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  1. This arrived today. Super stoked. Really high quality milling and finishing. Light face mill which is great to avoid that mushy feel. Will install a NS Pro XXIP shaft and Rosemark grip tomorrow.
  2. You have good taste and knowledge of shafts. If I may add a couple more who like TRPX, came from the Crazy base... Crime of Angel and Syncagraphite. COA of course was Crazy and then TRPX and then broke away to start their own.
  3. I had my artisan fitted with a stability tour 2 novembers ago at BGT. A great bunch of guys.
  4. I'm picking up a stock Logan. Has pretty much all my wants and although its 70 lie, adjusting it to my preferred 71.5 is not an issue. I really like his tricked out putters but being less into the collecting game now, I don't want to drop 2K plus for one but his work looks lovely and the Stock series looks like it has all the attention to detail less the exotic frills.
  5. I used to play the Phiten perfect pro cords exclusively and then moved to the Caderos. Am currently in transition to Xroz and Elite XT grips. Both are really good and have fantastic feel and tackiness for non cords.
  6. Yes, Deramax does not offer these one flex shafts. I was refering to your question on Deramax. the references to Beyond Power and Mobius was for the autoflex comparo. My bad.
  7. Deramax has been around for quite a while. They make fishing rods as well which is how a few very good japanese shaft makers started. The "autoflex" concept is also not new. Check out Beyond Power from Ryoma made by TourAD for them or the Mobius series from Design Tuning. Been around a lot longer than autoflex. Both BP and Mobius also feel a lot better than the autoflex which I find to feel very "plastic". The above said, I'm not a subscriber to these "universal" or "one flex" shafts. It'll work for some of course.
  8. Try to find an older Japan forged and made Miura Giken model. The CB1005 or the MB equivalent from that same period. Definitely not over rated imo. The current Miura's I wont comment on.
  9. I bought the Masda head then sent it in to GF for modding. He's not a putter maker (can be though) but is probably the best at modding a putter. Putts very well... so begs the question why sell I guess.... close to 20 putters and not into golf as I was a few years back.
  10. If like the wedges, it'll be forged by Kyoei which happens to be my favorite forging house.
  11. I have the Studio 1 modded by Gold;s Factory. Its FS if anyone is interested.
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