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  1. Hit the FW and hybrids at PGA SS with the ping shafts. SWing weight felt all over the place so really just wanted to see them and get a feel for the heads. I really enjoyed the look, feel, sound of the LST 3 FW. Spin was significantly less than the max fw 3. 400rpms less. Max Fw looks good but the sound is def a ping. I don’t see these knocking out my sim ti. hybrid was very solid sounding, looks good and was not going left on me. This will be in running for a spot in the bag. Currently gaming a TS2.
  2. I am doing a little cleaning out. Everything has limited use over the last 6 months. Happy to answer any questions. Everything was purchased new and except for Sim head was all locally built. 1. TaylorMade Sim Max 10.5 head only. Very good condition. $275 +$10 shipping 2. Callaway Mavrik 3 wood 15* with Fujikura Motore F3 X flex and MCC black and white grip with 2 wraps. 43” long and local Callaway rep got it bent 1* flat. Very good condition but there is a small mark on the crown. No idea how it happened and not noticeable but wanted to point it out. $310 +$15 shipping
  3. No one is looking at roll in a LM. Carry and land angle is going to show optimization.
  4. I could be making this up but I thought I heard you can customize the color? If it works I’ll get over it, but not a fan of that electric blue at address.
  5. I agree with both of you 100%. I didn’t play in college but reasonably competitive + hdcp now and just switched to the 770’s for this very reason. I want 1 shot shape and have no interest in working the ball on the course. We have had crummy weather the last few days since I picked up the 770’s but 5-6 hours on trackman and these clubs have blown me away. I went 4-P. Very consistent spin, launch, distance, even with my thin miss. I’m going to go as far to say my favorite irons ever and I usually need several weeks to break in new clubs.
  6. Last I heard they will likely roll out to current customers first for the ‘stock’ heads, but if you want MT to hand grind it’s going to be $$$ and not sure on wait time/rollout. They were still having head supply issues when I was there so still a lot of unknowns. but, dang those final products look nice!
  7. I have both (both X and 80gram version) for my TS2 3 hybrid. I’ve gamed the AD DI for several years and purchased the ventus without being fit but wanted to give it a try. Overall, numbers are pretty similar but they have a different feel. AD has that pronounced kick. Ventus hasn’t replaced the AD DI but could with the right head. AD launches a touch higher with a better landing angle (steeper) but the ventus has slightly better dispersion and about 150rpm less skin. I have not hit the ventus in a couple months but may do another head to head on trackman this week now that my swing cha
  8. Haha. I need to find that happy place. didn’t he have a pretty messed up childhood? I remember hearing about a falling out with his family. Guy probably learned how to block out everything early in life.
  9. This is exactly why I find him interesting. No idea how he is able to play golf at that level with everything he has going on around him.
  10. Really appreciate the feedback. I’m going to check all of the new mentions this week, and fit for golf certainly has my interest.
  11. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback. I did CrossFit for a couple years so I know the basics and I have done a couple of GolfWod’s programs which I liked. It was before the app was launched and found I had to piece together a stretching routine along with the daily workouts and ultimately took over an hour plus set up, etc. I was hoping for more of a total CrossFit routine with dynamic stretching, warm up, strength and then conditioning in under an hour. Does golf forever or fit for golf include stretching and the workout in an easy to follow routine and are the workouts wei
  12. Given it is a new year and all, I figured I’d expand my works outs to more than running and cycling. What is everyone’s favorite? I want some strength and mobility work. Fit for Golf Golf WOD Golf Forever other i have have some home equipment (kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine ball, barbell with 185lbs of weight, bands, trx, pull up bar) The goal is general fitness with specific focus on adding speed and making sure my body can handle it. Thanks and HNY!
  13. Nick_E had similar thoughts but here goes: My t100s’ are 1* weak as the flight is a little strong for my liking. 770’s fly higher with higher spin and go the same distance. I have dg 120 s400 and not a big fan. they are a little harsh feeling. If I purchased again I’d go t100 and s400 or modus 120 I played 712CB’s for 6 years and love them. They are softer and a thicker top line. The t100 was not more forgiving (which is what I wanted) and look even less forgiving. 770 actually has very similar feel and size to my 712. t100’s feel hard in comparison to the 770’s. I d
  14. Did anyone else see Ping’s tweet today about the 425? They said “And now for a new countdown…11 DAYS” Hopefully available to fitters in 11 days??
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