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  1. Putting will soon be revolutionized by the What the Hell Method, which is putting with your eyes closed. Why watch?
  2. Works for some, not for others. Maybe it has to do with dominant eye. I'm used to throwing (baseball, etc) while looking at the hole/glove, not the line. For instance, if I'm pitching a curve ball that breaks right to left into the glove, I will stare at the glove but my peripheral vision is taking in the starting point of the curve ball. Glove for distance and speed, target point halfway to the target. Another example. A trashcan up against a wall. You want to toss a ball of paper in it from a distance. You look at the trashcan if you're going to swish it into the can. However, if you're going to bounce the ball of paper off the wall first, so it hits then drops into the can, where do you look? Without even thinking about it, I look at both. If I think, I go offline. Why not look at the hole for chip shots? Ever try it? It works. I think you can teach yourself this technique and have it work. Seems like it would be good for someone whose vision won't allow them to see a distant target clearly. I think partly, as least for me, it has to do with where my mind is looking. If I look down when I putt, my mind is visualizing the line and hole or spot I'm aiming for along the line. If I look at the hole, my mind is visualizing my backswing and strike point. So maybe it doesn't matter where you look. Whatever works consistently in the long term is what I want to stick with.
  3. 2-iron, V-grooves, circa 1982. 1-iron in the mail to me. L-wedge needed to complete the set.
  4. My mind can't handle looking at the hole, mainly because my mind is simultaneously telling me to look at the line, while at the same time whispering "Are you sure you practiced that backswing enough?" Here's another question: If you're looking at the hole when you putt, do you aim the line on the ball at your target, even though you don't intend to look at it?
  5. I played MX-23s for the past year. Impact is great, mishits hit back, but the distance is a bit short, kind of a dead drop. I thought it was me, so I kept practicing and playing. Soon contact began to suffer, which is a distance killer. So I hear a voice over in the corner and there was a 4-iron (actually a 5-iron today) giving me the eye from among his fellow irons. It's my set of 1983 Ping Eye 2 V-grooves. You can guess the rest. Except these irons are +3/4", which nearly negates the difference in loft with the MX-23s. Distance is back, dispersion is down, ego is in the refrigerator cooling off. So I'm happily striping the Eye 2s, not looking back. I can't afford a new set, so I'm comfortable with what I have. I played with a young guy the other day who had never seen a set of Eye 2s. He put one on the ground and made a vomiting sound and gave it back. Different strokes...
  6. Many players have "misaligned" palms--weak left hand, strong right, etc. If your swing is under control and consistent, why change? If in doubt, binge on YouTube vids or ask a few teaching professionals (note: opinions among professionals can differ).
  7. We like the Woodstock Cafe, tables out back. Don't know much about the rest of the town, except it was named after a rock concert or a cute yellow bird.
  8. We often go up to grab lunch in Woodstock. Nice drive up Route 11. I use the VSGA VIP card (an e-golf club), so I can play on any course that participates. I play a lot at Ingleside (just changed owners, big improvements), Ironwood, Gypsy Hill (I live 1 mile from the park), Heritage Oaks, Swannanoa, Waynesboro CC (which was sold and changed its name, which I forget right now). Lots of nice courses around--especially now that I'm playing the senior tees Up until this year, I played strictly the whites, shooting 84-87. I switched to the senior tees about a month ago and shot 79. Love them short approach shots. I've only been in VA 6 years. Born in and schooled in New Jersey. Thanks for reaching out.
  9. Thought one or two of you might enjoy a few articles written about happenings in the golf world from 12-13 years ago. I wrote these for GolfWRX and had a blast doing them. https://www.golfwrx.com/author/tim_schoch/
  10. My simple request is for a PING EYE 2 Lob Wedge, Pat. Pending, upside down Karsten line. Any questions, I'll send pix. Thank you!
  11. My Ping Eye 2 Pat Pending V-groove set (1983) came with NZ+ shafts, which are the precurser to ZZ Lite. I don't know if they are stiffer or not, but they feel great and hit it high and long.
  12. The 2 is the mold number. The Patent Pend is on 2 models: Eye 2 V-groove of first Eye 2 1982-4 with upside down Karsten line, and the Eye 2 Lite, with a rightside-up Karsten line. SW loft was 57.7. Love 'em.
  13. I just want to say thanks to you all for the kind and helpful replies. My problem is that I'm too damn competitive, I think. Need to back off a bit. I'll check out the suggestions.
  14. I felt the same about Titleist, until I saw the AP1 and AP2 irons. Didn't care for either of them. AP1 was just too clicky and harsh, AP2s had inconsistent carry for me. Neither felt as good to me as a flushed EYE 2, which I am considering going back to and let the golf gods do what they may
  15. Yeah, I'd love to get fitted and buy new sticks, but a fixed income doesn't allow such luxuries. So I go into my garage and test 10-15 golf balls, read the test results on Not allowed because of spam, all with budget in mind. I play the Snell MTB-X. Long and straight with spin to the greens. No complaints. I did try graphite shafts and the ball was a bit unpredictable. They were R flex, though, and came with the set, which I sold (MP-53s). Hot Metals look great on paper and in reviews, but the looks...eesh. Lately, I'm checking out Srixon and Ping i25s. I buy and sell 6-irons to test, so I don't lose any money. Thanks for your input!!
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