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  1. Thank you for this feedback, very helpful. I hadn’t heard they are working on an umbrella accessory so that is definitely good news. Also like to hear that the bag doesn’t twist. In past experiences with push carts this has been an issue.
  2. Anyone else own one of these that has any feedback (positive or negative)? I am between this and a Clicgear 4. I really like the looks of these, but before shelling out the coin want to make sure it is the right one. The lack of the umbrella holder is my primary concern, but that can potentially be overlooked by me. Thanks in advance.
  3. Up for sale is the Team Titleist yardage book from the release a couple weeks ago. This is new, only taken out of the package to look at and for pictures. Kind of purchased it on an impulse and decided I already have enough yardage book holders upon reflection. Basically just trying to get out of it what I have in it after shipping and PayPal fees. Price is $OLD shipped in the continental U.S. via USPS with tracking. Please reach out with any questions.
  4. It looks to be a similar material to the PrimeBlue CodeChaos released last year. I would recommend sending them back, as I have the CodeChaos and they are impossible to keep looking sharp even after washing. Plus, they aren't really waterproof as claimed. I basically use them for the range and the occasional afternoon walking round now. Really comfortable, but not all that practical for a golf shoe.
  5. I played SV and MD a week ago, and the greens were rolling pretty good. SV seemed to be a tad quicker, but both rolled well it seemed. Not the fastest you'll play, but I would say a tad quicker than Bandon speeds.
  6. Up for sale is a Titleist Players 4 Carbon stand bag in the Grey/Green/Black colorway. This bag has been used a total of 6 rounds - 2 cart, 2 push cart, and 2 carry - and includes the rain hood as shown. The price is $OLD shipped via the cheapest FedEx method possible (likely ground) in the continental U.S. Thanks for looking, and let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Interesting indeed. Got a link to the entire catalog by chance? Would love to see the remaining bag lineup.
  8. A buddy and I are planning a last-minute trip to Michigan the first week in August. We have Forest Dunes booked for 36 on Wednesday and 18 on Thursday before flying out Thursday night. We are looking to fill 18 on Monday and 36 on Tuesday. Flying into DTW landing at approximately 10 AM on Monday. Any suggestions? Arcadia is apparently booked up with zero tee times, as we had initially planned to play that. We are looking at the Bay Harbor/Boyne courses, but would also be open to anywhere else worth playing. Appreciate any insight from those in the know.
  9. I play AP3s and have for the last 3 seasons. I probably have 80 rounds on mine and the finish still looks good. I wouldn't say they are harsh, but as tatertot says you know when you mishit it. But they are still plenty forgiving. Flushed shots feel great though in my opinion.
  10. Up for sale today are some headcovers. The first item is a Seamus Moffat pattern headcover set - Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid. These have only been used on the course twice, so are in excellent condition. I just decided to stick with my leather headcovers. Price for the set is SOLD shipped via USPS. Next up is the The Buck Club Collective suede blade cover for 2021. Taken out of the bag briefly, but has never been gamed nor seen the course. Price is $50 shipped via USPS.
  11. How are you guys with the 6 way top setting your bag up? I am struggling with getting the right layout. I have my putter/hybrid/driver/3 wood divided 2/2 in the front two spots, but my 34 inch blade putter makes it really difficult to pull my hybrid out of the same slot without also pulling the putter out too. First world problems, I know. Anyone setting up their bag differently than that? I go 3/3 in the middle and 2/2 low with wedges, but thinking about moving the putter to one of the lower slots by itself to see if that fixes my issue.
  12. I did the email reminder as well. Slept on it last night, ordered first thing this morning. Excited to get it.
  13. This. I saw where they dropped a mint green lite yesterday (no thanks), but otherwise their selections are essentially non-existent.
  14. Up first today is a set of Seamus headcovers in the Moffat pattern (red/black/gray). These have been used on the course once. I would like to sell them as a pair unless I have buyers for both. The price for the pair is SOLD shipped via USPS in the continental U.S. Next up is a Titleist Club Life backpack. I used this on one roundtrip flight, otherwise it has been in my closet. The price for the backpack is SOLD shipped via USPS in the continental U.S.
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