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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I still appreciate Srixon shipping the rest of the irons instead of holding them up for one club.
  2. Just wanted to add to my earlier review.. after using my 58* V grind for a few months I decided to place an order for a matching 54* today. Edel really hit a home run with these wedges.
  3. Im waiting on my AW too, was told it was on back order and would be in sometime in the next week or so.
  4. Discount Dan’s.. they quoted me 2-3 weeks but it showed up in less than a week…
  5. Just to update the thread..I placed an order on Tuesday October 6th for a split set of Zx5 5-7 and Zx7 8-AW with recoil shafts.. to my surprise they arrived this morning. The AW was missing (on back order) but rest of the set arrived as ordered. I couldn’t believe how quick they got here.
  6. NICE!! I ordered a split set of Zx5/Zx7 with Recoil 95 last Wednesday and was told 2-3 weeks. Hoping they arrive faster since I’m currently ironless…
  7. I’m looking for a 54* wedge with a Recoil 110 F4 shaft… need it to play standard length, at least d4 swing weight, and need it bent 2* flat… hoping there’s a club builder on here that has something they can build or maybe get lucky and someone have one…either way shoot me a PM with what you’ve got..
  8. I’ve got 2 items to move today. Currently not looking for any trades…PM with any questions or offers 1. Ping g425 2 hybrid. 17*, PX Evenflow 85 6.0 shaft. Stock length. Headcover included. This was bought new and has been hit less than 20 times…… Price dropped to $OLD obo Paypaled and shipped conus 2. Ping g425 Irons 5- PW, UW, SW.. orange dot, power spec’d, Modus 105x (soft stepped once), Winn dri tac midsize grip… bought new in April, have seen less than 20 rounds. I’m coming off 2 wrist surgeries and an elbow surgery and as much as I hate to I need to go back to graphite….. let’s say Price Dropped to $OLD obo paypaled and shipped conus on these..
  9. I love my 58* V grind around the green. There isn’t a shot I can’t play with it.
  10. If you don’t know what bounce works for you I definitely think you could benefit from a fitting. I already knew I loved the V grind so it was an obvious choice for me. If there’s not a fitter close I’d reach out to Edel and see which bounces most closely match the Vokey F and M grinds.
  11. yes they are forged from carbon steel and there is some kind of milling on the face.
  12. I was shocked at how much of a difference it made. If the wedge had been designed with just the weight in the toe I’d have hated it as it didn’t fit me at all. Moving to it the heal it’s literally became my favorite wedge I’ve ever played.
  13. First off, huge thank you to GolfWRX and Edel for allowing members to test this wedge. Background A quick little background on me... Im a former college player that was self taught. While I was playing everyday and my timing was good I was able to maintain a plus handicap. Once work/life caught up with me I realized I needed a more consistent swing, and started down the rabbit hole of lessons. That took my game on a downhill spiral of shanks and driver yips, thankfully I was blessed with a good short game that somehow kept my handicap in the single digits. Fast forward to 2019 I had what was my first of 2 wrist surgeries to repair nerve/cyst issues. When I came back from that I made the decision to find a top instructor and commit to a swing change. Enter Dan Carraher aka @iteachgolf .. Not only did I make the decision to completely rework my swing, but I decided to go all in on Dan's short game method as well, changing my approach to it and switching to a Vokey with the V grind he uses. In 2020 I had my 2nd surgery to repair my ulnar nerve, rushed back from the surgery and re-injured myself, and thinking I was done I sold all my clubs..... long story short this February I realized the numbness was gone, so I started hitting balls again, after 2 months it hadn't returned so I decided to pick it back up. For some reason I decided to give the Ping Glide 3.0's a try and ordered a 58* TS grind. The Giveaway Why I entered the giveaway.... Even though my short game was fine with the Glide, and my playing partners would have told you that club was a strength in my bag, I never had full confidence in it. For whatever reason the turf interaction just always made me feel like the club was going to get stuck in the ground. As soon as I saw this giveaway I checked Edel's site to see if they were offering their V grind in this wedge, and was thrilled when they were, so I entered immediately. The Edel SMS Wedge As you can probably guess I was ecstatic when I won this giveaway. Unfortunately the club arrived during one of the weeks when it rained about everyday, so I "patiently" waited for a stretch of good weather to go begin testing....... I first tested the wedge just as it arrived, with the weight in the toe. I got to the course about an hour before our tee time to hit some hit pitches and chips, and immediately noticed how the ball seemed to jump off the club much faster than I was used to. It also seemed to come out much lower than my expected