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  1. It was LA County SO performing the on-site investigation, I don’t know if LAPD is involved.
  2. I agree completely, they absorbed a lot of energy and kept it out of the passenger compartment. That makes me think he likely wasn't belted to suffer multiple leg fractures.
  3. Another vague observation, but the vehicle looks pretty intact, the front and rear are crunched pretty good, but the passenger compartment looks like it held up well as it should have. That makes me think that he likely wasn't belted to receive multiple leg fractures. Just guessing...
  4. Just some observations from 33 years of responding to accidents. The car hit a median, went through the median and took out a fairly large sign. Then it went several hundred feet in the opposite direction of a divided road, went off the road and into the vegetation area, where it rolled unknown times. From the aerial footage, there was no obvious skid marks to show hard braking. Looks like he was hauling a** and made little to no actions to control or slow the vehicle. Sad.
  5. I've seen this a few times in this thread, but I'm confused. Ball in the water is a lateral and 1-stroke penalty. Why would someone strike a moving ball, incurring a 2-stroke penalty to avoid a 1-stroke penalty?
  6. I can tell you on Friday in same city and a guy took out a 40ft royal palm ,smashed his Durango but the cops denied seeing him behind the wheel....they arrived before we did and he was in his seat , behind the wheel when we arrived.....so don't tell me favors aren't granted DEPENDING ON WHO YOU KNOW OR are.... So the cops got there before you did and he was behind the seat. So you know he wasn't out of the car when the police arrived and was allowed to sit back in the car while they investigated the crash. Were there witnesses placing him behind the wheel. Did you talk to the driver and observed he was intoxicated? Your assuming a lot bud. Do favors happen? Of course. It's difficult to do a favor for DUI when he/she is involved in a crash. Work for local fire Dept....we extricated driver from Durango AFTER cops said he was trapped ! 3 witnesses followed him and collaborated our findings of him not getting from behind the wheel .....but of course YOU were there and can rain on my story....do tell.....the internet makes .... nevermind Hey there Capt Swoosh, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be on the internet disclosing evidentiary details of an active criminal case. If you were one of my folks, we would be having one of those "You got a minute?" moments.
  7. As someone who lives in the desert and has hit about every imaginable scramble shot from the desert, I cannot tell you how tough that cactus shot was. I would try the second shot out of the desert marigold (wouldn't have gotten up-n-down in a hundred tries), but that first shot out of the cholla was insane. In my close to sixty years of living with cacti, I've been poked more times that I can remember. No way I even try that shot. Ever.
  8. Matt, nice report. With the pink slacks, are you sure you didn't go to the Air Force Academy and not the USNA? (USN, 74-79). I've played a couple of the nicer courses on the West Coast, including Torrey Pines North and South and Edgewood in Tahoe, but Bethpage is one of my "bucket list" courses. Thanks for the story.
  9. The thing about playing in scrambles for me is that it really throws off my timing and pace. They are fun to play, but they take about 5-6 hours to play and I find myself just trying to kill every shot. I'm 6'1'', and about 260, fairly strong. In stroke play, I really try to tone down my tempo and not crush every shot. In scrambles, someone is usually safe on the fariway, so I have a tendency to try to smash everything. That usually doesn't work out too well.
  10. Good luck with the surgery. I had the micro fracture surgery on my right knee about three years ago. I had 5 previous surgeries on the same knee over the last 13-14 years, due to a football injury. 1 ACL reconstruction, and 4 meniscus clean-outs. I'm a fireman and I beat up my knees and my body pretty good. I had probably not taken a step in a few years without some measure of pain. I was late 40s when I had the micro fracture and it was, by far, the best thing I did. I have been pain free for 3 years, and I play golf without discomfort or pain (besides the pain of watching my ball flight). The right knee is my driving knee, so I put a lot of push into it when swinging. You will be completely non-weight bearing for about 6 weeks, and light weight bearing for another 2 weeks. Of course, every doctor may have differences in the rehab routine. The rehab is critical. To this day, I can tell when I haven't been working out regularly, as my knee feels a little weak. If I get back into the gym and do some light-moderate leg presses and lower body cardio, the knee feels much better. I know the micro fracture is a temporary fix, and ultimately, I'm in line for a knee replacement. The micro fracture is a good method to postpone the replacement for a few years. Every year, the European medical community is doing more exciting things with joint replacements, so every year you can delay the replacement, you are ahead. Good luck again.
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