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  1. Up for sale today are some headcovers. The first item is a Seamus Moffat pattern headcover set - Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid. These have only been used on the course twice, so are in excellent condition. I just decided to stick with my leather headcovers. Price for the set is SOLD shipped via USPS. Next up is the The Buck Club Collective suede blade cover for 2021. Taken out of the bag briefly, but has never been gamed nor seen the course. Price is $50 shipped via USPS.
  2. How are you guys with the 6 way top setting your bag up? I am struggling with getting the right layout. I have my putter/hybrid/driver/3 wood divided 2/2 in the front two spots, but my 34 inch blade putter makes it really difficult to pull my hybrid out of the same slot without also pulling the putter out too. First world problems, I know. Anyone setting up their bag differently than that? I go 3/3 in the middle and 2/2 low with wedges, but thinking about moving the putter to one of the lower slots by itself to see if that fixes my issue.
  3. I did the email reminder as well. Slept on it last night, ordered first thing this morning. Excited to get it.
  4. This. I saw where they dropped a mint green lite yesterday (no thanks), but otherwise their selections are essentially non-existent.
  5. Up first today is a set of Seamus headcovers in the Moffat pattern (red/black/gray). These have been used on the course once. I would like to sell them as a pair unless I have buyers for both. The price for the pair is SOLD shipped via USPS in the continental U.S. Next up is a Titleist Club Life backpack. I used this on one roundtrip flight, otherwise it has been in my closet. The price for the backpack is SOLD shipped via USPS in the continental U.S.
  6. Not sure if you're interested in this style, but I have a red and black knit Rockettour shorty mini that I am about to put on the BST that has been used twice. PM me if interested.
  7. Vessel bags are the only others I am aware of, but I am following this thread as I am interested in this topic as well.
  8. I got my shipping notification as well, but it looks like just the label was created. It seems they are coming via USPS, so hopefully they arrive within the month.
  9. I've ordered multiple dozen without any issues. And never seen the problem described by the OP. Would love to see pics of the alleged issues as well.
  10. I think tj is correct. The canvas Linksmaster.
  11. Give moleskin a try. It’s cheap, and I’ve used it quite a few times on my heels when breaking in new shoes. It gives an extra layer of padding that really helps in the areas that get blisters. Good luck, been there many times with blisters and they suck!
  12. Got a fairway and driver tartan on the way.
  13. Tried it as well - not working for me either.
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