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  1. Time to try out something new(had my previous Monza ROSSA Spider since they were released in 2008/09)...
  2. it's most likely your shafts are the hold up. Doesn't make a lot of sense that just the 9 iron head would be back ordered.
  3. People seem to forget how much trouble Tiger had with his Nike driver, back in the day. So much so, they allowed him to go back to his old(Titliest drive I believe) for a time, while they worked with him to find something that worked. Only real different here is Bryson couldn't keep his yap shut about it and wants a driver that no matter how hard or badly he swings, will put the ball in the middle of the fairway every time. That type drive doesn't exist. IMO, this hurt Bryson more so than Cobra.
  4. None in my warehouse in CT. No gloves either, only their wedges, putters and a couple of the golf umbrellas left. I got mine online, then later that night, they disappeared there too.
  5. Gert a Founders Club bag like this one... https://www.amazon.com/Founders-Club-Premium-Organizer-Divider/dp/B08HNC9CRQ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=founders%2Bclub%2Bbag&qid=1626786569&sr=8-3&th=1 I have it and it works well, unless you carry your bag.
  6. Well no problems getting the Test Pak today. The Fedex driver, to my amazement, even managed to walk up my driveway and put them next to my front door. Now to get out on the course and test these.
  7. I have had my original Rossa Monza Spider since 2008/09. With the grip disintegrating, I decided to not only regrip the Spider with a Super Stroke and add some weight, but I also buy a new putter to see how the new tech feels these days. I picked up an Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle putter(oversized grip). Gonna be swapping it out with my old Spider for a while, to see which one feels better. No matter which one I find better, the other will remain close by, in case I need a change.
  8. Have to be careful with Fedex these days. In my area, they are lazy. UPS and Amazon walk up my driveway and put it either by my garage or front door. Fedex just dumps packages at the base of my mailbox, at the end of the driveway and calls it a day, leaving it right out next to the road(for easy stealing). I always have to monitor the delivery and make sure it doesn't sit there too long.
  9. Friend of mine just got his today. He ordered the full 10 club set with I believe AWT2.0 shafts and Arccos grips(3 degrees upright). Took him 12 WEEKS to get them from the same place I ordered mine(local shop). Looks like I'm not gonna see mine anytime soon(just short of 7 weeks for me).
  10. Sweat is usually my biggest issue with glove longevity. On really hot days, I usually carry at least two gloves to use for the round and I always use an old glove at the range. I have had good luck with Footjoy Weathersof gloves in that they tend to dry out well and maintain their sizing(don't stretch) and don't stiffen up. My other issue is my fingers are shorter, so usually go with the cadet, which not all manufacturers make.
  11. Just ordered a test pak of them, to try along side the Pro V1x's I got as well. With new clubs coming(whenever that may be), I am ditching ALL balls currently in my bag since they are old(have a few pro V1's and Callaway's from probably 10 years ago and a bunch of found balls). Putting in the new Pro V1x's, the Snell test pak and some Kirkland Signatures(for the yep, gonna lose a ball here, holes).
  12. I kind thought the same thing. I went to the range earlier this year and all their balls were yellow and I had some issues with picking up every shot. I think it was a combination of the ball color, weather/sky and my aging eyes. On the course, I play white and don't really have an issue seeing my shots.
  13. I WAS good enough at one point and used Mizuno MP30's from 2003(still play them for now). These days, getting older and not playing as much as I used to(no more league play), they are tough to play. I still have some great rounds with them but they are to unforgiving for me now. More miss hits and not as much length. So I'm moving on to the Ping G425 irons(if they ever come in). Me of old - Good enough to play blades Me of today - Not so much
  14. More like Amazon got scammed as these were shipped and sold by Amazon, not a 3rd party.
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