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  1. You shouldn't have too much of a delay on the bag. From the time I ordered mine to when it arrived was about 12 days I believe. This was just a few weeks ago, so hopefully yours will take a similar amount of time. Haven't had mine on the course yet, but looking forward to getting out with it.
  2. Lots of feedback in this thread. As far as ordering, most of the folks I’ve seen have got them through private clubs (myself included), but it’s worth a shot seeing if they can order one. Good luck.
  3. Up for sale today are a couple of items. The first is a lot of 3 dozen 2019/2020 ProV1s. These are all high number (5-6-7-8) with no logo. All of the sleeves have a price tag/sticker on them as shown in the pictures, but they are obviously brand new balls. I am just switching to the X this season. Price is $OLD shipped via USPS Priority Mail in the continental US. Next up is a Titleist Jet Black Leather Alignment stick cover. This has been sitting in my storage room on top of my alignment sticks for a few months, but has never seen the course so is essenti
  4. I placed an order for one through my club this week. Looking forward to getting it in.
  5. I am seriously looking at getting a pair of these. How are they sizing wise compared to other FJs and brands in your experience? I typically wear a 11.5 in adidas and Nike, but size down to a 10.5 or 11 for FJ usually. I won't have a chance to try them on before ordering, so just curious. Thanks.
  6. I am intrigued by the Crossline 360 Genesis full cord. I haven't seen them available yet (the non-TaylorMade version) but look like they could be a good option from looking at the Lamkin website.
  7. I feel a ball deal is in the works with Jack Hamm on this one. POW!
  8. We use officefootballpool.com. It is more of an auction/daily fantasy type setup where you get a budget and set your lineup at the beginning of the tournament. The weekly winner is based upon the monetary payouts to the players. We used Yahoo for years, but I like this setup better. Agreed that the PGA Tour version is awful.
  9. I don't think it is fake, I just don't think the Titleist towels are very well made. I've had two rip out on me, including one used less than 10 times, and the terry material one I have is doing the same thing that yours is doing in the pictures with threads pulling out.
  10. Wow, that is a big cooler pocket. Thanks for the info.
  11. I appreciate the feedback from everyone and pics of the bag. So, how many beers fit in the cooler pocket? Not that I am loading it up every round, just more so curious trying to get a sense of the size of the pocket and how that impacts the pockets on either side of the cooler pocket. I really like the looks and top layout of the bag, the pocket layout is my only real reservation at this point.
  12. The bag looks great. What do you think of the pocket layout?
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