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  1. Ha, I wish it were mine! Just some shop space that I'm able to make use of from time to time. My little space at home where I do some work is far less impressive, haha
  2. Thanks! I definitely already have "forged" on the item in the body of the ad, but if you're suggesting adding it to the title.....maybe not a bad idea, haha
  3. Couple of very nice players-cavity iron sets for sale today, both in fantastic condition. Details are below on each, and in general - prices include shipping to cont. US, all offers will be responded to, not looking for trades at this time, and if anyone would like additional pictures of anything, just let me know. Thanks! 1. Ping s55 iron set (3-P) Excellent condition Project X satin 6.0 shafts Black dot Standard L/L/L $450 SOLD 2. Wilson D7 forged iron set (4-P) Excellent condition KBS $-Taper Lite (100) stiff shafts S
  4. I haven't actually seen it yet but I'd have to say that almost certainly it is. It appears to be upside down which is obviously the norm for face stickers (visible when hanging on a display)
  5. Handful of nice items up for sale today. All offers responded to and all prices include shipping, generally I get stuff dropped off and provide tracking within 24-48 hours. PayPal G&S only, Cont US only. Please reach out with any questions or requests for additional pics of any of the items. Shafts have an assortment of grips on them so just feel free to ask if it's of any interest. Thanks! Woods 1. TM M5 10.5* driver (head only) Excellent condition Comes with headcover and extra weights (heavier weights direct from TM currently in the head)
  6. I think there really is something to this. The 8-P MB's, despite being relatively large for a blade (as I've detailed in other threads), still have some of the narrowest soles I've ever played and you know what? I think it fits me well. I've really hit the short irons so much better than my previous couple sets (which were Srixon's and Bridgestone's).
  7. No, definitely would not say I have any regrets on the makeup decision. Couple reasons for that....first and foremost, I was selected to test a set and did not have to pay for them. That kinda freed me up to choose what I thought would be best, but at the same time I knew that if I needed to buy a single iron separately....no big deal. Secondly (and you might have read this from my or others' reviews of the 639's), the MB's aren't exactly your traditional "MB profile". Particularly since you've been investing time going to the store and hitting other blades, I think you'll notice that thes
  8. Awesome to hear you're jumping on board! Great choice in set makeup as well.....it's virtually the same as mine. Only differences is that my 4 is the new 699U Pro and my combo setup has the 7 as a CB as opposed to an MB. Either way, can't go wrong.....post pics when you get them!
  9. They did not move away from the X-forged name. I saw pics of them.....in the cavity they say “X Forged CB” and “X Forged UT”
  10. I got to see pictures of the new X Forged CB and X Forged UT but was told not to share them at this time. They're definitely a bit different looking than previous generations - there's a plate with the Callaway logo that is secured by two screws on the bottom portion of the cavity. The actual cavity portion has the horizontal mill lines in it. I saw the address view of the 7 iron and I would say it pretty much maintains a similar shape to past gens, but honestly having never owned a set I'm probably not a good source for comparison thoughts.
  11. Thanks! Yeah those protos sound like they’re gonna be nice. Jason was telling me how cool it’s been working with TA3 on those
  12. (Not so) quick backstory: I was one of the lucky two selected to test and keep a set of Sub70 639 series irons. I went with a 639-CB 4-7 / 639-MB 8-P combo with KBS $-Taper lite’s. Go check out the member review thread for more on those but the end result after over a month of testing is that they’re staying in the bag. I hit up Jason late last week and told him I’m loving the irons but I’m thinking I want to try something different at the end of the set. Don’t want to move to a hybrid but wouldn’t mind something a little easier to launch/more forgiving in the 4 iron spot. After talking
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