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  1. Newport 2 Select 33” New Wynn AVS Midsize HC included $250 shipped Conus PayPal
  2. Garmin vivoactive 3 has been outstanding. Battery life is great, can be used for multiple sports (running, hiking, skiing, biking, etc) and looks good for every day use. Golf accuracy is the same across the board and mainly depends on how accurately the course was mapped.
  3. Like new. Bought here from someone who ordered custom and then I tried once. Not for me. Prizm Field which are similar to golf but a little darker. $90 shipped.
  4. Bought new. Regripped with a new NDMC and played one round. Prefer the gap from the set. $95
  5. Nike VR Covert Forged 2.0 4-A Stiff Nippon 950GH Brand New Multi-Compounds Standard LLL Reduced $325 OBO Giant thread on these irons here...https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/979378/nike-vrs-covert-forged-iron-love-thread-wowzie-comparison-pics-added/p20
  6. I played a set of the Yamaha Hal Sutton Grinds, and they are the one set (and I’ve had a lot) that I wish I never got rid of.
  7. Excellent Condition. Includes Headcover Aldila Rogue 95MSI 60 3.8 S $110 shipped
  8. King F8 Tour Length Right Hand Stiff ADDI Black GP MC Black/Black Standard size grip
  9. TM will cover these (at least they did on mine) regardless of whether you have a receipt or not and they never asked about being the original owner. Just stop in a DSG, they'll look at the iron, call TM and order you a new set. There's a 2 year warranty, and if the irons haven't been in production for over 2 years there is no need to verify purchase date. Now, this was a few months ago. If they've been swamped with warranty issues, maybe they tightened it up a bit.
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