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  1. Prairie Landing tomorrow morning... never played PL, so I'm very excited to check it out based off what I've heard.
  2. No masks required at Village Links of GE either if vaccinated.
  3. Yep! We have a house in South Haven, so I've reminded the group of the time change several times!
  4. So I thought my buddy (pretty sure he did) told me the Wednesday Wagglers league was a men’s league… I was wrong. I joined as a single and my crew through August is 3 mid- 50’s women. Was actually a very relaxing round. They’re just out there to have a good time. They enjoy some drinks and the group does Fireball shots for birdies!
  5. Village Links of GE Wednesday Wagglers league starts this afternoon. My first time doing it, sounds fun so I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Village Links today. Conditions were great, pace of play was horrendous. We got off at 240pm and it was fine through 5, then it was bad news bears. 4some in front of us never had less than 2 holes open in front of them (we were a 4some as well) and they didn't give 2 sh*ts. Best part is that I played with 2 of the guys last year when I joined as a single, so I knew we were in trouble when I recognized them. I had a battle with the shanks (hopefully my one battle of the year) to be at +6 through 3 holes... finished with an ugly 84, but I'll take it.
  7. Are you sure your "stop" isn't just you doing your best Hideki Matsuyama impersonation??
  8. Village Links tomorrow morning... temps are looking like it'll be a chilly start, so just hoping for no frost delay. Hourly looks good as of now.
  9. Seven Bridges yesterday morning. Got lucky with the rain and got a full round in. Traps were wet and greens were slow early. But the course was in great overall shape and it was a solid morning.
  10. Village Links of GE this morning for my first round of the year. Gorgeous morning, and had the first tee time of the day at 630am. Course was in really good shape for this time of the year. Wasn't in any traps, but my buddy said they were nice and soft. Greens were definitely slow, but sped up a little as the day went on.
  11. Village Links in GE 9 hole course is open "temporarily"... they said another week or so until the course officially opens.
  12. Hey Everyone- I have some Titleist woods and a set of SM6 Vokey wedges for sale. All clubs are standard LLL and all clubs have Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips (Vokey's have the Vokey branded grips) and grips are all in good/great shape with plenty of life left. Prices are without shipping, but will ship your preferred method unless you're in the Chicago area and want to meet up. Pics represent the condition of the clubs and I'm happy to provide additional pics if needed. Woods: All woods will come with a head cover, but other than the 3 wood they may not be
  13. I know this isn't BST... but I have two brand new LEFTY Vokey tour chrome SM7 wedges. 56* & 60*. Decided I'm going to grab a trio of SM8 wedges so I'm going to return these. Will sell for what I paid: $130 for the 56* and $85 for the 60*. Just trying to avoid shipping costs... I'm in Glen Ellyn and willing to meet within 20min or so.
  14. They actually still did the surgery... they just had to take lots of extra precautions. My break was so bad that the doctor didn't want to delay fixing it... I'm now the lucky owner of a plate and 9 screws!
  15. I tested positive for Covid just over 2 weeks ago... was going in to have surgery to fix my broken clavicle (needless to say, my golf season ended earlier than expected) and tested positive pre-op. I never would have known I had it if i didn't have surgery. Never had a single symptom, but tested positive twice. I didn't pass it to my wife or little girl, so fingers crossed you have the same luck! Shows I would recommend: Peaky Blinders Ozark Queen's Gambit Billions The Letterman "My Next Guest Needs no Introduction" is decent... just depend
  16. Seems there is barely a single tee time most places before 2-3pm... with how packed the courses are it's unlikely you'd be able to finish a round teeing off at 2pm. I foresee lots of 5 hour + rounds Saturday if you're not in the first morning wave. Monday looks really nice, so will likely just try to get out first thing Monday morning.
  17. Definitely, I get it. Just wanted to get out, that's all! I know their job isn't easy and they're doing the best they can. I don't live far at all so it's not a big deal for me, but feel bad for anyone with a longer drive if they didn't get the email in time.
  18. 60-90min frost delay at Village Links this morning. Had the first tee time and was looking forward to flying through the course. They didn't send the email to notify golfers until around 630am (tee time was 7am) and I had already left for the course. Frustrating morning.
  19. Village Links this afternoon. Should be a nice fall-esque day. Hopefully it's not too wet from the Sunday/Monday rain.
  20. Village Links has a nice practice facility. Nothing crazy, but grass range, putting green, and short game area as well. They really don't have a true membership outside of the VIP card for non-residents where you pay $50 and get 20% off all green fees. They do have really good deals in the fall and spring where you pay $x amount and basically play as much as you want all fall or spring (I believe weekdays only) and if you don't play enough to get to the $x amount, you get the difference back as credits towards rounds. It's an easy drive from Oak Park, either straight west on Roosev
  21. Beeches is very solid course. I played there for the first time this past summer and really enjoyed it. It’s priced like the Ravines and Hawkshead, but I’m not quite sure it’s on the same level... definitely worth checking out though.
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