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  1. It’s funny I can’t get used to playing these adjustable clubs. Good scoop by you
  2. Love seeing the KFT pics and bags with players not so commonly known. Thankyou. a lot of great follows on Insta
  3. L4V X WHAT A STAR. I still have two of these drivers. so loud and unapologetic. GLWS
  4. I have a set of MP20 mb's 5-pw and my 4 iron is the HMB. I hate it. wish i had the MB 4 iron instead. The HMB feels like junk i think personally after playing true MB's
  5. Sorry I forgot this was for stand bags. Get this no legs SH*** out of here. an old school Ping L8 best stand ever.
  6. Cool bag and can I ask what putter that is?
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