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  1. First off I love this place and appreciate the website greatly. However, I don't think it would be tough to do what I've thought for a long time would make the classifieds much better and more intuitive place to post and search on. 1) Every item and pictures of it is a file. Say I am adding a Sim Driver. When creating the file it would ask something as simple as the following from a pull down menu A) Type: (Driver, fairway, iron(s), wedge, putter, Bag, balls, accessory, etc) DRIVER B) Brand: (Taylor Made, Titliest, Cobra, other, etc) TAYLOR MADE C) Dexterity: (Right or Left) RIGHT D) Flex: (Ladies, Senior, Reg, Stiff, X) STIFF E) Keyword: HZRDUS You would store these files under you profile and maybe charge a fee if over a certain number of items. When you create an ad you just copy the files to the ad and post. You could still limit the times an item could be posted to an ad to a month or whatever but they would still exist in the "system" and could be edited or deleted at anytime. Say you want to purchase an item from a guy that is accepting trades. You could PM him and say hey check my profile and see if there is anything that interests you. If I am wanting to purchase a cobra driver I could filter the ad's that only have cobra drivers.
  2. I have a new in plastic Cobra Radspeed 9 deg head with headcover. I bought this and before I hit it tried a friends SZ and realized I need a 10.5 like my F9. I would most prefer to trade this for a 10.5 Radspeed Head. It has a shaft adapter in it but if possible I’d like to keep as I have a shaft I’m wanting to try. I might also consider a 9 or 10.5 XB head of the deal is right but my preference is a 10.5 Radspeed. I am not well versed on which are matte and which are gloss but I much prefer a matte head. TRADED I might also consider a TSI3 or something else if the offer is right. PM me with any offers or questions.
  3. I only had one come loose once. My best friend broke 3 of them. He is a plus 4 and hits it hard but still nothing like BD. And by broke I mean the plastic shattered. The pic I saw online of BD's cover looked different but I couldn't tell for sure as it wasn't a very good pic.
  4. I wonder what they did to keep the spaceport cover from exploding? I am guessing they CNC Machined one..
  5. That would look sick with a Tour-AD BB in it! Beautiful club! Good luck with sale.
  6. I buy the MG gloves 10-12 at a time. I mostly buy the Dynagrip Elite but buy a few of the Techgrips for the damp/humid days. I can't see myself going to another grip. Sign up for their email and you will get discount offers.
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