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  1. After joining the Golfwrx community, the reviews, community and especially caretakers of the site, absolutely live golf and its a wonderful community to be part of, and these irons would be a great testament to the community as a hole. Especially in my bag :-D
  2. I would suggest Medina as well. Blue Herron is a pretty great public course. The Metroparks has a great collection of public course, Manakiki, Sleepy Hollow down near Brecksville, Big Met in Fairview Park area. They all see a LOT of traffic. Fowlers Mill is still quite well kept. Thunderhill is awesome out in Madison Ohio but that can be a pretty tough course, not sure what you are looking for. Highland on Chagrin is pretty crappy, the city of Cleveland owns it and doesn't really put much into the course at all...it's really a shame because there is SO much land and in SUCH a nice area(literally 2-3 mins from Canterberry) Then again you have lots of extremely nice course in the private club range like Canterberry in Beachwood which my two buddies and I haven't played ever Goodluck
  3. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/85657-golfwrx-ggear/ Found it for you!
  4. Not sure where that all went, it was around prior to the redesign, haven't seen it since, goodluck.
  5. Definitely pretty disappointing...got all wet on the 12th as well.
  6. My list. Greg Norman-some of the stories I've heard about his pro-am work was nasty JB Holmes-Not a huge fan, can't put my finger on it specifically just doesn't mesh well with me Ian Poulter-Don't really like the drama side of golf as much as I like watching the sport
  7. Trust me it feels like this storm in Cleveland has lasted 2-3 weeks. The single digit temperature doesn't help it either Looks like fun though, can't wait to keep reading.
  8. Great Lakes Brewery's Christmas Ale, it's quite simply amazing. :drinks:
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