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  1. I already play the apex mb 2018. In raw. These newer ones are really starting to look awesome with the in hands pics. Thanks
  2. Richard, still swinging the AMP CELL PROS, and not the REVS. I guess he likes that TI X100 shaft. I notice that his Amp Cell pros have a tungsten plug in the toe, unlike the off the shelf offering. Great Stuff, and thanks. Pictures from the all Tour and College events is my favorite part of WRX.
  3. good to see some action on this thread.
  4. I only have experience with New Level, I had a set with 4 iron was 902 and 5-PW was 623M. They really did feel amazing. I really have no complaints about the clubs at all. Looked very confident over the ball. A great players set.
  5. THOSE LOOK SO CLEAN. Did you keep them in a time capsule or something?
  6. Well the only 1 iron that have is a Mizuno Tzoid pro, and I do really like the feel and play of the Mizuno Tzoid pro line. still put a Tzoid Pro II in the bag sometimes.
  7. Picked up a new flat stick I always wanted, and a callaway 3 iron head to put with my Apex MB raw set. I searched for a 2&3 to match but this will be the next best thing i suppose.
  8. @Nixhex524 I am on the same boat. must resist.
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