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  1. Does the TW747 head come with the specialized wrench by any chance? If not, do you know where one could be purchased? Didnt see one on eBay. Thanks!
  2. When will these be released??? I am drooling over here! They're already available in Japan. You can buy a set on Rakuten for less than here, even with the shipping, they're usually much cheaper. There are several great Japanese vendors on that platform. I'm seeing sets (5-PW) with Dynamic Gold for $750.. That's a good deal considering that JDM Dynamic Gold shafts are equivalent to the DG Tour Issue here. The JDM OEM's insist on shafts with a higher degree of consistency with weight and flex profiles than ours do. Tried these at a store in Japan, along with the Honma 737s and 747s. To me the Bridgestones felt the best of those and are making it hard not to buy. Really want to try the mizuno 919 tours first though, but I don't think they have them here for sale in stores so I may have to wait a while...
  3. Knowing people's blood types is a really common thing in Japan. (Don't have experience living in other countries in the region, so can't comment about them.). Think of it like when knowing people's constellations was a big thing in the U.S. People like to use blood types to imply that someone will have a certain type of personality or certain characteristics, and it often comes up in conversations, but like horoscopes most people don't take it seriously.
  4. Sorry wasn't home. Wanted to confirm. They are true temper wedge flex shafts.
  5. Bridgestone WC wedge 58 leftLooking to sell/trade a bunch of my golf stuff. Mostly just bored and want to try some new things. Feel free to PM me with any trade offers but I am mostly looking for the following in stiff flex: Adams Irons (A12 pros, Pro Gold, CB1s, MBs, etc), Callaway X-Forged, Titleist AP-2s, Taylormade R9s Adams recent model drivers, 3 Woods, and 2/3 hybrids Adams CB2s SOLD Bridgestone J36 Blades. SOLD Mizuno MP-T10s 52, 56, 60. SOLD Taylormade Ghost 880. 34 inches. SOLD Bridgestone West Coast Wedge. Good Condition. Later model with milled face. $35 shipped. It is NOT goldish. For some reason the picture just looked that way. Bought it from someone who had a sharpro grip on it that feels smaller than normal but don't know anything about it.
  6. Adams Fast 10 3 wood w/matrix shaftFirst up is a great set of Mizuno MP-52s with s300 shafts and WINN grips. Standard L/L/L. Both the irons and the grips are in good condition. These really feel buttery smooth when hit as Mizuno's excellent forged irons do. Asking $300 shipped! Putter and 3 wood sold! Price drop on Mizunos.
  7. Just starting to get back into golf and trying to find some new stuff to fit me. This shaft sounds like it would work great with my game! My preference would be X-stiff, thanks
  8. My flight back from Japan just got changed from Sept 2nd to August 26th so Ill be coming down to check this out and meet everyone. - David
  9. xtd pro 14.5 hybrid/fw, golf ball/club cleaner (new)For sale is an Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver Head in 9.5 degrees of loft, Adams 9015d Driver 10.5 loft with the Long Driver's of America Graphics and UST Axivcore 69 series shaft in X-flex, Adams XTD pro hybrid fairway wood with 14.5 degrees of loft and a Graphite Design Tour AD YSQ stiff flex shaft, and a brand new golf ball/club cleaner. The Speedline Fast 10 Driver Head is in good condition with typical wear on the sole and no skymarks or anything on top. There is a very small dimple (like 1mm?) in the S part of the speedline which i tried to show in the picture but it doesnt look like its from any damage to the club? Could be part of the manufacturing or just the finish? The reason Im selling just the head is because as you can see in the pictures, the stock shaft in it snapped on a drive when I was on the course a couple days ago hitting the ball. I can guarantee that this club was not abused in any way and the break happened from the normal hitting of golf balls. The tip of the shaft is still in the head because I havent had a chance to take it to my local clubmaker to have it removed yet but this should not be a problem for any reputable place you take it to get a new shaft installed anyways. Comes with the Speedline Fast 10 headcover. $125 shipped obo. The Adams 9015d for sale was bought off of here earlier this year and I havent even had a chance to use it yet since it got to my house after I had left for Japan in the spring. I bought it for $130 but the condition wasnt as nice as I was told it would be by the seller (I believe it is only in fair condition and have tried to capture everything well with pictures) so im asking only $100 obo. It was reshafted before I got it with a UST Axivcore 69 series x-flex shaft. $100 shipped obo. The Adams XTD pro hybrid fairway wood with 14.5 degrees of loft comes with the stock Graphite Design Tour AD YSQ stiff flex shaft. Comes with matching headcover. $45 shipped obo. Last up is a golf ball/golf club cleaner I got as a gift. Brand new and never used. Asking $20 shipped firm.
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