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  1. I play MX-23s. A few months ago, I thought I'd experiment and find a good upgrade. I bought the 6 or 7 irons for JPX EZs (both years), G25s, i25s, MP-53s, and a few more. The best were the JPX EZs, forged, either year, but I kept going back to the MX-23s because the top line is narrower and cleaner. Question: Ever hit a Ping Eye 2 iron pure? Doesn't get much better than that. By today's standards, they are more blade-like than GI (except for the offset and toes), but they are always in my mind as my go-to backup set. After a few swings, I don't even notice the offset. Why d
  2. Not true at all. All the data I've read is confusing and contradictory, as well as reliant on physical skills only few possess. I've been playing golf for 60 years, and I've assimilated a set that works for me. Plus, I'm on a fixed income. If you'd like to provide me a set, I'll be happy to try them out--I'm very curious, as we all are. Thanks for sharing your story.
  3. Don't you think if one-length irons were so much better, more/all pros would be using them in a heartbeat? Different often feels better. For a while. If I'm in a putting slump, change the putter or change the ball or change my hat or change my shoes. It works. For a while. But we all know it isn't the equipment, it's the swing, the mind. Right? I've hit the one-length middle irons and they feel great, but the results were no better than my regular set for me. Still, the chipping and half-shot wedge would seem to be on a learning curve, but maybe short one. I don't know. I'm to
  4. I can in no way play any Titleist golf ball. Their scripted logo always looks crooked to my eye and I cannot ever seem to get the ball lined up correctly. I end up full of doubts. I know they're great balls, but so are Snell (a script I can handle, for some reason).
  5. Probably did. There was a time where their product was viewed as inferior. Now they’ve gone retail with gimmicks, the Odyssey brand, and dragging the corpse of the Ben Hogan company out for public humiliation before usurping the sacred Apex name for GI irons. I don’t hate Callaway or commercialism, but they just seem to be playing consumers rather than serving them. Or maybe I am just a grouch.
  6. I'm a longtime Ping guy, had many sets, never had anything happen. However, I will say, looking at the used equipment on the bay, I see a lot of missing Custom Tuning Ports. When Callaway came out with "Jailbreak" that jumped the shark for me. Bad enough the Ben Hogan line was cheapened, but the advertising jargon they and others want us to swallow is just silly, and Callaway has the sleaziest (and smartest) writers, along with new models every year that miraculously keep getting better and better, but they never admit that made a mistake the year before. (All brands do that).
  7. Tim Schoch


    Had an online coach tell me to turn more on the backswing and flatten my swing just a little, and the improvement was awesome. Seems like everything is temporary though. Over the pandemic summer, I bought then sold probably 6 sets of irons. Wasn't in love with any of them (AP 1 and 2s, IE1, Ping Anser forged, few others). Suddenly I found myself playing my old Eye 2s with V grooves from 1983. Striping them. The lofts are weak and it is was just very weird pulling a 9-iron for a 100-yard shot. Couldn't shake a doubtful feeling. So I just bought a set of MX-23s in great condition
  8. I still play the Eye 2s, 1983 V-grooves. I use the Eye 2 + SW (53 degrees) as a gap wedge. SW (57.7 degrees) rocks, so does the LW (61 degrees), if you're used to offset. I also have a few forged Mizuno wedges that have incredibly soft feel. Lures you in. Love those too.
  9. I had a similar experience with clubs having more offset. Drove me nuts. I had to find a swing that worked, and what I found was a slow-motion pitch. I built that little swing up to a full, fast swing and practice it every day dozens of times. I *think* I had gotten into the habit of (a) swinging too hard and (b) exaggerating my OTT. The key to my new swing is to start the weight shift just before I reach the top of my (new shorter) backswing and turning my lower body before the upper. At least that's what it feels like
  10. Yeah, the method ain't perfect, but it is a good way to get back to yourself and your own rhythm. I've noticed that about Julian as well, Ramon. He used to golf professionally with a really strong swing and I guess it comes out now and then. Ever see Brian Sparks' swing? He claims to hit it 250 at 68 years old with that swing. Regardless, I use some of the method most of the time, and I find it a nice and relaxing approach before Iaunch into my infamous flail.
  11. Also the materials the old putters were made from are very soft. I may I have a few others. If so, I'll send you pics.
  12. I have 9-ft garage ceiling and do just fine with irons. Driver is too long. The R-Motion numbers IMO are not accurate to RL, but if I can be consistent within the R-Motion world, I'll be consistent on a real course. I hope.
  13. You found the wrong item. Here: https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/accessories/training-aids/swing-trainers/rapsodo-golf-r-motion-the-golf-club-simulator-and-swing-analyzer/
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