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  1. I used to play Maxfli exclusively until Taylormade turned it into a "Walmart" brand. Callaway did the same with the "best of the best" with the Hogan brand. That's why I now play all Titleist products now with Ping putters.
  2. For my cotton shirts, I wash them in cold water and use Shout for any stains. I let them dry by putting them on hangers and letting them air dry. Iron on cotton setting. Always look good and don't have any problem with fading. The new dri-tech and so forth I do everything the same except I don't iron. They look good. My shirts are Ashworth, Nicklaus, Cutter and Buck, Fidra, Tehama. Good Luck!
  3. Anybody know where one can find straw hats with say Titleist logo on front? It could be any OEM company. They are great for sun protection in the dead of summer.
  4. I've been playing the original Hogan Edge 3-pw for 18 years now. Keep telling myself that I don't need a new set, but those Ping i10's seem to be calling my name.
  5. Wilson Prostaff with truncated dimples. MacGregor Tourney, MT, and Jack Nicklaus Muirfield. Titlieist DT, Pro-Traj, Tour Balata. MaxFli Blue Dot, HT, DDH II, A-10, XS.
  6. Thanks to all! Don't really get a choice of month. I've played in Dallas quite a few Julys and am familiar with the steam:)
  7. I will be playing at the Castle Hills Golf Clubb outside Lewisville, Texas in July. Has anyone played this course and what did you think of it? Did it go by another name a couple of years ago? Thanks for any input!
  8. Ping B-61 and My Day. I installed larger Ping putter grips on them to take my wrists out of the picture. Both alternate in my bag.
  9. Oh yeah!! What great looking irons! Count me in on this!
  10. I have a set of 1-3-5 MacGregor MT woods from 1979. Oil Hardened and still look good. You knew when you hit a good shot off persimmon because of the feel and sound. You also knew when you hit a bad shot right away. They were not as forgiving as the metal woods of today. Might have to find a balata ball and take them out again!
  11. The original Hogan Edge Irons with Apex 3 shafts. They had to bend old Ben's arm to build them.
  12. I have a Ping My Day in Bronze and a stainless B-61 that has a heel mounted hozel as compared to the B-60. I would not trade either for the mega-buck putters that are basically "copies" of Ping designs. I have not tried the new Karsten's yet but plan on doing so soon.
  13. In no particular order: Ashworth, Nicklaus, Fidra, Cutter and Buck, Slazenger. Cotton of course!
  14. Reid I will definitely be putting the MT's at the top of my list. I used to have a set of Tourney's before I got a set of Hogan's years ago. They were awsome clubs and sometimes I wish I still had them. The past offerings from MacGregor were too gimmicky and not in the MacGregor tradition IMHO. This new line-up will put MacGregor back on the map of amateurs and pro's alike. Heck, look at the number of responses to this original post. I will have to get my MacGregor Caps and Staff Bag (original green and white, folks) out again.
  15. I play the original Hogan Edge irons. I plan on replacing them next year. I will seriously consider the new MacGregor MT.
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