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  1. I could probably return based on condition, but since I used it for a round I am selling here. Basically brand new with no monogram. It comes with single strap, double strap and rain cover. For $10, this bag can be monogramed with initials. $345 shipped
  2. Will Zalatoris had some on as well. Simple but look really good. Sorry for the poor quality photo (noticed it on the coverage Thursday).
  3. Sim Max 9* head only in excellent condition. - includes head cover (never used) and sleeve (New) - used for a couple rounds and range - head weight 193g without sleeve (played 45” with 69g shaft at D3) $Sold Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro Blue 95x In excellent condition - Titleist tip in ‘1’ position - played 40.5” in TS2 19* - golf pride MCC black and white, logo up with 2 wraps - there is a small scratch near the ferrule that is not visible at address and is cosmetic. 1/4-1/2” long. See photo. (Lowered price because I just noticed this
  4. I own a sim max and Mavrik. Mavrik is bent flat and open. sim max is straighter but lower launch, spin, height. Mavrik is not crooked by any means and gives me a much higher ball flight (110’ vs 80’) and spin (3300 rpm vs 2650), which is what I want from my 3 wood. Mavrik carries 5-7 yards longer as well. I tested the the sim and it was 5 yards longer then the Mavrik, but had launch and spin similar to my driver. I’m not slow (110mph with driver) but don’t see how many could fit into a sim if they want to use it into par 5’s. Off the tee it is fantastic as the titanium face
  5. The Fw and HYb look niiiice. That 5 wood face looks a little deeper than the 410. Turn it down to a 16 and could be really good!
  6. I received my Ventus blue 8x yesterday, thanks to a crazy fast build and shipping from @willpeoples!!! Highly recommend! I currently game a TS2 19* with GD AD DI 8x for reference. I got on trackman inside yesterday and range outside today - Launch was 12* (.3* lower than DI) - Spin was 4100 (200 rpm lower) - peak height was about the same (within 1-2 feet at 100’) - dispersion (left to right) was very similar but the ventus just feels tighter (likely due to a slightly stiffer tip??) - where I saw the biggest difference was length dispersio
  7. TS2 16.5 is a solid 3/4 wood, but it is so closed at address I can’t look at it. I can’t imagine anyone on tour could play with a club that closed. Can the tour trucks bend them open?
  8. Hi. I have the follow for sale: 1. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG Size 11. These are brand new (although the box got a little beat up in shipping). $SOLD.
  9. I appreciate his hard work but anyone who has a yardage book cover with his own face profile, you have to wonder about....
  10. I have responded to all of my PM’s but don’t see one from you. Can you resend please?
  11. Taylormade M5 9* SOLD Accra FX 2.0 150 M4 flex (Stiff) Shaft set to standard loft and was pured. 45.25'" - Limited use and in very nice condition. Small white mark on the bottom toe of the face. Golf Pride MCC blackout with 2 wraps of DS tape Headcover never used is included SOLD Titleist TS 2 16.5 ***SOLD***SOLD VA Composites Drago Stiff Shaft set to postion '1' and was pured 43". Very good condition with only a little wear on the center of the club face Golf Pride MCC blackout with 2 wraps of DS tape Headcover never used is included
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