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  1. While I appreciate that there are a litany of people that like the product, I am astounded at TaylorMade's knack for producing unattractive golf clubs. I am sure that it will be a great driver for some, but wow that is not a good looking club; at least to my eye.
  2. Just got the M5 HT Platinum Series (center shaft). Nothing but positive feedback on it so far.
  3. Other than PXG, I have not really put a permanent ban on anything. Don't care for PXG - any of it. I can't get past the boisterous garbage. I realize the guy was successful, but goodness the advertisements are awful. Not to mention the busy irons with all the screws. Having said that I realize that many others like them, and to each their own.
  4. I’ll take the whole club. Sending message.
  5. I am interested in hearing from folks who have played the GD Tour AD DI in their driver and moved onto something else. I love the AD DI in my fairway woods, but not over the moon about the driver.
  6. Titleist T200 irons. Never really played much Titleist except the ball. I like them.
  7. The Titleist T200s I got were from my local shop. Hence my trades. The PING i210s I ordered in September would not have made in until late January/early February. I am not that patient.
  8. I had always been a PING player - always. I got frustrated with weight times, and traded the motherload of clubs I had and got the T200s with AMT black shafts. Frankly, I could not be happier. I find the feel to be great; maybe that is a result of coming from PING. I am able to flight them as I wish, and with regard to on course playability, have been very happy. I have enjoyed the workability, and the irons banged around in my bag and had no damage. Really happy with these.
  9. I was playing the Bridgestone Tour BX, but just went back to the Titleist ProV1x.
  10. You, sir, have lived my dream. That is beyond awesome. Many congrats on your new flatstick!
  11. Thanks all. The club is the correct length. I’ll be buying a new shaft.
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