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  1. I have always gravitated to a heavier putter. Rolled the EVNROLL @375 gm until I found the SIK FLO (Armlock) at 415. Slows my stroke and to me I am more consistent!
  2. I play a 60* for a majority of my greenside bunker shots...*I do have my 60 with 11 degree bounce.....also greenside rough. So I find that I use my 60 often...unfortunately
  3. Elk

    Radspeed XB or XD?

    The XD was money. And I usually draw the ball, so I was surprised. I would obviously hit both, but if you cannot, I wouldn't hesitate with the XD
  4. IS there much difference between the M3 and the M1? specifically ball spin?
  5. I have 2, both Cottonwood II. One is SS and one is Black....Love the SS, it has deep milling and feels and rolls it phenomenal.
  6. Looks sweet.....I have an old beat-up one....maybe ill have to send mine out!!!
  7. I can't wait to feel the WH Microhinge.....and a few of them look sweet too.
  8. Every time they post on Insta, it makes me want to send one of my stick in. I just cannot decide on what finish to get, they have so many awesome choices!!
  9. I just ordered new clubs after testing with the $-Tapers, and I just haven't been impressed yet. I have not found the consistency in the ball flight like my Project-X. I will get one that balloons on me and then I get one that is flighted low. Now I will say that both of these shots hold the green (low shot spins well)...but the distance control seems to the problem. High shot carries well, but the low spinner stops way short..... Ill play a few more rounds and give some more feedback.
  10. Yep, summertime all white....wet grass, and it's all black..True Linkswear Classics are a must have
  11. I am about to order some Tour Lock counter balance weights along with the Opti-Vibe shaft weights as well. Ill give you some feedback once I get them installed and play around with them.
  12. I like these just they way they are, no need to mess with them!!! That's why Taylormade copied them.....
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