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  1. bbfifas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I recall seeing that and never could go back and search for it. You still have it? Shoot me a message.
  2. 1. Floridian Golf Course 2. Palm City, FL 5. 4 4. Mizuno ST-190, Mitsubishi Tensei White, X stiff, 70g 5. Yes, I was fit during an outdoor fitting on a Flightscope 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  3. 1. Floridian Golf Course 2. Palm City, FL 5. 4 4. Mizuno ST-190, Mitsubishi Tensei White, X stiff, 70g 5. Yes, I was fit during an outdoor fitting on a Flightscope 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  4. bbfifas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Any Sub 70 5 wood reviews on here? Thinking about challenging my trusty V-steel 5 wood. I like a lower profile 5 wood like the v steel or the cobra offerings. How does this one compare?
  5. I have never found a wedges gapping and sole/bounce configuration that is set it and forget it for me. I have taken a different approach this month after having same set up for a while. Going with a 11 iron (aka A wedge at 50* to match the set). I picked up some glide 2.0 wedges in 54 SS and 58 SS, because I wanted to keep it simple and cohesive. The soles have enough bounce and playability for all types of shots so I'm going to experiment with it. Also found a set with matching 120 modus like my irons, so again, trying to keep it cohesive for once. I'm used to a 56/60 combo
  6. bbfifas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    alwayssalty. Can you take some more address pics with wedges? Any feed back? Really curious about these.
  7. Kind of in the same boat as you. My PW is 45, then AW 50. Mostly use these for full shots and 3/4. I think a high bounce 56 for sand/rough using it majority of the time is a good idea with a 60 that allows a little room to open face up for tight lies and hard bunkers. 56 with more bounce - Glide 3.0 WS or SS, Cleveland CBX2, Vokey F or D, Cleveland Full grind 60 with more versatile - Glide 3.0 SS or TS, Cleveland mid (like you have), Vokey M.
  8. bbfifas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Nice update. I have similar one. The 699 pros flat out perform for me with the modus 120 stiffs. Hitting the center of the club face often and even on some misshits I'm still getting good results. Ball flight is just straight with very little movement. Feel has been good. Hit 11 GIRs in a 1-2 club windy kinda day last round I played so I was happy. I have the A wedge (50*) in the 699 pros and first time I have used a 'set' wedge, but it has been a good eleven wedge like others describe and blends into my PW distances nicely and is good for both full shots and 3/4. Now I'm in the mood
  9. Just got some used irons but had the MCC4 Grips on them. Funny to see others mention but squishy is a good term. First impressions are good so far.
  10. Yea good points. Big one for my forgiveness category is shots high on the face going nowhere. That is a real problem with the traditional blade styles.
  11. bbfifas

    New irons?

    I think any new iron you will surprised with some ball speed gain and forgiveness imho. Look at players distance iron category and lots of good options. The newer Ping G series would be great, something more compact look at the Srixon 565 series, and my sleeper pick would be the Sub 70 699's (demo them for 20$). Big thing will be to see what kind of shaft you want, if your not playing as much you might not want some heavy 130 gram shaft.
  12. Need some advice for: 56*= Do I go WS or SS? I use the 56 mainly square face for bunker play, full shots, most chips around the green and in the rough. Digger on full swing. (Did not like ES) Is the WS still playable for chips off the fairway? 60* = SS? Use for chips around green with mainly square face or just slightly open when pin is tight and need some more height, will pick the 60 over 56 if lie is a little tight. Thoughts?
  13. I will ship CONUS via USPS for free. No trades. ALL SOLD 1.) Cobra Forged Tec 2016 model 5-PW, ctaper lite stiff shafts. As far as I know standard loft/lie/length. Grips are original and still work but nearer replacement time. Some normal bag chatter, grooves are still fine. Check out the pics. $260 OBO. 2.) Cobra King F7 Hybrid, 3-4, baffler rails, stock stiff graphite shaft, adjustable. $65 OBO. SOLD Any questions please let me know!
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