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  1. Hit both and settled on the tsi2 bc I liked the flight of the 16.5 tsi2 more than the 14.5 turned up or 17.5 turned down.
  2. Sim is fantastic. It has some forgiveness vs a low spin beast like the SLDR. Mavrik Sub Zero is also really low spin.
  3. Some new some old’ish for sale. I am the only owner of everything. If you want to multiple items I will discount $15 per each additional item. All prices are shipped to lower 48. TaylorMade Sim 2 Brand new never hit 10.5 with Fujikura Ventus Blue 6x (velocore). 45.25” with MCC + 4 logo up. $sold Graphite Design AD DI 7x with TaylorMade adaptor and MCC +4 Grey. Length is 42“ and plays 42.75” in my Sim. Grip installed with logo down in standard loft. Average wear. $sold Graphite Design AD DI hybrid 85 x with MCC + 4 logo up and Titleist adaptor in 1 position. Very good condition. Length is 40“ and plays 40.5” in my TS2. $sold Accra tz6 65 M5 with MCC + 4 grey logo down with TaylorMade adaptor in standard position. Length is 44“ and plays 45” in Sim head. $sold TaylorMade Sim 2 15* ti 3 wood. Brand new never hit with Fujikura Ventus Blue 7x (velocore). 43” with MCC + 4 logo up. $sold Vessel Lite Stand bag in grey. Very good condition. $sold Callaway Mavrik 3 wood 15* with Fujikura Motore F3 X flex and MCC black and white grip with 2 wraps. 43”. Some minor wear. $sold pin 3/6
  4. Colt is amazing!!! I’m a bit biased as a fellow mustang but the guy has a great personality.
  5. I am 95% certain I hit a 21* tsi2 and 20* tsi3. Don’t crucify me if I’m wrong as I wasn’t paying close attention as it was the end of a driver /3 wood fitting.
  6. I hit the the TSi 2 and 3. They are very different. I play a ts2 and the TSi 2 didn’t seem a lot different, but I was hitting a different loft than my gamer. It looks great and has a similar feel/sound, launch and spin to the ts2. I need more time to see if any real difference. The tsi3 is really interesting. It had a much deeper sound/feel. Much more muted and solid sounding than the ts2 or tsi2. Ball flight is definitely flatter. I go back in 2 weeks for more fittings, but will look at both as a 4 iron replacement and good chance I add a 18* tsi3 as my 15th club to play as more of a driving iron on windy days.
  7. They are with fitters now. Hit them a week ago. Retail is still 2 weeks out I believe.
  8. There is a very good chance I sell mine as new whenever I get the driver and 3 wood from GG. One last fitting Tuesday to determine TSI or Sim2 but likely going to be TSi.
  9. How on earth did his driver shaft not snap???
  10. +1 and playing Taylor made 770’s. Point and shoot. They go high, spin more than most irons on the market and go a touch further than my t100s’. Now if I could only find the right top of the bag clubs...
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