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  1. Let me come back after my round tomorrow and 1 more range session. It definitely feels meatier and less clicky than the CNCPT-02 but one would expect that knowing the latter is a hollow muscle. One thing Ive found over the years and many many different sets of irons and shafts. Same head feels different with different shafts and the Bangvoo is the only shaft Ive tried in the Artisan. I hope they work as I really like the BBF ferrules on them. Perfect fit to the heads and no turning down needed. The stock Artisan ferrules ran a tad big.
  2. 5 to 9 shafted. Using the 46s as my PW. Getting lie done this evening.
  3. Had a short range session today with the 7 and 5 (my intended round last week got cancelled). I don't have the ball striking ability of many here so my clustering is not dime sized. I'll need to get the lie maybe 1* more upright. Feel is rather different from the wedges but I'll reserve judgement till I get the lie angles adjusted. Will proceed with shafting the rest. Top is the 7i..
  4. Nice! I still love my Machines!
  5. Personally I'll pass on all that you named and consider a Lajosi or Mannkrafted. Ask yourself if you value hand made or high precision CNC. Many of the newer putter guys are really CNC with very little handwork. Lamont and Kari for me still have a very high proportion of hand craft in their putters. No right or wrong just which you prefer.
  6. Yup. These will suit. Try the Kamui Pro KP-X as well....I think that's the model.
  7. Only had time to shaft the 7I and 5I today. Experimenting with hard stepping for the 7I. Plastic wrap is off the heads and what a fantastic looking iron. There's CNC detail on the back and also slight leading edge relief which I like. Not sure if the grooves are pressed or CNCed. Sole has a gloss finish and that perhaps is the only thing that perhaps should not have been finished as such. All in all, beautiful looking irons. I have a round on Friday to test these and I can only hope I can apply a good enough swing to give justice to Mike's work.
  8. Just arrived yesterday. Super stoked! Gonna mate them with Muziik Bangvoo Premium shafts. The heads take taper tip shafts.
  9. I got them from a dealer in Japan. You can actually go to Rakuten Japan. There are a lot of dealers there now that distribute for Artisan. Of course, via this channel, you don't have the fitting experience and benefit. I'm not in the States so this was a viable option for me.
  10. I should be getting my 720HM Ltd Ed by mid next month. Dealer gets them around end of this month.
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