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  1. Another vote for the TSi2 for me. Granted I play the 16.5* which obviously is a 4w, but you get the idea. Stuck with my usual DI-7s and though it's a pretty bold statement, I think I can honestly say it's been the best FW I've ever played. Looks, sound, flight....checks all the boxes
  2. 1. Yes, signed up for the email list 2. 4.0 6-way stand, here's my cart: Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
  3. At least part of your question is answered by the stats a couple users posted above. Based on those numbers: Irwin: won 9.3% of his total starts Langer: has won 14.2% of his total starts to date So that statistic at this point definitely favors Langer and unless the back and/or other health issues become a bigger problem, it seems pretty much a given that he'll tie or beat Irwin's total in much less starts.
  4. Thats kinda what I was going for, haha
  5. It was a joke.....a tasteless one at that. Sorry, I'll see myself out lol
  6. He must be a pretty smooth talker
  7. Right now might be the first time I’ve ever had matching woods but it was a great time to do it. The driver has been amazing and the TSi2 4 wood is without a doubt the best fairway wood I’ve ever owned.
  8. Hey you never know….sometimes something just works for you, even if it’s just a shot in the dark and not the product of an extensive and quality fitting. And c’mon….everyone knows there’s no such thing as operator error or bias around here
  9. No problem at all. Obviously in your scenario, the pricing differential really isn't that great. To me it really shows more with something like a driver. Take my setup as the example: Titleist TSi2 w/ Graphite Design AD-DI 6s Club Champion (and note that I'm just using MSRP pricing....I guess sometimes they even charge slightly more) Driver: $550 Shaft: $379 Grip: $10 (not even sure if they can get it, but TSi's come with the rubber Z Grip, of which I play the +2 version which is roughly 10 bucks. If you get it straight from Titleist obviously you can just ask them to build it up two wraps) Fitting w/ 50% off: $87.50 Total: $1,026.50 Straight from Titleist Driver: $550 Shaft upcharge: $200 Grip: no upcharge for grip noted above Paying full price for CC fitting: $175 (though I will also note here that they do occasionally advertise specials on fittings - I know the one time I went with my buddy he did a driver fitting at a reduced price since they were running a special) Total: $925 I'm mostly just making a general observation and not questioning your decision with the irons at all. I would also reiterate that there are definitely some variables even in my example with things like the grip, not knowing how accurate I am with CC's prices, the potential for specials on fittings to bring that number down, etc.
  10. Ok, here's the one part of your analysis I feel the need to ask about: "Shipping (per Callaway Website) $105" Where did you come up with that? Cally has been doing free shipping on basically everything for a while now (and free 2-day with larger purchases). Heck even the couple dozen balls I ordered a week or so ago shipped free. Here's what's on their website as I look right now: Is there something unique about how you were going to order them that disqualified them from the promo? I'm actually kind of surprised no one asked about that part of your post especially when I can't count the number of times I've read people's complaints about PXG charging $60 to ship a set of irons (which I agree is way too much). A hundred bucks to ship a set of irons would be criminal in my book
  11. Couple of items for sale today.....prices include shipping to cont. US and all reasonable offers will be responded to. I think the photos do a pretty good job of showing the condition of everything but I'd be glad to provide extra photos of anything in particular if needed. PP only.....not interested in trades at this time....let me know if I can answer any questions, thanks! 1. PXG 0311 Gen2 P iron set (5-PW) Gamed for about 2 months, still in excellent condition, pictures tell the story Shafts: KBS $-Taper Lite in Black PVD finish Grips: Golf Pride Z-grip rubber w/ Callaway chevron (brand new, played one round on them after installing) Specs: -1/2" (5 iron measures 37.75), 1* flat lie, standard lofts Trivial, but for anyone interested....will ship in the black PXG box they came in $475 SOLD 2. Scotty Cameron putter covers Custom Shop JYD in yellow/black/grey CC Puzzle Dog / Titleist Globe in white Both gamed but no tears or damage, but again....refer to pics $75 each SOLD
  12. This is pretty incredible and also worth noting: he did it sans-caddy. Not too often you watch a video of a professional holing out for 58, shaking hands/hugging and whatnot, and then lugging his push cart over to the scoring area!
  13. That article is a joke. Lowry makes one statement: "I didn't think it was that bad until I asked my wife what it was like for her, and they got abuse coming around as well." And that's it.....no specifics, no other people in their camp commenting on it. Yet from that one line you get the headline "Lowry's wife abused by Ryder Cup fans". I realize this happens often but this one really had me shaking my head.
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