) Ping i210 4) Left handed 5) these look like a forged version of what I'm currently playing......so I give up nothing yet gain feel! 6) YES!
  14. I'm both low launch and spin with Speed just below yours....the prov1x is both higher launch and spin than most balls on the market.....just firm but that's only a perception thing......it also added distance to my game.....now the standard chrome soft is both high launch and spin but softer.....it doesn't spin as much but is adequate into the greens ........BXS is also a good ball for launch and spin.....the swing speed element is far overrated IMHO
  15. I'm getting this shaft in my i210s as we speak......similar situation to OP
  16. Got anymore rounds with these bad boys?
  17. Major issue I have with pxg is the .370 hosel.....yes you can shim a taper tipped shaft into but it becomes a pain rather than solid fit......if you know the perfect shaft , then you'd love pxg !
  18. Yeah @North Butte and I agreed the 21 X just didn't work as well....too high of spin numbers for me.
  19. I finally got the chance to try the CS ......exactly as you described; low driver spin but got better as I got closer to the green ! Not sure why there isn't much buzz
  20. Welcome to CLUBi210 and congrats on finally getting them.......these irons are such a unicorn Plenty of forgiveness in a tidy yet non-intimidating package!
  21. Not exactly answering your question but good friend of mine just built new T100 with mmt 125 TX.....he previously used original T100 with SF 125x......his opinion is that new T100 is far more cb like than original which was more AP2 like in terms of forgiveness.......
  22. What shaft did you have in the i210's and how would you compare the spin?
  23. Have you seen an increase in either speed or overall distance?
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