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  1. Bang on. Not mentioned enough. I have played pure Mizzy blades my whole life (65 now) until lately and they have never been my problem; in fact could go to a full set tomorrow no problem. Driving neither. I cannot keep my handicap consistently under 10 because of chipping pure and simple. Been watching Monte video on chipping and have tried it (pretend you are skipping a stone with right hand) and it has shown the most promise for me personally overcoming my big bugaboo. Giving 3,4,5 strokes a round back whether it be putting, chipping, erratic driving etc. has nothing to do with some 10 handi
  2. 10 handi. All Srixon 'cept wedges which are vokey's sm7 46-50-54-58 all stock L/L/L. zu 85 3 & 4 iron, 785 5,6 iron, and 965 7,8,9 iron. All irons 3-9 1* strong with modus 120 stiff.
  3. BTO

    Matt Fitzpatrick

    Snizzle, thanks. I had him, stroked him out, put in Ryder, stroked him out, put Berger in but think I am going to go with my initial gut feeling and take Fitz. If he's another Pieters oh well, there is always next year. :-)
  4. BTO

    Matt Fitzpatrick

    Thanks. Tossup between him, Ryder and Berger as my wildcards for a pool I am in. I know if Fitz gets into majors and wgc's that will be an advantage over the other two. OTOT I took Pieters a couple years ago and got basically screwed. :-0
  5. BTO

    Matt Fitzpatrick

    **_Not sure where you are seeing he is not listed to play the WGC/Majors._** Yes I was going by Rob Bolton's list on WGC and major qualifiers and did not see his name on his list. Maybe there are specs for _that_ particular list I am missing. Thanks for clarifying tho.
  6. BTO

    Matt Fitzpatrick

    Is he a pga member or not. Bolton says he is but I am surprised to see he is not listed in any wgc's or majors? If he is a member how many tournaments does he _have_ to play to retain membership? Thanks in advance.
  7. Actually went back to original purchase found in for sale reference section and this putter is actually 35" as is. I bought so many blades and added to a few; I thought this was one of them. Will edit to show this. As for weight have not a clue but it is on the heavier side. I can put whole putter on my gram scale if you are interested.
  8. Have a Latrobe I picked up here some time ago and have gamed it twice. Was going to keep it with my blade collection but I want to get an M6 driver so letting this go. Grip is golf pride tour snsr. 35" in length. Black shaft. T/50 weight plate installed. Right Hand. 9/10 as there are 3 hairline nicks on top line for full disclosure. Brand new Ping cover. I am looking really for a straight up trade for a Taylormade m6 RH 9* stiff with Atmos 5 or 6. Since I have to put a price I go 350 bucks. Thanks for looking.
  9. Durbano, 5 parts tsn.ca. Story on certifiable nut job Steve Durbano 70’s NHL defenseman.
  10. Golf is about entertainment. I suppose everyone's idea of entertainment is different. Spieth with his heart on his sleeve Perez one bad shot away from going nuclear, Hatton...nuff said, Westwood. Fleetwood. Poulter...there is a reason Feherty gets them on his shows. They have personality. They are products of their environments. Same as other sports. Nastase, Conners, McEnroe etc. etc. etc. The Korean girls are products of their environments too. Slow plodding, ultra nice polite machines. And it is not their fault. They are 1st generation and that is their way engrained in them. The Russians
  11. AGREE WITH US OR ELSE!!! Yep, that's it in a nutshell. This is the culture we're in.
  12. > @howdyho said: He could've used a bit more tact knowing today's environment with people quick to find anything offensive so they can be in the forefront of the moral crusade. Right on. I have given up fighting these people myself. They will rag on and on about anything that even smells of racism or sexism or better yet jump through all kinds of hoops to twist it to smell of the above. Damron and Foltz etc. will jump on the bandwagon because they know their jobs depend on it. But truth be told the Asians for the most part are polite machines. Take that any way you want but it is the
  13. > @hdgolf44 said: > I'm from the Hamilton area - think that the early June might be a bit friendlier humidity-wise. A few ticks cooler than mid-July with a bit less of the GTA humidity would be excellent. Looking forward to seeing Hamilton again. I went to St. Georges one year a while back that it wasn't at the Abbey. I loved St. Georges but I found it not as fan friendly as GA. I am wondering if you or someone would chime in on how fan friendly Hamilton might be. I found St. Georges to have elevated greens for instance that made it hard to view putts. I know I went to Warwick Hills
  14. C7015, Tarandoah on wed. (Chum played same Tues) and we played Carodoc Sands on Thurs. Both courses just outside London. Pine Knot in Dorchester also open.
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