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  1. I agree with the ranking on each category above
  2. I somehow lost my battery cap cover for my tour V5 slope range finder. It fell out on the 18th hole and I looked and could not find it. Bushnell seems to be out of stock and I cannot find one on the bay or Amazon. Anyone have any ideas? Seems crazy to have an expensive piece of equipment like this rendered useless with no way to repair it. Any thoughts on what to do? BTW, I did open a case with Bushnell and they never responded.
  3. I agree to check the ego as the P are great. I originally went 5-G in the T and loved them. On a whim, I bought the 5&6 in the P and the 4 in the XP. This really improved my confidence all around. I have the elevate tours in them with the Tour AD shaft in the 4 iron I use as a driving iron. This is my favorite combo out there,
  4. mlf

    Boulder Country Club

    Anyone familiar with this course?
  5. I have one as well and I found it worked really well on the range and when I set it up outside to hit into the net. When I set it up inside, I had the exact same issue so I think it may have something to do with the lighting but not positive. For the winter I now leave it in the garage as it works there as well. Sort of strange and I cannot figure it out but, like you, I find the device is very accurate on the range and in the right conditions and for the price I use it when and where it will render the proper results.
  6. I have the Proto X and have loved it so far but, was looking to tinker. Is anyone playing this at 45.5? I have mine at 45 now and was wondering what it is like a little longer. I have always played my driver at 45.5 until this club and am trying to get a few more yards.
  7. I have really wanted to roll the Bat Attack but I was fit into the Mini Gunboat last year and have never putter better. I am often lured away by the latest Scotty Newport or most recently the Spider X. Nothing will knock the distance control and short putts are a breeze. This thing is not going anywhere. I thought it was PXG itself and bought the Blackjack a few months ago because I thought the look was better from what I saw online and returned it as I could not control it nearly as well as the mini gunboat. That putter just works for me as I am averaging less than 29 putts a round, a first ever for me. I hope I stop looking for something else because my scores are really good at the moment but that will require me to stop visiting the putter section of the forums. LOL
  8. When they came out they were $425 a club. I bought a set of 5-P, G for roughly $2,100 ($299 a club). I enjoyed a summer playing some of the best golf ever and I attribute it to being custom fit. If I bought the same set today it would save me $700. Now, I am not one to say that is an insignificant amount but it may be the first summer I have not tried to change clubs which costs me more than $700 annually anyway. I think they are a great set and if you were to be custom fit at Club Champion or another similar outfit, I would be near the same cost anyway. I think every manufacturer makes great equipment and do not want to say they are better than everything out there, what I will say is these being custom fit, helped me play better and therefore I am very happy and do not have regrets. I am a low single digit handicap for reference. Additionally, I now look to my PXG fitter as someone who gives me a checkup a few times a year and as a result, I ended up in more of their product and feel very confident with every club in the bag. Having the relationship is important. Yes, the commercials are annoying but the cost stigma is now gone and I like that everyone does not ask me how much I paid for the set anymore which is a plus lol.
  9. I love my mini Gunboat with a plumbers neck. I even bought the blackjack as I love playing around with equipment but quickly went back to mini gunboat. Great feel, easy on lag putts/distance control (which is most important to me). I highly recommend and if you get fit, you will love the result.
  10. mlf

    One Brand Bag 2021

    I went all PXG. Love the stuff and the pricing is better than anything.
  11. Does anyone have experience with Boulder Country Club? What are your thoughts on the experience there? I have a friend taking me as a guest and wanted to hear anyone thoughts. I searched and there is not much information out there on the club.
  12. I love them but that is mainly because I was custom fit and it is all part of the experience. I would guess if I was custom fit at Ping, TM or Titleist, I would love those as well. With the pricing where it is now, I do not think they can be beat. Case in point, I thought I would put an AD VR in my Proto head (which was my go to in the Ping G400) and I lost control and was shorter than the smoke yellow shaft I was fit into. I also tried to change balls and I noticed that I lost the spin I was accustomed to in the past. I am really good at assembling clubs, getting the lie, swing weights etc. spot on but that in itself, does not mean I am a fitter. Makes me think I missed out on much better golf over the years. Oh well, at least I am embracing it now. Fitting goes beyond the shaft, I will make sure I test everything down to the ball I will play from this point forward.
  13. mlf

    Softer golf balls

    I got back today from 2 rounds. I do not see that much of a difference but enjoyment of feeling like I pure every shot seems better to me with the softer ballI may have to give the Qatar tour a try. I am turning 50 soon and still swing the driver around 110 and 7 iron above 90 mph. When my shoulders, neck, etc start to hurt historically, I would switch to the softer ball and shoot lower scores. I guess I should just play what works opposed of trying to play what works for the pros as they truly play a different game.
  14. While I am aware of the research regarding harder balls going farther and spinning more, I seem to score better and have more confidence with a softer ball. Does anyone else experience this as well. I keep reading about leaving a lot on the table with the softer compression balls but I really only notice that off the tee (maybe 5-7 yards). But I am also at least 5 yards longer with the irons into the greens and am able to stop the ball without an issue. I am a single digit handicap and play exclusively private clubs with fast greens and do not see the issues with stopping the ball during play with the exception of the low skipping chip shot which is very unreliable for me anyway. With the softer ball, I feel like I flush the shot more often and that seems to build confidence throughout the round. Am I crazy? BTW, When I say softer balls, I am referring to the AVX, TP5 or BXS (not sure if I should try something else). The X versions, I have my worst rounds every time.
  15. Every time I look on eBay for PXG the prices are higher that if I buy direct from the website. It is crazy.
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