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  1. 1. Mavrik Sub-Zero 9.0 with Tour AD XC5 Stiff flex and head cover. There is a nick under the toe that can't be seen at address. Great feeling combo, but I need this gone... $275plus shipping. 2. Honma XP-1 10.5 with Honma Vizard TR20-70 Stiff flex shaft plus ACCRA 162i Stiff flex shaft. Comes with head cover and tool. $250 plus shipping. 3. Hogan Combo set with Recoil ES760 Smac Wrap regular flex shafts. 4H is VKTR 22 degree with ES Hybrid 75 non Smac Wrap ( brand new in the plastic ), 5,6,7 is PTx Pro, 8,9,P is ICON, GW is 54 degree Equalizer. Comes with Hogan Z
  2. PayPal for Atmos Blue 6S and Tensei Orange 65S.
  3. Make some offers before they are dumped in the dreaded eBay!!
  4. A few items up for sale that lost their battle for playing rights,,, All prices are CONUS. 1. Callaway Epic driver with Aldila Xtorsion Copper 70X shaft. Excellent condition with head cover. I left the shaft extra long to allow for tipping. It currently plays close to 47". Let's say $350 2. 2017 TaylorMade M1 "+" stamp driver with Aldila Synergy Blue 60X, 45-1/2". Excellent condition without head cover. $325 3. Yamaha Inpress V202 9 degree with Diamana D+ 60TX, 45" . A great head and better shaft in good condition with head cover. $225 4. Yamaha Inpress V201 10 degree head only
  5. I-701 Tour. Hard to beat at any price.
  6. Try pinning your left arm to your chest and see where your follow through ends up and what your right wrist looks like.
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