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  1. I only had one come loose once. My best friend broke 3 of them. He is a plus 4 and hits it hard but still nothing like BD. And by broke I mean the plastic shattered. The pic I saw online of BD's cover looked different but I couldn't tell for sure as it wasn't a very good pic.
  2. I wonder what they did to keep the spaceport cover from exploding? I am guessing they CNC Machined one..
  3. That would look sick with a Tour-AD BB in it! Beautiful club! Good luck with sale.
  4. I buy the MG gloves 10-12 at a time. I mostly buy the Dynagrip Elite but buy a few of the Techgrips for the damp/humid days. I can't see myself going to another grip. Sign up for their email and you will get discount offers.
  5. This is the cheapest I’ve seen one of these in this condition. plus free shaft and grip!
  6. Ahh 10-4... About a month ago I did some research and was going to order one. A friend said he had one I could have (a 3.0) but he can't find it now so I got tired of waiting and just got one to order and went to ebay first and saw the high prices then saw sold out everywhere. I've not been on the net much lately is it because some courses are going walking only or something like that or is the plant shut down?
  7. I am wanting to start walking again and my research shows the 4.0 being one of the best you can buy. It seems on eBay these are going for over $400 when they are $259 new on the website. Are these just sold out everywhere and it is a supply and demand deal or is something else going on?
  8. Easy. Yamaha Drive2 quietech. I’ve owned numerous carts of most brands or used my friends and nothing comes close to this cart. It’s not much louder than an electric and is fantastic in every way. Check around on pricing I saved over $2,000 by driving a little. If you for some reason can’t get or don’t want a Yamaha go club car. I’d strongly advise against EZGO. Every one I’ve owned and every one my friends have owned have had troubles. They have neat features but just aren’t that well built.
  9. I have done a decent amount of it and lots and lots of research. As mentioned above you have to have a place for the water to exit that is lower than there you want to get water out of. What drain tile does is essentially lower the water table getting rid of subsurface moisture. It is important to have good surface drainage (standing water) and subsurface drainage (wet/muddy areas) What I like to do is have collection areas for surface water to drain into a basin and have the tile run into that to remove excess subsurface moisture then all exit the basin to a ditch/creek to get it off the cour
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