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  1. Loving the Modus 120 Stiff in my irons. I was always chasing low spin and low launch with shafts like PX and C-taper lites, etc. Even did a fitting where I hit my c-taper lites better then anything but one small problem, they feel terrible to me on anything but a pure strike. PX feels bad too for me. Fitters always trying to fit for better numbers but with a mid release smooth tempo reality is all the irons shafts play similar enough. I bought the Modus 120 on a whim and best iron shafts I have played. They are 'mid' weight which I like. I do not like heavy shafts like the
  2. I had a set of king snakes with non-descript graphite shafts (gold/black) when I was a junior golfer and had the pleasure of winning against some of those umm... "snobby" Naples, FL kids with the latest and greatest at the time. Paired with my Fuzzy Zoeler 5 wood, knock off adams tight lies driver, and some diamond face wedge it was quite the bag.
  3. bbfifas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Please do a nice review on those wedges! side by side pics with your vokeys would be great to help people see what these have to offer.
  4. New driver for sure. Having a club that you feel confident off the tee translates well to the rest of your game. Then figure out why you don't like putter, is it the lie angle (big one here that will make a nice change to your line of site)? loft? grips easily changed try something thinner/fatter/pistol profile,etc. Those can be tweaked cheaply. If you have the itch for something new try the Elevado line of putters by Cleveland to save $$.
  5. I know what you mean its hard to get back in the groove. I think I'm finally in it and gaining confidence. 100% its decelerating on those little shots all the way to 50 yard pitches. That usually seems to be the cause for both the fats and thins. That is why I have been trying the toes pointing forward stance around the green. Meaning for a righty golfer both toes are pointed between 10 and 11 o'clock. I'm taking minimal body rotation on way back and just firing through the ball, and with toes pointed forward you almost have to finish through the ball automatically.
  6. Chipping and putting. It's always chipping and putting for me. Chipping - I tried moving to the 'use bounce' method with ball more middle or up, stance square, club shaft up and down. Just does not work for me. I have to admit it and move on. Also I must not decelerate. Repeat, I must not decel. I'm going back to my toes pointed a little forward, ball back in stance, shaft lean, like in my junior days and it seems to be working. No more thins and fats! I'm catching the ball first and getting spin. Putting - Lag putting is OK. Short putts I struggle with
  7. Just switched up from my ST190, tensei white 70x as well. I thought it was a good all around driver and very consistent, but was not the longest driver when comparing to some others recently. But it was a fairway finder. I have chased distance and after switching to my m6, a few things stand out. The st190 is a very TALL faced driver in comparison to m6 (I also missed low on face and would tee the ball up very high for my eye and that worked). Also it feels like the swing weight is much lighter I agree with you on that one and I too would lose some feel of the club on those
  8. OP, more info about your game. Handicap, current irons, misses, what your looking for blades or GI? Obviously a fitting is great but in this day and age sometimes not a reality with Covid or accessibility withou demo days or big stores. I would suggest some more info and people can steer you in the right direction. Another suggestions is a company like Sub 70, ben hogan, new level, you can demo clubs for cheap. I think sub 70 was $20 to demo and you get a 6 and 9 iron which is nice.
  9. Funny you wrote this, Just picked up an M6 with this shaft in it Stiff Flex. So far seem like a mid/mid and stable enough, I swing at 105 mph. First outing with driver was great.
  10. For sale, used but good condition, Mizuno ST 190 Driver, 9.5*, Tensei White X flex shaft, standard length, golf pride velvet grip. Headcover and wrench included. I will ship USPS priority lower 48. Price is $190 $170 OBO. If you have any questions please let me know! (Update, I have someone interested in just the shaft so if someone just wants the head let me know)
  11. I use my 54 or 58 around the greens mainly. Or I would use a 9 iron for a long bump and run. The gap wedge can be used for straightforward square face shots I think but it's not a normal shot for me I prefer higher loft around green.
  12. As other said lots of good options in this DTC space. Try them all out if you can. I was similar to you, had Cobra Forged tecs (2016) model and went with the 699 pros. Needed more forgiveness, better ball speed across face. Demo'd the 699 and decided to pick up used set of the pro version with modus stiff. Check out the SUb 70 thread for more info and comparison pics. Long story short love the irons and my GIRs have improved since putting them in play. Especially with the 5 iron 6 iron on par 3's. Also putting in the set Gap wedge vs a blade wedge has done wonders for my ap
  13. bbfifas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Cool just saw. Looks like the 286 is there updated version with a straighter leading edge. I always thought the original looked very rounded. 58 and 60 have 10* bounce The JB looks more versatile and ton of bounce options across the lofts. I'm liking my 58 Glide at the moment but when they release the satin or raw I might pick up one. Not sure which though.
  14. bbfifas

    CBX to ?

    I played CBX 50 and 56 for a while with stock shaft 115g steel. They feel a tad light to me but wedges flat out perform well on off center hits. I did not mind it in the 50* spot but the 56 I did more so. Recently picked up the Glide wedges 2.0 with modus 120 to match my irons and so far they seem like mini CBX's to me but with some added grind options. Might be worth checking them out.
  15. bbfifas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I think Sub 70 is releasing a new forged wedge line up very soon called "JB". Might pick up 58 or 60 to test. Also via Insta gram working on a new driver and I'm very interested to see how that will test out. Anyone review the 3 wood yet? Loving my 18 and 21 degree hybrids, might add the 3 wood.
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