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  1. Looking to sell or trade this Odyssey PT #9. Seems to be between 33-34 inches. I guess I need to stick to Anser style putters. Asking $100 that includes shipping.
  2. oh man i wish the i210's had any other shaft but KBS. I cannot get used to those.. if you ever just want to sell the heads i would be interested.
  3. I have yet to try any of the hollow body offerings. I am tempted to try the new Apex hollow body. but the Modus shafts are certainly easier I feel to get up than the classis True Tempers. My problem is that I really like the Modus 120 in my longer irons. and the conventions 130 gram true tempers in my 8-PW. I am interested to hear anyone who has hit the i500s. I think they look good.
  4. I cleaned it more after these pics. It looks awesome. If it doesn’t make every putt from 6ft and in this weekend I’ll keep you in mind.
  5. Awesome. Are you using all three. Or selling any?
  6. I know it’s a blade iron thread. But look at this beauty. Brand new out of the box with a big boy X100 shaft. Time to get the lumber out this summer.
  7. These things did not effect me when I played X100 MP29’s in highschool
  8. Yes, my first set of lighter shafts are 120 S400 True tempers on my other set is apex MB. I put prosoft inserts down each shaft and it really made a difference. I still have that set and they may be the perfect match between, the modus which spin toon much and S300 tried and true. Just getting too harsh for my range sessions
  9. I have played the front nine with MP20 MB’s then the back nine with Apex MB’s. The scores usually end the same around level par these days. But I remember which club was easier for some shots. s300’s in MP’s. Modus 120 x in Apex. the scoring irons (8,9,P) are much easier to control with the S300’s , longer irons (7,6,5,4)are easier to hit with the modus. I really need to stick with one set for entire year. Probably the apex with modus setup. The lighter shafts are easier on my joints these days. Approaching 39 this year.
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