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  1. Your goal was 86% driving accuracy for an entire year?!?! Pretty sure the best in the world don't come close to that.
  2. I have not tried the Lululemon pants, and certainly not opposed...but the Bonobos Highland Lightweight pants are unreal. The tailored fit are excellent (not baggy at all) and I wore them every day during the Summer. Will probably switch to the standard Highland (or the Lululemon ABC) for the Fall/Winter.
  3. Ehhhh, this can be extremely misleading. Square stance and face and using less speed??? This is exactly opposite of how I think about bunker shots and I would consider it a strength of my game. I guess "to each his own," but to most amateurs, this would be deadly advice.
  4. I've got him down for three wins this season. Bold. He's about to have 2 wins by mid-January.
  5. Under Armour used to make the best no-show compression sock of all time. Wish I would have bought 50 pair back in the day, but only have a couple pair left. Whatever their current model is, is not nearly the same.
  6. Which one doesn't fit?? Haha, good young player, but that would be the darkest of darkhorses.
  7. I usually just play it out, but beers at the turn are a must. Last year went 47-32. Biggest 9 hole difference in my life.
  8. Interesting generalization. I played baseball for 20 years and that doesn't apply to me at all.
  9. i can't believe so many think trail arm?? For me personally, it's my lead arm...by A LOT.
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