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  1. 1. Pittsburgh, PA 2. 13.1 3. Z-Star 3. Yes, able to test on course within a week of receipt 4. Back and forth between TP5 (last year) and Z-star 5. Feel around/on greens is most important - prefer softer. Not an LM guy, so just look for consistent flight and no obvious signs of poor spin (too much or too little) 6. Yes, I agree
  2. Hey...good thanks. Sorry for the delay, mostly just keep an eye out for new PM’s. The HC yellow is still available, Atmos is sold. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any other questions, thanks
  3. All offers responded to and all prices include shipping. Generally I get stuff dropped off and provide tracking within 24-48 hours. PayPal G&S only, Cont US only. Please reach out with any questions or requests for additional pics of any of the items. Shafts have an assortment of grips on them so just feel free to ask if it's of any interest. Thanks! Woods 1. TM M2 (17) Tour Issue driver 10.5* Very clean, only minor wear No headcover Head only: $OLD 2. TM RBZ Tour 4 wood 17.5* Matrix Ozik F7 M2 stiff 43” pl
  4. So I'm not 100% sure myself. Back when my buddy acquired them we both were doing some research and like you, had trouble finding anything definite. The best I was able to come up with was the specs from the RAC TP combo set since the CB portion of that set is virtually the same. Since seeing your question here, I tried to do a little more research on my own and even touched base with Mr Barath to get his thoughts......same conclusion. Hard to find anything on the Miura set but he also pointed to the RAC combo specs as likely extremely close. Here's those specs which again, may not be exac
  5. Got a pretty legendary iron set up for sale today. Grabbed these off of a friend and while fantastic to look at and having some amazing feel, I realized pretty quick that they're just not for me. If anyone has any questions or needs additional pics, please message me. Price is shipped to cont. US and not looking for any trades at the moment. Thanks! 2004 Taylormade RAC CB (the well known Miura-forged model) 2-PW Standard L/L/L Good condition – plenty of bag chatter and such, but the faces are mostly all clean (especially in the long irons). Pics should tell
  6. Just one item up for a quick sale today. Pics should do a good job showing the condition but I'd be glad to provide additional photos on request. Shipping included, PP only, and not interested in trades at this time. Feel free to reach out with any questions, thanks! Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 putter Excellent condition - virtually free of any signs of wear/use with one exception: tiny nick right on the corner of the face and the side of face (pictured below) Length - 33.5". This putter originally was 35" but was butt trimmed to 33.5" and had the 2x10gr we
  7. We have a few options locally. The one course we play has a nice indoor setup with three sim bays and a nice bar. They charge $25/hour during off hours and $40/hour evenings and weekends. There’s an X-golf that just opened up that I haven’t been to yet but I think they charge more like $45/hour during most times.
  8. I'm inclined to say that while there's too many holes in the timeline for us to know 100% what went down, the seller likely received another offer (whether it was above asking or not is debatable) while waiting for the OP to send funds and got impatient. As someone who sells pretty frequently, it's not what I would have done but with no hard/enforceable rules around it....it's the sellers prerogative. Playing the waiting game stinks, I get it.....however if the item is in demand enough that you're getting multiple people wanting to take it at asking price, you're not in danger of losing a s
  9. Cool, thanks for the info. I tend to agree. I wouldn't have minded the JT version in terms of looks, but not at either the original price nor the astronomical secondary market prices. I don't care for the neon green but at least this one doesn't have it on top the way the current version does with those 3 alignment dots. Much more looking forward to this cleaner address look. Speaking of the IBJT model, I wonder how many people dropped the money for that one and now are seeing this and saying "damn, I would have just waited and bought this one for half the price". I know "insp
  10. Has anyone heard anything about a release date for the new Phantom models? Really looking forward to that new 5.5
  11. I think you have to take their shaft guide with a grain of salt. As I was getting ready to order a TSi2 fw, I was reviewing the guide and it showed the GD IZ as "no upcharge". But when you went to the actual product ordering page, the shaft most certainly comes with an upcharge. I figured it was a mistake on the guide but I emailed them anyway and was met with a short and direct "All Graphite Design shafts are upcharges". Completely as I expected but also kinda surprised that he didn't at least acknowledge that there's a mistake on the guide. Haven't looked in a while no idea whether they
  12. Simple question I'd like to see asked: GW seems like they make fantastic irons, as do many other OEM's and boutique/specialty iron makers (NCW, Artisan, etc). What was it that drew him into GW and specifically if there was something about them as a company that was more attractive than the other options out there. Thanks Greg!
  13. Only one item today and the title says it all. Shoot me a message if you have any questions or need additional pics. Thanks! SIM Max 10.5 Driver head Excellent condition - couple of light scuffs on the sole, face and crown are totally clean Includes headcover and additional back weight (heavy - 25gr) for use in shorter builds $260 SOLD
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