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  1. For anyone that would prefer to see the pic without clicking the link:
  2. 1. City and State - Pittsburgh, PA 2. Handicap - 9.6 3. Current irons - Ping i210 4. Current Iron Shafts - Modus 105 stiff 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? (50G-100G) - 100g 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos - Definitely!
  3. Just the one item for sale today. Don't think I can really provide any other pics since it's in a sealed bag but certainly let me know if there's any questions. Price includes shipping to cont US, PP only of course. Thanks! SWAG Garbage Pail Kids "Bony Tony" mallet putter cover - Brand new, unopened in sealed bag - $150 SOLD
  4. 1. Pittsburgh, PA 2. 9.6 3. Laser rangefinder 4. Bushnell tour v3 slope edition 5. Absolutely! Thanks to WRX and Cobalt!
  5. So many amazing ones to choose from but for me it's got to be the Tiger slam. Especially when you consider the often-overlooked fact that he also won the Players in that same stretch. Also he was only a Masters (2000) away from winning 6 majors in a row!
  6. The US Am (men's) this year at Oakmont is definitely charging for tickets: I was originally planning to attend a day or two but turns out I'll be out of town during that exact time.
  7. That's interesting. I'm not expert in logistics by any stretch but how can a previous generation product that they're apparently just trying to clear out end up backordered? I always thought "backordered" meant that they they're waiting for more product to come in so that they can turn around provide it to the customer. I'm sure there's more to it than I realize but I was thinking that it's just a matter of them having so much stock of the Gen2 stuff and when it's gone it's gone.
  8. Looks like they're staying pretty consistent with the turnaround times on the Gen2 stuff. I ordered my iron set through DD on 7/3 but with that being a weekend with a holiday, PXG ended up showing my order date as 7/8. They were just shipped today (7/23) and the FedEx tracking is projecting DD to receive them on 7/28. So factor in another few days to get to me and it'll likely end up being right around the 4 week mark. Seems like the common lead time has been ~3 weeks direct from PXG or ~4 weeks through DD and obviously that still appears to be the case.
  9. In my case I gave them a call and told them what I was wanting to order. The guy I spoke to said no problem and that he would send me an email with a direct link to an order form. I completed the order form, supplied payment info, and that was it. Got an email shortly after that from DD confirming the order and then a couple days later (I ordered over a weekend) I got the confirmation email from PXG with the link to track the order.
  10. Gen2’s….just couldn’t pass them up at that price. And yes, DD is definitely still selling PXG (unless they stopped in the last 10 days….doubtful)
  11. I initially ordered directly with PXG but then called back and canceled so that I could order from DD instead. Once I realized I could save the $60 shipping it was a bit of a no brainer for me being that I’m in no hurry for them. I see it as basically you pay $60 and save about a week on the turnaround time since that means no middle man. Oddly enough I don’t think DD charged me tax either
  12. I picked up one of these recently: https://circle15golf.com/products/the-glove-hub-2-0 Seems to be keeping them in nice shape between rounds, but I've only had it for about a month now so the jury is still out.
  13. Good point.....cords will eat them up a little faster. I was a NDMC/MCC+4 guy for many years and with the cord portion being in the left hand, I can definitely say there was a bit of a difference in the effect the grips had on the life of the glove.
  14. While I'm not in total agreement on the "torn up pretty easy" part, absolutely in agreement on the rest of your post!
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