windows. Thinking maybe it was just an off day I switched back to my Glide, but everything was normal again. A little disappointed I decided to not use it during the round and wait for a day where I could do some more testing. Anxious to test the wedge again, I cleared a couple hours the next day to take it to the range/practice green to put it through some testing. Now, for full disclosure, I NEVER use my 58* from anywhere other than around the green...but I still wanted to see how this club reacted with the weights on full swings, so I started again with the weight in the toe. I hit 10-15 balls, and again noticed the trajectory was lower than my expected window (much lower than my 54*) and my distance control was very erratic. Lots of what I would call low missiles, which is great with a driving iron, not so much with a wedge. Thinking maybe this wedge wouldn't be what I expected, I moved the weight to the heal... thats when the club transformed...First ball came out just as I expected, second ball did the same, again the third... Hit 10 balls or so and switched to the Glide. After a few shots with it I started rotating the Glide and the SMS Edel to test more, to my surprise Edel was MUCH more consistent, to the point it made me re-consider my strategy of the 58* as only a greenside club. It was then time to move onto the greenside testing. Now remember, when I first tested the Edel the weight was in the toe and I noticed how much faster and lower the ball was coming off the face? Somehow with the weight in the heal that completely changed. The ball was coming out in my expected windows and it didn't feel like it was jumping off nearly as quickly as before, allowing me to control my landing spots much easier. Now, for full disclosure the greens had been top dressed, so I wasn't concerned about spin initially as much as I was hitting my landing areas and mainly the turf interaction between the 2 wedges. Turf interaction shined with the Edel, regardless of what shot I was playing. Now, in fairness to the Glide, the Edel V grind is much more similar to the Vokey V grind I had become accustomed to, but for me there wasn't a comparison between the turf interaction of the 2 clubs, the Edel clearly won, and because of that I was more confident in my short game. Since the course had been top dressed and I couldn't test spin I decided to carry both wedges for a while and test during rounds on good greens before I made the switch. What I noticed was that on the course since I was comfortable with the turf interaction, I kept pulling the Edel and leaving the Glide in the bag. As I grew more comfortable with it, there really wasn't one thing I could point to the Glide doing better than the Edel. Feel wise the Edel blows it away, turf interaction - Edel.. The Edel wins for me with Spin, but I believe that may have to do with my confidence to attack the ball knowing the club won't dig. Out of the bunkers the V Grind on the Edel shines. ...... The major difference for me though was on full and 3/4 swings. With the weight in the heal the club now performs to the point I have started hitting more shots with it from the 50-80 yard range. Ive become more accurate with it than I was the 54* from that range. In closing the Edel is firmly in my bag and the Glide has been removed ..I would recommend anyone in search of new wedges to give Edel a shot. The moveable weights in the SMS wedges really do work as advertised, and their grinds, feel and spin are as good as anything on the market.
  14. In short yes, I have absolutely noticed a difference in the ease at squaring the face in the Seemore putters that are face balanced at impact. It feels like they just want to return to square and all you have to do is not prevent it from happening.
  15. I’ve had the same issue recently, happened in back to back rounds. First one I was -2 standing on the 14th tee and ended +3. That was completely on me. Pour course management lead to 2 doubles and I ended with a bogey on 18 just because I had lost interest mentally and was ready for it to be done…. 2nd round I was -1 standing on 16 tee and finished with 3 straight bogeys where I really only hit one bad shot. Tee shot on 16 i thought was perfect, but the fairways were like concrete and it just ran much further than normal into trouble.. punched out and made a bogey. 17 was a long par 3, hit it to the center of the green and 3 putted. 18 I pulled the tee shot into a hazard and saved bogey from there. I really didn’t even consider tiredness or dehydration being the cause of the collapse until a couple rounds later when I was again playing well, but this time was with a close friend who I play with often, after my tee shot on 14 he commented that I looked exhausted. Looking back those 2 rounds where I fell apart I didn’t have a snack at the turn and only drank one bottle of water all day. I’ve got to put more of a focus into staying hydrated before I get thirsty and keeping nutrients in my body and I think that will coincide with better decisions and execution down the stretch. If you can get to 14 or 16 under par, you can finish strong if you allow yourself to.
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